AnonFiles Shuts Down: 8 Free and Paid AnonFiles Alternatives

AnonFiles used to be an online storage provider which is different from others in the market as it provides anonymous cloud storage. Easily upload any file without logging in or creating an account. AnonFiles Shut Down unexpectedly without prior warning or email to its users or the community. AnonFiles Alternatives is what can save you now as you can still use them to privately share files online.

Like this, the complete session remains anonymous which makes it tough to have a hold on the person who is actually uploading the file. Well, with perks it has its own drawbacks as well.

This is a popular service used to share files up to 20GB without any download restrictions that too anonymously. It allowed users to share files without their activity being logged. It did not require account registration.

Within months it became the center of the eye. Now it was also being used by threat actors to share samples of stolen data, credentials as well and copyrighted material.

AnonFiles Shuts Down Permanently – Why and What Happened?

All of a sudden, users started to report that AnonFiles is down. The service has now been shut down saying that their proxy provider has shut them down recently and they no longer deal with an overwhelming amount of abusive material uploaded to the site.

Even after all this the high volume of abuse will not stop.
This is not the kind of work we imagine when acquiring it and recently our proxy provider shut us down. – AnonFiles Team

There is no doubt that it was a helpful site, but many reported that it used shady ads that redirected malware, tech support scams, and unwanted Chrome and Firefox browser extensions.

Many say while downloading files from it, it would redirect to a site that downloaded the ISO file using the same name as the file you were downloading.

These files came with malware, like information-stealing malware, viruses and other spyware.

While the current site has been out of the picture, the name has not disappeared. Owners who currently own it dare others to buy the domain and give it a try.

As the founders have clearly said, “This can not continue“. They have now also put up the AnonFiles domain name for sale.

What AnonFiles Originally Offered

AnonFiles was a simple service, it offered privacy-first file sharing with features such as:

  1. In a few clicks upload and download files from all around the world.
  2. No need to make an account with your email address and create a password.
  3. Easy to use interface.
  4. Available in more than 14 different languages.
  5. No need for an SFTP or FTP client to upload or download files.

8 Best AnonFiles Alternatives – Free and Paid Anonymous Cloud Storage

  1. – Best AnonFiles Alterntive
  2. OnionShare – Free AnonFiles Alternative
  3. KeyBase – AnonFiles Alternative that isn’t slow
  4. – Robust Alternative since AnonFiles Shut Down
  5. SafeNote – Encrypted Anonymous File Sharing
  6. – Faster than AnonFiles
  7. DocSend – Send files securely since AnonFiles is down
  8. Microsoft OneDrive – Business-focused Secure File Sharing – Best AnonFiles Alterntive

Popularly known as is a free cloud storage service provider. You can upload plethora of file types including videos, docs, image or PDF and what not. This is all done without the need to create an account.

AnonFiles Shut Down

It has no restrictions on number of files you can both upload or download. Upload file of any size.

GoFile Website

OnionShare – Free AnonFiles Alternative

AnonFiles Down

This is a good option to share files anonymously with security through Tor Network. It’s a free platform where onion address in created and you can visit it through the Tor browser to have access to data they wish to share.

While using this you are not giving access of files to the company like Google Drive or email. As long as you are securely sharing the anonymous web address, you and the other person can access data.

OnionShare Website

KeyBase – AnonFiles Alternative that isn’t slow

AnonFiles Alternatives

If you are too much into security and privacy then this is the best platform to share files and send messages. The files are secured with end-to-end encryption which makes sure to send them to the right person. With public-key cryptography, the messages remain private and server administrator cannot read the chats.

This is a safe platform for business and the list does not stop here it is great for families as well. It can be connected with different communities such as Reddit, Twitter and many others.

KeyBase Website – Robust Alternative since AnonFiles Shut Down

Upload files using this without becoming a member of the site. It carries 6Gb to share for free users and around 60 GB for premium. It has features like password protection or add messages to attached files, it automatically returns to upload where it gets interrupted after you reconnect. It carries good upload and download speeds.

FileTransfer Website

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SafeNote – Encrypted Anonymous File Sharing

A platform to share temporary files anonymously. An open-source platform that offers privacy and simplicity. It has been designed with the focus to provide you with a reliable data-sharing experience.

You can upload files, and share links with the ones you want, and when they download files you can delete them. Moreover, you can set expiration times so they automatically get deleted.

When a file is uploaded a secured link is generated, you can copy and paste this with the recipient so he can download the file and then it self-destructs.

SafeNote Website – Faster than AnonFiles 

8 Free AnonFiles Alternative

This is another option which utilizes Web Torrent. It is an online torrent client through which you can directly download torrents instead of using other program to perform downloads.

It is a free platform which works great with Firefox, Chrome and Opera. The best part you can find its source code on GitHub.

Select files from the device and start to share, you can also drag files to begin seeding. It has a simple yet easy to use interface and does not require to make an account, provides support to streaming media files as well.

The best part there is no size limit, monitor uploading and downloading speed of torrent and download them as zip files. Share through a URL as well which includes info hash or magnet link.

Instant Website

DocSend – Send files securely since AnonFiles is down

Everyone can use this platform to share files. You can share data without effort, gave track on your files, and protect files with email verification and passcodes. It can also turn off its access to take back the document control if you wish.

Take advantage of their e-signature features for business needs, through this you can sign documents electronically.

DocSend Website

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Microsoft OneDrive – Business-focused Secure File Sharing

AnonFiles Proxy Alternative

You have dropped at the right place if you want different services and many tools with dependable cloud storage. It offers you 5GB space with a Microsoft account, but if you buy Microsoft 365, storage can be increased to 6 TB.

You might also consider buying space only without subscribing to Office 365. It comes with different features such as file sync and cloud backup.

OneDrive Website

AnonFiles Suffered from Slow Download Issues

No platform or service is perfect, right? Well, AnonFiles slow download complaints were racking up quite a lot recently due to their proxy provider. The other issues were mostly user-end. These were caused because of slow broadband download speeds and ISPs throttling the speeds and access to AnonFiles servers around the world.

This caused them to use a lot of legit users instead of spam and abusive ones that kept uploading copyright material causing their demise.

Why Anonymous File Sharing is Used for Privacy Reasons

Your client wants to see your work immediately but it is miles away from your place. Being digital is the best choice you have. Now, would you risk sending it through the mail if the file size is too large or sensitive? This can be done through file-sharing services; it has the following benefits.

Due to Cybercrimes securing data has become a task. This is where file-sharing services come in handy. They help to lower odds of data breach through proper encryption of files in transit and high-end password protection between both parties. They also provide with extra security for mobiles through authorization and authentication.

These services help to keep track record on all data which is shared including date and time, the person to which it was sent, size, either it was sent or not and a lot more.

It also offers data audit for those in different time zones and locations. Each and everyone in-sync with remaining team with access to this can see records which are entered in it to give a better unified experience.

Business has a lot of data like graphics, videos and what not. These can be large, and sending them via mail can be a bit frustrating.

All hail modern file sharing services such as ZippyShare where this is hardly an issue you can send multi-gigabyte files without downtime or delay.

This is a reliable yet fast process, sharing different kinds of files such as drivers, Windows ISO files, installer files and even videos.


AnonFiles served the community well, and its shutdown has shocked everyone. AnonFiles Alternatives allow you to still anonymously share files over the internet. This saves your privacy and importantly your IP address obfuscated online. The sender and receiver both won’t know each other’s information, which keeps it private and hence why anonymous file sharing is always preferred.

AnonFiles FAQ

Will AnonFiles ever come back?

AnonFiles closed permanently for now and the founders have given no indication that they will ever bring the service back. Having said that, they have put the domain name for sale which means a buyer with enough resources may buy it and bring the service back.

Was AnonFiles truly anonymous file storage?

AnonFiles promised to not keep a track of the users IP address who were uploading or downloading files on their website.

Will there be any AnonFiles proxy after its shut down?

As the service has been put down forever, proxy sites won't come up for AnonFiles as they are basically a clone hosted on a different service. You shouldn't be using such services even if they appear on the web as they are not official.

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