Putlocker Proxy List 2024 - Unblocked Putlocker Proxy Sites (Latest)

The website provides updated links to streaming video content like movies and TV shows. The site has been closed, but copies and mirrors are present. It is unknown whether the founder has anything to do with these mirrors. You can still watch movies on Putlocker but with a catch, you must access it using the Putlocker Proxy sites list.

The UK high court back in 2016 forced it to shut down due to some legal processes. Then a year later the Australian Federal Court followed suit thus blocking Putlocker and other sites that seemed controversial.

Due to all this, it was still not closed in different parts of the world and resumed using different URLs to evade its foes. Today, it does experience intermittent availability as it hides behind other domains to resist.

Many other sites are available over the web due to their on-and-off availability around the globe which offer the same services.

If in your country or ISP it has been blocked, you can still enjoy it without any restrictions, things however may change anytime.

You must have the know-how of other sites offering the same or similar services if you love movies, TV shows and web streams.

How to use Putlocker Proxy Sites Safely

The services have been built into a site directly and give everyone on the net access to its main page where you can search through different movies and shows within minutes.

It also provides recommendations if finding an option to entertain yourself is difficult.

You only need to search for the movies you want to watch, click on them, give them a few seconds to load, and hit play. Putlocker sites have media hosted such as movies and TV shows, unlike Library Genesis proxies, which are mainly for PDF books and magazines.

It can be a bit risky to access the site since streaming movies can be illegal. Yes, adding it too can harm the system if clicked on accidentally.

You have to prepare your browser in the following ways for streaming and downloading via Putlocker.

  1. You must install and run an ad-blocker to protect you from annoying ads.
  2. Use a tracker blocker to secure your identity and activities.
  3. Make sure to keep your anti-virus software turned on from the settings and keep on doing regular scans.
  4. Never stream on a mobile browser as even the best ones can’t be compared with the safety provided by desktop-based browsers.
  5. Use a VPN to stream content safely, it will protect all your data by routing it through a secure server and encrypting all the traffic that goes out.

Putlocker Proxy History – How it Started

After the shutdown, the streaming services changed the site number many times.

Different sites named “Putlocker” got blocked, so the owners switched to new domains. These domains then started getting seized or taken:

  1. putlocker.is
  2. putlocker.ch
  3. putlocker.rs
  4. putlocker.com

Many sites were closed down or cloned due to popularity as few are still functional. The founder runs and maintains one of the clones, which is still unknown.

The UK authorities put it down after the high court order. The site seems to be one of the significant piracy threats. According to the UK courts, it is not legal.

Sites like these provide free content and earn all their money through ads. Since their legality is questionable, they may not be safe.

Putlocker Proxy List For 2024: Unblock Putlocker Proxy Sites

Below is the latest and new unblocked list of Putlocker Proxy sites. You can use these without needing to connect to a VPN.

Putlocker Proxy NamePutlocker Working Proxy SitesOnline/OfflineProxy Uptime
PutLocker 2Visit SiteOnline94%
Putlockers LiVisit SiteOnline91%
Putlocker 9Visit SiteOffline50%
Putlocker ToVisit SiteOnline80%

Putlocker Proxy Site Alternatives

All the options discussed work, meaning you don’t need to scour the web to find what you are looking for. Most options provide access to free movies, shows and a lot more. If the Putlocker Proxies are not working then you can use these the below alternatives:

123 Movies

New Putlocker Proxy Site

This seems to be one of the largest resource-link referral sites. For this registration is free and carries many movies, TV series, Asian dramas plus anime. According to genre, country, release year and content type you can easily browse titles. It has around 3,400,000 visitors per month and yes, it is VPN-friendly. For this, you don’t need to have an account.

As this is a free site you will see ads each time you click on the page. The buffer however is free of buffer and available in high-definition.


This is another popular site for users to watch free movies and shows. They have been given many titles for now and make a great alternative.

On the site, it has been described as a “free-to-use video entertainment network featuring full-length movies, TV shows, and original programming”.


Putlocker Working Sites Link

Again, this does not require registration and is filled with movies from biographies to musicals. This is very convenient as it categorizes movies according to their year of release and genre.

The only downside is that it is limited to only movies, so you need another source for TV series.

Yes Movies

New Putlocker Working Proxy List

This is another alternative option on the list that has been designed which features all movies and shows.

It comes with a straightforward layout, from the homepage you can pick the most popular content and explore more genres and categories. Moreover, use the search option to look for anything you have in mind.

It plays the content as you click it without manually picking any link or server. On this, you can stream on HD and 4K for which you need to sign up for a free account.

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Putlocker Unblocked Proxy Site

Tubi is quite popular among users, allowing them to watch their favorite content. It has become a big name in the streaming world since 2014 due to its content library and device compatibility.

It has around 450,000 monthly visitors and no account is required to sign in. It is not VPN-friendly but can be used with VPN split tunneling.


This is what you can say is a wild kind of streaming site and faster than other options mentioned on our list. It features content categorized according to genre, release date, country, most watched and anime.

Another site’s closest movie catalog is EZTV proxy websites, which offer a similar experience to connect to mirror sites. The best part that makes it stand out is that you can add movies that are not even on the list.

Prime Video

Putlocker Proxy Mirror Sites

This is quite a popular streaming platform. Like Putlocker, you can log in to the online portal using the Prime account and stream it in a web browser. It carries mobile and TV applications as well.


This is a top-rated streaming site in the United States. It is rich in features and carries on-demand content like documentaries, movies, TV shows, etc.

It is known due to different originals like The Handmaid’s Tale. What makes it different is having Live TV services which you can avail of by paying extra subscription fees.

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Disclaimer: We do not endorse or support copyright violations. Please respect the laws/regulations of your country. The information in this article is only for educational and informational purposes.


Putlocker was great until it started getting threats and letters from various media companies for illegal content. The latest Putlocker Proxy List is always updated so you can access the Putlocker mirror sites reliably.

Do let us know which is your go-to Putlocker Proxy Site in 2024. We are very curious to know and if it is not on our list, we will add it for others, too.

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