Top 14 Best Python Hacking Scripts You Can Download

Whenever a corporate network has potential threats, the security gets compromised with illegal access to the systems. You can use our top Python hacking scripts and tools source code that could help with unauthorized access to a system, server application, or even data. You can download these .py scripts for free and run them when appropriate.

If you are into the tech world then there is no doubt that Python is a fast-growing programming language that is versatile in nature and is being used by:

  1. Ethical hacking experts (White Hat).
  2. Black Hat hackers.
  3. Security professionals.

As it is an open-source language, programmers can create different sets of pre-combined codes. Forming libraries that make Python scripts more secure and comprehensive.

Today we are using it in:

  • Web development.
  • Data science.
  • System automation.
  • Malware Analysis.
  • Machine learning.
  • Exploit creation.

It is also being used by cybersecurity departments and security thefts to:

  • Identify break-in system networks.
  • Compromise security protocols.

It is also used by Black Hat Hackers to:

  1. Develop effective hacking tools.
  2. Techniques that can find malware and vulnerabilities are used to lower system efficiency with the use of Python scripts.

Scripts that are formulated already can be used by ethical hackers to make their tasks easy and quick. Why reinvent the wheel? The scripts range from Password cracking, Wifi Hacking, Brute Forcing and Mac Spoofing. You will need to hang on!

Python Libraries VS Hacking Scripts: Which To Choose?

Hacking Scripts Vs Libraries

These are sets of functions and collections of related modules. They carry an array of codes that can be repeatedly used in various programs. With this Python Programming becomes quite easy and simple for the programmer. Now there are more than 140,000 libraries.

They are used in:

  • Developing machine learning.
  • Data science.
  • Data visualization.
  • Data and image manipulation applications.
  • Create apps and models in a variety of fields.

You can also install extensions in other editors and IDEs such as VSCode that can allow you to do more ethical data hacking. These may only be available in the free edition as it may invalidate your professional product license.

Why these are important 

These libraries bring good in the following way:

  1. These are great ways to hack data and leverage machine learning for cracking passwords.
  2. Provide powerful functions and flexibility to any task.
  3. With this developers and data, scientists can prototype and scale their models regardless of their size and complexity.
  4. These eliminate the need to write codes from scratch.

How a Hacking Script is made

A hacking script takes birth based on the idea of accessing a server or network. You may need to think if you are going to crack login passwords, Wifi passwords, or simply check the security of a system.

For this you need to follow the 5 steps below:

  1. First of all, you need to create a folder in which you wish to put your scripts.
  2. Once done, make a virtual environment.
  3. Then create a folder structure.
  4. After this, you need to create the content (.py files).
  5. Finally, build your script and do a test run.

14 Python Hacking Scripts You Can Simply Copy and Paste or Download

Python hacking code copy and paste

Scripts are collections of commands put together in files (Mainly .py for our purpose) that are designed primarily to get executed like a program. Make sure you have Python downloaded and properly installed before you continue. This is important otherwise the .py scripts won’t be recognized.

With many other functions it is used to:

  • Send packets.
  • Presentation of libcap traces with having Python API for these packets.

Few libraries can hold efficacy under ethical hacking. Today it is being used by tech companies around the globe due to being versatile in nature and having secure algorithms.

In the past few decades, it has become quite popular among users due to having general-purpose syntax and ease of understanding.

This tool is being used to:

  • Manipulate network packets.
  • Help to discover new networks.
  • Probing.
  • Tracking.
  • Routing.
  • Scanning.

It has other functionalities rather than packet sniffing and you can also customize it as peruse.


  • Linux.
  • Windows.
  • MacOS.

Now, what it does:

It presents the decoded packets with interpretation, it all depends upon the user.

With this:

  • Bring semblance between high-level protocols and low-level network programming.

This has been designed to mimic the capabilities of sniffing of Wireshark. It shall sniff all the packets which are sent and then received by the host machine and then shall print to console the destination of the packet and source MAC address and the protocol which is being used.

This has been designed to sniff the host machine for any HTTP packet to grab a packet that has the username and password of the user which they used to login into any site. It shall print the URL of the captured packet as well as the payload which carries both the username and password.

It shall carry out an attack which is known as an SYN Flood attack. It shall send in packets to the destination IP address consistently and port which is specified by the user, masquerading it as an IP address that is different than the machine on which the program is running.

It can be used to block port 80 on target, making the target go all slow to access the internet.

Python Cryptographic Hacking Tool

This helps to encrypt and describe sets of data. It is supported by:

  • Python 3.3+
  • Python 2.6-2.7.

It usually involves the amalgamation of two layers which are the same recipes requiring minimum configuration choices. The other is the low level which is both dangerous and can be used incorrectly.

With this:

  • Secure information with codes being effectively developed.

It has a generation of:

  • Random numbers.
  • Digital signatures.
  • Hashing.
  • Stream ciphers.

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This being our ordinary network scanner tool uses IP packets to:

  1. Identify devices on the network.
  2. Identify information regarding OS.

With help of its port scanner, it helps:

  • System administrators automate the task of scanning reports which support the outputs of Nmap scripts.

It helps:

  • Identify and discover hosts on networks.
  • Detects version number.
  • Application name functioning on any remote device.

This is used to mimic the dictionary attack against the salted passcode.

Salt which is used by the password is grabbed by it. By using a dictionary text file carrying used passcode, script encrypts the dictionary password with salt and they are then compared with password file which has the user’s pre-computed salted password. Upon matching of both passwords, the results get printed to the console.

It is a simple one used to print MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, and SHA512 hashes of user-specified phases.

It shall ask you to input a pre-computed MD5 hash. It shall then compare the input with MD5 hashes from the user-specified hash. Now, if there is a match of passwords, the script shall print the password which is un-hashed to the console.

It shall ask you to input a pre-computed SHA1 hash and calculate these of the 10,000 more common passwords and then compare these with the used inputted hash. Again if the hashes match, the script shall print the un-hashed passcode to the console.

It spoofs ARP packets. Script gets MAC address of IP address which is targeted and then attempts to send the packet there from the local machine spoofed as a spoofed IP address. If the program gets interrupted by the user during execution, the script shall restore ARP tables back to their original state.

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It has been designed primarily to sniff the host machines for FTP attempts. Whenever a user makes an attempt to FTP on the server, the script shall print the username, passcode, and the IP which has been used for FTP connection to the console.

This is designed to allow the user to change the address of their MAC on the interface of their choosing. The script shall bring down:

  • Interface.
  • Change MAC address.
  • Bring backup of the interface.

Below is the download link from where you can get all of the above scripts in one zip file.

Folder size: 2.65 MB.

Python Hacking Scripts Download (Full Source Code)

NOTE: We do not encourage hacking and the above scripts should only be run on systems you have written permission to do so on by the owners.


Ethical hacking is a hot topic now and thus it has a high impact in every new emerging technology. Nonetheless, as Python is a flexible and highly diverse programming language there are such uses with this too! This is where you can use any of our 14 best Python hacking scripts by simply copying and pasting and using the source code as you wish.

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