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Aircrack-ng for Android is an app that has been designed to analyze and hack Wi-Fi networks. Aircrack-ng Apk Download allows you to crack different security standards like WEP, WPA PSK (WPA 1 and 2) and monitors through packet capture and export data to text files.

The main function is the attacks via de-authentication or fake access points. It tests by checking driver capabilities as well as Wi-Fi cards for any vulnerabilities.

It is the best penetration testing app available in the market to crack WEP and WPA-PSK credentials on Android devices. It is also able to break WEP by using statistical mathematical analysis. It breaks WPA-PSK and WPA2 simply by using brute-force attack techniques against passwords which are known. The process is somewhat similar to how you would brute-force a login page but now for wireless networks.

What is Aircrack-ng for Android

It came out in the year 2006 and was developed by Mister X and was later officially called Aircrack-ng. For those who do not know ng in the name stands for next generation.

It is the one that has been built into Kali Linux. It comes in free which means choosing it is an easy decision. Sometimes you might think it is difficult to install and get due to lack of GUI.

For some time it has been around and uses the command line interface. This may be cumbersome for some of you, but as you let go of the lack of GUI, you can leverage its substantial capability successfully.

The website notes that a version of Windows 10/11 exists but it is difficult to use.

For the setup you only need to keep in mind two basic steps:

  1. Identify the chipset in your wireless card.
  2. Specify among which of the three options you shall use to run it.

Make sure to identify the chipset which your current wireless card carries. Even the ones which are supported, few functions might not work as expected. Once it has been determined in wireless card then you need to determine if chipset has compatibility with the Aircrack-ng suite. At this point, you shall come to know which software drives have compatibility with specific wireless card.

With the wireless cards, two manufacturers are involved. The first being the brand itself and the second one which makes the wireless chipset within the card. For you it is important to know the manufacturer. After this you shall be able to determine which OS is being supported, software drivers required and any associated limitations.

Aircrack-ng Android Apk Features

Aircrack-ng comprises many tools it offers that can be classified as features or the components it needs to run. Below are some of the Aircrack-ng Android Apk features:

  • Airbase-ng: This one is able to implement attacks on wireless clients rather than Access Points. It includes different attacks like packet manipulation, traffic injection and handshake capture. You can also create your own components for Aircrack-ng if you know a hacker-friendly programming language such as Python.
  • WZCOOK: This one grabs the WEP keys from XP’s wireless zero configuration utility. Keep in mind that this tool does not work always.
  • Aircrack-ng: It is core module that processes WEP and WPA encryption and decryption keys.
  • airdecap-ng: This is where the decryption process is carried out.
  • Wesside-ng: Central cracking touting to work with encryption key which is required to access WEP-protected network.
  • Versuk-ng: A tool for the specialist which works only with Verizon Actiontec wireless routers in order to deduce the default WEP key.
  • Tkiptun-ng: This module uses QoS channels to inject small frames into WPA TKIP-guarded network.
  • Airedecloak-ng: It is able to remove WEP cloaking from the pcap file. Moreover, it confounds WIPS system which generate fake stream of packets to try to fool it.
  • Aireplay-ng: This one shall enable you to send in packets out onto the network. It uses the CommView as intermediary when implemented on Windows.
  • Airmon-ng: It is able to manage network card and also alters its mode.
  • Airodump-ng: This one is a pcap processor which can transfer read-in packets into pcap or IVS format and writes them into a file. Moreover, it can also be used to extract all the network participant information from the passing packets.
  • Packetforge-ng: This one generates packets which tend to follow the encryption system used in stream and transmits them.
  • Makeivs-ng: This shall create an IVS file, provided a WEP key. The file would be generated for use in test scenarios.
  • Kstats: This one shows FMS algorithm votes for an IVS dump. But you need to give WEP encryption key ads a parameter. You would generate IVS dump by getting a pcap file with airodump and converting it with ivstools.
  • Airmon-ng: This one manages network card and alters its mode.
  • Airodump-ng: This is a pcap processor which transfers read-in packets into p-cap or IVS formats and the writes them into a file. Moreover, it can also be used to extract network participant information from passing packets.
  • Airolib-ng: This tool is used to store and manage lists of ESSIDs and passwords to use in encryption and credentials cracking.
  • Ivstools: This one can convert pcap file to an IVS file or merges the IVS files.
  • Easside-ng: ­This one sends out transmissions over WEP network that to without using the encryption system of the network. The AP shall encrypt and decrypt packets which are sent to and from an external location. So, it sends its packers to buddy-ng which acts as proxy and bounced the packet back into the network where AP gives it authorization of WEP.
  • Buddy-ng: This is a receiver tool that works in conjunction with easside-ng. These two works together to transmit over a WEP network without knowing WEP encryption key. This needs to be running on the server side outside the wireless network.

How To Install Aircrack-ng on Android using Termux (No Root Required)

Aircrack-ng isn’t as straightforward to install as it sounds. This is because of non-native support hence why you will need Termux. It is easier because you require no root access permissions.

Step #1: You need to open “Termux app or terminal”. Once done execute the command mentioned below. This shall help to ready the repository which is required for the process of installation. It will take some time so you need to wait patiently.Aircrack-ng Apk for Android Download

Paul@ninja-ide:~# sudo apt install root-repo

Step #2: As the repository is ready for installation, you need to execute the command mentioned below. This shall help to install it in Termux. Again, this will take some time so wait patiently. Aircrack-ng App Download

Paul@ninja-ide:~# sudo apt install Aircrack-ng -y

Step #3: Once this has been installed successfully you need to run the below command. This is important to install the dependency for Aircrack-ng. This shall save changes and the process of installation. Treat this command as the of the closing commands that are needed for the process.Aircrack-ng Wifi Hacker Apk Download

Paul@ninja-ide:~# sudo apt install iw

Step #4: The process is completed. If you execute the mentioned command then it shall provide you with some network speed. This indicated that it has been successfully installed and is able to read the network speed there.

Aircrack-ng Apk for Termux Download

Disclaimer notice: Please use this app at your own risk as it is shared here only for educational and informational purposes. You should only use it on networks you own or have full permission to use such tools on.

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Download Aircrack-ng Apk for Android 2024 – Free WiFi Hacker App

WiFi hacking has always been an interesting topic because of the latest technology and tools involved in the process. Aircrack-ng Apk for Android makes it easier to see the password of wireless networks running WPA or WPA2 security protocol. Aircrack-ng works without needing root access which is even better as you don’t have to tamper with the OS.

File type:Apk.
Author:Thomas d'Otreppe de Bouvette
Release:1.6 and 1.7 (Latest version)
Use:WiFi Hacking App

Aircrack-ng for Android Download

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