WormGPT Free Download 2024 (APK, iOS and Windows 11/10)

Today ChatGPT is very popular, especially among users. Let’s talk technical, this is a generative AI engine that provides you with highly accurate and sounding those responses, especially when it is asked to write something which is difficult, long as well as complex just like a poem or an article. The no-brainer benefit is that, after you Download WormGPT you no longer need to know a programming language to write your own hacking tools or exploits.

Today, security thefts are getting into this, a generative platform that assists all false criminal activities. Researchers say that it’s being promoted on all the darknet forums as “biggest enemy of the well-known ChatGPT that lets you do all sorts of illegal stuff”. WormGPT Apk download allows you to also run it on Android phones directly without having to carry your laptop with you.

It automates creation of make emails which are highly convincing. Due to this personalization, they trick people to disclose credentials or installing malware.

What does WormGPT do?

WormGPT Download APK for Android

For now, its main purpose is to write effective phishing emails but these both can also be used to automatically write code including malware and cybersecurity exploits. These AI tools help security thefts developer malware faster, this means we might see an increase in new attacks in the new future.

The criminals are also investing resources at the same time into “breaking” other generative AI platforms. For ChatGPT few bad actors are promoting “jailbreaks”, to get sensitive information. Whereas others are using in-built API to manipulate ChatGPT itself. They generate output which involves disclosing private information, producing content which is inappropriate and executing code which is harmful.

New techniques are emerging day by day there has been rise in significant AI influences cybersecurity incidents. We suggest that you be alert, the malware might change but the methods remain the same.

Anti-malware will remain important, effective and defense no matter how cybersecurity threats change.

WormGPT New Features

Download WormGPT for iOS

In summary:

  1. It is effective in gathering human text and with its own research, creates you a hacking tool with full source code.
  2. It is being used in illegal activities like payment scams, security theft and a lot more.
  3. You cannot access it directly through web browsing and only through dark web.
  4. Can sometimes access live data for malware analysis.
  5. GPT-J model works in WormGPT which was developed at first by EleutherAI.
  6. To operate you don’t need to any ethical or legal restrictions.

It detects the most evasive zero-hour threats by using preemptive sourcing, LiveScan, relationship graphs, virtual browsers, and contextual analysis.

Five minutes to protect with cloud-native API integration. The purpose is to be built to provide zero-hour protection with at least a 99.9% detection rate for a quick return on investment and time to value.

It clearly explains classification across threats, channels, as users. It can easily integrate with SIEM or SOAR to respond to threats and get insights into attacks targeting an organization.

Blocked targeted email attacks including taking over taking account, insider threats, business email compromise, stealing credentials, supply chain, and a lot more.

It prevents access to the broadest range of phishing, including SMS spear phishing, executing text comprise, fraud, smishing, scams and a lot more.

It is designed to stop all kind of threats like stealing of credentials, ransomware, slack, personal email, teams, malicious HTML attachments, exploit and threats that blind web proxies or firewalls across browser and a lot more.

How to Use WormGPT on Android, iOS or Windows?

WormGPT Download for Windows 10/11

Unlike ChatGPT, it has ethical boundaries to follow and no limitations to overcome. It creates an unethical domain where you can exploit recipients. It is also strong enough to create phishing emails and generate codes to create malware. If you are capable enough to write convincing emails then you can easily fraud someone. Moreover, it also explores vulnerabilities and can create something that is haunting and related to cybercrime.

This tool has been designed with a lot of potential to help cyber criminals in their illicit deeds. Keep in mind that it is highly discouraging to employ this for any reason.

Knowing about the risks you can encoder using it as well as the potential fallout from its misuse, it can underscore the necessity of ethical and responsible technology use.

This is a not typical AI tool, it is a far cry from its peers such as ChatGPT or Google’s Bard. What is absent in this are ethical parameters, which can keep it from answering all the harmful requests. Based on my experience using it, I have asked it to put together a Wi-Fi password wordlist that would be compatible with Wifite and it did that within 5 minutes for me and gave me a .txt file as the output, pretty good!

This is built on the GPTJ language which is a free model from 2021. It has many attributes such as no character limit, array of AI models at its disposal, design which is privacy-oriented, no character limits and much more.

Whoever is using this crossing all the legal boundaries, not following the rules around hacking, data thefts as well as illicit activities.

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Downsides of Downloading WormGPT Unlawfully

WormGPT Latest Version Download

It launches cyberattacks on unsuspecting people over the web. Deception issue is also rampant with this due to its ability to copy the human conversation perfectly without making an effort.

Cybercriminals can also upscale their operations using this before they has to develop intricate documents for phishing personally.

The most worrying factor is the speed with which malware attacks can be made. Even the strongest anti-virus software cannot keep up with viruses and spyware generated by it.

  1. Its usage for cybercrime contravenes laws on security theft, data theft and many other activities which are not legal.
  2. Those who use WormGPT to be involved in cybercriminal activities may find themselves facing legal actions and possible criminal charges
  3. It will facilitate all security thefts in taking out illegal activities without an effort, putting at risk the safety and security of innocent individuals and organizations.
  4. It equips security thefts with all means to carry out sensitive cyberattacks which leads to significant damage to both the system and network.
  5. It also crafts malware and sets up phishing attacks thus causing potential harm to both people and organizations.

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WormGPT Requirements

WormGPT is an LLM based in the cloud running on AWS, you only need a fast connection and a decent enough system to run the interactive interface. Below are the requirements you need to know about:

Processor:1.1 GHz Dual Core or Quad Core at a minimum
RAM:4 GB Minimum
8 GB Recommended
Disk Space:80 MB
Internet:Atleast 10mbps connection
OS:Android 13 and above
Windows 10 and above

WormGPT Free Download Latest Version (2024)

The rise of AI in the past year has been phenomenal. I hope WormGPT free download allows you to use it to expand your education and information in the cybersecurity industry in a positive way. WormGPT can be easily loaded on Android or even iOS as you have seen above so let us know which platform you are using it on!

Usage:Malware and Viruses LLM
Origin:Dark Web
Platforms:Android (APK), iOS and Windows 10, 11
Legality: Research purposes only

WormGPT Free Download

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