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If you have any queries or questions please feel free to reach out at the below email. Alternatively, you can also drop a comment straight in the blog posts for any questions regarding the content.

Please reach out if you spot any bugs or security issues on the website. We aim to respond within 3 to 4 business days. If you do not hear from us it is likely due to the high number of spam requests coming in. Please email again and we will try our best to get back to you.

Submitting Plugins

If you are submitting plugins please attach them in a .zip file format along with a document explaining:

a) The purpose of the plugin.

b) How it works.

c) Confirming you are happy to add this to the site.

Reporting issues and bugs

If you have found a bug please include a POC or instructions on how we can replicate it. A step-by-step order or a short description will suffice for this.

Email us at: developer[@]