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Phishing and Wifi hacking have been hot subjects lately due to the rise in such attacks. Phishing can trick even professionals into giving their data! Wifiphisher Download APK is free and also incorporates a framework for stressing and testing the security of your WPA2 or WPA3 standards that have been set up.

What is Wifiphisher?

This rogue access point structure is used to conduct red team engagements or wifi security testing. Utilizing this, security analyzers can, with a little stretch, gain a main-in-the-middle position against remote customers simply by focusing on wifi affiliation assaults.

When it is detached from the authentic wifi access point, the tool forces the offline system and gadgets to reconnect to the evil twin, thus enabling the attacker to intercept all the traffic to that particular gadget. This technique is known as AP Phishing, Wifi Phishing, Honeypot AP or fake mobile Hotspot.

It can also be used to mount victim-altered web phishing assaults against “Evil Twin” assault scenario. Just like the Evil Twin, it makes a fake remote access point and gives itself a disguise of real Wifi networks.

How Wifiphisher App for Android Works?

Wifiphisher for Android Free Download

It uses the Evil Twin attack in order to get a man-in-the-middle spot, after this redirects all the HTTP requests towards the phishing page which is managed by the attacker.

The attack is divided into three stages according to the victim’s point of view:

The victim’s access point is being de-authenticated. What it does is jam all the wifi devices that are within the range of the target access point all by forging “de-authenticate” or “disassociate” packets to interrupt all the established associations.

The victim joins the rogue access point e.g. named “Paul’s Wifi”. Wifiphisher sniffs the areas quickly and then copies target access points settings. After this, it generates a rogue wireless access point which is based on the target’s configuration. Moreover, it also configures a NAT or DHCP server and then routes the appropriate ports. Clients then begin to connect to the access point due to jamming. After this point the victim is MiTMed.

Phishing page which is believed as well as customized is then served to the victim. What it does is use a simple web server that is able to handle both HTTP and HTTP requests. It shall then respond with a realistic fake page that asks for credentials or even serves malware just as the victim requests a page from the web. The page shall be tailored especially for the victim. Like, the router config-looking page shall carry the logos of the victim’s vendor. The tool provides support to templates that are community-built for various phishing scenarios.

Wifiphisher App Features

Wifiphisher is not your average wifi hacking app that you may find on the web. It is a complete testing framework with tools, documentation and extensive support from a professional community.

  1. It is quite powerful and run for hours within a Raspberry Pi device executing all the modern wifi association techniques including Known Beacons and Evil Twin.
  2. It comes free for download and is open-source. Moreover, it also comes with full source code which you might study, change or even distribute under the GPLv3 license terms.
  3. It is flexible in nature and provides support to different arguments. It also comes with set of community driver phishing templated for different deployment scenarios.
  4. It is supported by a great community of both developers and users.
  5. It is modular and you can write down simple or even complicated modules in Python in order to expand the tool function or even create custom phishing scenarios to conduct certain target-oriented attacks.
  6. Attacks such as Known Beacons and Lure10 along with state-of-the-art phishing techniques were likely to be disclosed by the developers plus this was the first ever tool to incorporate them.

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How To Use Wifiphisher in Termux on Android

We are going to see how to use Wifiphisher Termux on Android. This is because it is natively not available on mobile:

  • Download Termux and install it as an app on your phone.
  • At first, you need to download and install it from GitHub.
Paul@ninja-ide:~# clone https://github.com/wifiphisher/wifiphisher.git
Paul@ninja-ide:~# cd /home/paul/Wifiphisher
Paul@ninja-ide:~# setup.py install
  • To launch it and help
Paul@ninja-ide:~# Wifiphisher -h
  • After this, you need to spawn an open wifi network using: simplyWifiphisher for Termux Download
Paul@ninja-ide:~# Wifiphisher -nojamming
  • Once done it shall show all the networks which are available.
  • At this point, you need to choose a wifi network from the list and then it shall ask you for “Firmware update”. Wifiphisher Free Download Latest Version
  • Once it makes the victim connect with rogue wifi network and ask to update after entering wifi credentials.
  • Once password has been entered by the victim it can be captured.

How WiFi Hacking Works on Android with Wifiphisher (The Logic Behind)

Download Wifiphisher Mod APK Free

If you have noticed your wifi speed getting slow, it is time to check to see its security protocols. If we talk about wifi hacking then it has been cracking the security protocols in serious terms in wireless networks, moreover, it also grants complete access for the security theft to view, store, download, or even abuse the network.

A person not authorized to use your wireless network would see everything you are doing online. Even if you are visiting a HTTPS secured site, the compromised wifi shall allow the thief to see all the information that is being processed through those websites. Following is a simplified list of vulnerable information.

  1. The pages you visit and your IP address including device and browser information.
  2. Information that is stored on your browser such as stored passcodes, keystrokes as well as history of the web page just like a Keylogger does.
  3. Login information of any site you visit.
  4. Any sort of sensitive financial information that is accessed or saved in your browser.

Moreover, these thefts are able to alter any kind of content that you see online. This information can be used for personal needs of security theft. They can sell it, impersonate you or even take money from your account without you even knowing.

Hacked wifi on a home network is less likely than public wifi, but keep in mind that both are dangerous equally. What thefts do is aim to target public and commercial wifi hotspots which means they are able to steal information from the banks and hospitals along with individuals who are connected to such networks.

  1. Your network speed shall be low.
  2. Check to see if the router’s activity is still blinking after turning off the device at home which you are using wifi, if it blinks then this means that someone who is not authorized is using it.

Wifiphisher Symptoms If your WiFi is Affected

To target of social engineering attack, the first sign looks like a problem with the router. Firstly, the wifi shall cut out. They are still able to see the network but every attempt made to make a connection with it fails. These are also symptoms of a password dictionary attack as there are various passwords being tried at the same time.

Other devices can’t connect as well and they begin to note that not only one but all the devices have lost connection to it.

This is when they notice the same network with the same name as the older one but need no passcode. After making a few more attempts to join the protected network they join the other one, as soon as they do this an official-looking webpage mentioning the manufacturer of the router opens and informs them that the router is going through a critical firmware update, unless and until they enter the credentials required for update the network shall not work.

Wifiphisher Download APK for Android – WiFi Testing and Phishing Simulation App

Wifiphisher is one of the few tools you can use to simulate phishing and test the security of your wireless connection. Wifiphisher for Android Download is the only way you can use it is using Termux on your device and the Mod APK does not exist so you should not trust anything of that name if you spot it online.

Disclaimer: You should only be using Wifiphisher on your own network or where you have written permission to do so. Usage anywhere else may be illegal and we will not be responsible for any damage you may cause with this tool.

App size1.9 MB
OS Android 10 and above
Installer typeApk
PurposePhishing and WiFi Testing

Download Wifiphisher Free Latest Version

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