Top 8 Best ZippyShare Alternatives 2024 - File Sharing and Cloud Storage

Using cloud storage you can save data and files in an offsite location which can be accessed either via public internet or a dedicated private network connection. When is shared like this becomes the responsibility of the third-party cloud provider who hosts, secures, manages, as well as maintains servers and associated infrastructure and also makes sure that you have access to data whenever you need it.

8 Best ZippyShare alternatives allow you to share and store your files securely in the cloud around the world. The difference? They also allow you to create a shareable unique URL where others can download the files.

It is a cost-effective alternative to storing files on on-premise disks or NAS. The service also provides elasticity which means you can scale capacity as your data volumes increase or dial down if required. As you store data in the cloud, the organization saves by paying for storage technology and capacity as a service rather than investing in capital costs on building and maintaining in-house storage networks. In this, you pay for what you use.

Has ZippyShare Shutdown?: What Happened to ZippyShare (Latest Update)

The website has announced that it is shutting down in the end of March and giving all of you a chance to backup important files till then the site shall run without any changes.

The main reason behind the shutdown is that they are not able to afford to keep it operations due to rising costs and diminishing revenue.

Operators of the site say that users are moving towards modern services that carry better performance and features.

Moreover, the ones who visit it use aggressive ad blockers due to which advertising revenue is on free fall too.

Increase in electricity has also made running its massive server infrastructure costly thus diminishing the already dwindling profits.

List of 8 Best ZippyShare Alternatives – Top Sites like ZippyShare

  1. Dropbox – Reliable ZippyShare Alternative
  2. pCloud – Free ZippyShare Alternative
  3. Sync – Best ZippyShare Alternative
  4. Google Drive – Overall Best ZippyShare Alternative
  5. Box – #1 File Sharing and Collaboration Service
  6. Koofr – Best Cloud Storage for Spreadsheet files
  7. Degoo Cloud – Best AI-powered File Storage
  8. Internxt – Best Cloud Storage with 10 GB free space

Dropbox – Reliable ZippyShare Alternative

ZippyShare Alternative File Sharing Sites

Using this you can create, share well as edit your files from Google and Microsoft 365 apps from your Dropbox account, thus simplifying workflow of your team. It comes with two kinds of businesses; single-user and team plans.

Like the single user professional plan provides with 3 Tb storage for $19.99 per month, whereas standard plan for teams offers 5 TB storage at $18 per month per user. You can also select team advanced plan if you want to have as much as space you want. Moreover, you can also create custom plan for your business using the Enterprise team plan.

For this you simply need to upload files from the system using drag and drop feature on the site.

With team plans you shall have more control over admin access in order to monitor activities of the team. It offers with 256-bit AES for files at rest and TLS/SSL encryption data for data in transit to make sure data is protected all the time.

Visit Dropbox Site

pCloud – Free ZippyShare Alternative

If you manage media files regularly then you shall find this option to be suitable. It comes with a built-in video and audio player to sort music files into playlists.

It shall provide you with two separate plans, Premium and Premium Plus 2 TB, the first one comes with 500 GB and other one with 2 TB storage.

Unlike other options on the list, this one offers with an option for lifetime subscription through which you can save more money.

To use this, you need to register account by using email address which can be Google sign-in, Apple ID or even Facebook Login. Once done, open the panel and click “sync” and then “add new” to select local folder you intend to sync. Select a pCloud drive folder, hit “save” and “add sync” to begin file syncing.

The best part about this one is that you can upload unlimited size and speed media files. It offers excellent security which is TLS/SSL certificate protection and 156-bit AES encryption. Moreover, its rewind feature enables you to recover old version of the account for up to 30 days.

Visit pCloud Site

Sync – Best ZippyShare Alternative

Top Sites Like ZippyShare

This is a great storage provider through which you can store files and also do document collaboration. It shall offer you with two regular-use plans

  • Solo basic.
  • Silo professional.

The only difference between the two is amount of storage you get. The first one comes with around 2 TB storge for $8 per month whereas the other one comes with 6 TB for around $20 per month.

Both of these allow unlimited transfer of data, which means you can share as much data as you want with unlimited number of people each month. Moreover, your account can be accessed from any Windows 10/11 device.

To sync all you need to do is visit the site and hit “create your free account”, once done you need to log into its web panel to access files.

You shall see an option to add new files on the dashboard, manually move the files from device by clicking on “Open” or by simply dragging and dropping data from the system to the application.

It comes with end-to-end encryption, allow to share files and folder with anyone safely. You can also restore backup of your files in case of any ransomware attack.

Visit Sync Site

Google Drive – Overall Best ZippyShare Alternative

Best Free ZippyShare Alternatives

This is a popular storage service with range varying from 100 GB to 30 TB. It provides you with a clean yet simple web interface. Each account owner shall get at least 15 GB storage space from the start. The other benefit of Google Drive is that it comes with built-in PDF and other file format viewers such as HEIC.

This is what we call a perfect choice if you want something which is a simple personal cloud storage solution. Now, if you want more space with better security then you have the option to upgrade it to Google One and start using it with advanced features.

You simply need to sign in your Gmail account to start using it. It is easy to add files, simply click on “create new” button and select files and folders you want.

The best thing is that it comes with integrate Google workspace like Docs, Sheets and Slides. As you upgrade you can monitor storage usage for Gmail and Google photos at the vert same time. Moreover, the upgraded version provides users with a virtual private network to encrypt online traffic thus allowing you to browse and download your content safely.

Visit Google Drive Site

Box – #1 File Sharing and Collaboration Service

This is well-known for simplifying the flow of work and securing collaboration with both team and client. It provides support to more than 1300 app integrations to create and edit files with services like Microsoft 365, Google and many others. The best part is that it can integrate with popular business-focused applications such as Oracle NetSuite and Salesforce.

If you run an agency that utilized an e-Commerce platform, customer relationship management strategies, banking, financial services or some other vital institutions then you can benefit from this. It is being by sizable organizations and government agencies for advanced security, privacy and collaboration features.

You can use Box sign to manage signatures securely and quickly. Using its content, you can work together in one environment. It provides with highest data security and privacy services by being partners with top-notch tech security and compliance providers.

Visit Box Site

Koofr – Best Cloud Storage for Spreadsheet files

ZippyShare Alternative for Document Storage

It offers user with many plans for business like Suitcase and Crate plans. The first one includes 3 tiers; 100 GB, 250 GB and 1 TB. Whereas the other one ranges from 2.5 TB to 20 TB. Moreover, it shall grant you with additional 10 GB storage regardless of the plan you select.

It is accessible from their web, desktop and even mobile applications. You can also connect existing cloud accounts from different providers. A two-way sync feature lets you sync files from the system using its desktop application.

The best part is that you can upload files without individual file size or type limits. It guarantees compliance with EU privacy legislation for protection of data. You can also use FB data transfer tool in order to export pictures and videos directly to it to make sure your data is safely stored.

Visit Koofr Site

Degoo Cloud – Best AI-powered File Storage

This is a cloud that is based on Artificial Intelligence that enables the access and sharing of pictures and documents without reducing file size and quality. It has a free storage plan which offers 100 GB which when compared with its competitors is more. Moreover, you can also get up to 500 GB free storage by referring it to your friends, which makes 5 GB per person. It provides support usage on mobile devices as well.

To create an account, you simply need to use your email address or Google login. Add in files by clicking “upload” button and selecting the files you want to back up.

It comes with TLS and 256-bit AED encryption which protected the files no matter where you are. Moreover, you can also use up to five devices to have access and upload files to it. The best part, to receive these files you don’t need to have a degoo account.

Visit Degoo Cloud Site

Internxt – Best Cloud Storage with 10 GB free space

List of 8 ZippyShare Alternatives that are free

This shall offer you with 10 GB free storage space to plan, sync, backup, as well as share files. It comes with a user-friendly interface with military-grade encryption to keep your data all secure.

You can also get an additional 10 GB free storage by completing tasks like subscribing to its newsletters, installing different applications, and getting referrals. If you want to have a free yet straightforward cloud service that has great protection then this is the right option.

Moreover, the company also allows you to sort files and backup computer folders to keep most recent version of your important files. You can also access files from the web, desktop or even mobile applications.

It shall keep your files, passwords or encryption keys safe with zero-knowledge encryption.

Visit Internxt Site

ZippyShare FAQs

What happened to ZippyShare and is it down?

ZippyShare had been around for over 12 years and has now been officially shutdown by their founders on 31 March 2023. The original URL is not down and shows a page with alternative services that their current users could use going forward.

Are all of my files lost that were stored on ZippyShare?

If you did not move or backup your files in time while ZippyShare was still up you have now lost access to those files permanently.

What are the best ZippyShare Alternatives?

As ZippyShare has now officially shutdown and for those who still need file sharing services, these are the best alternatives for ZippyShare: Mediafire, Mega, Dropbox, Google Drive, pCloud and Sync.


ZippyShare was a great cloud storage and file-sharing service provider until it shut down. ZippyShare Alternatives is what you need going forward to fulfill your cloud storage needs. If you do require high reliability and durability of the data you store, you should look more at Dropbox or Google Drive with pCloud being the latter choice. These storage services work directly from the browser and do not require you to have an FTP or SFTP client installed to access your data.

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