Ghost Spectre Windows 11 Download 22H2 (Superlite/Compact)

As Windows 11, the new Microsoft OS, is out, it has been a popular topic among text experts. With extra features and a clean user interface is exciting to both test and use. Now, if you are not getting the new version or have it but are frustrated with its rules, then you can get a brand new mod, known as Ghost Spectre Windows 11 Download.

Ghost Spectre Superlite takes all the clutter and services you don’t need only the core services to keep you running! It shall allow you to install the new OS on any PC or Laptop you want even if the system specifications are too low. The best part, it comes with no bloatware. However, Ghost Spectre Compact is more lenient and enables more services like Cortana.

Before you continue to download and Install Windows 11 Ghost Spectre, please read the system requirements carefully:

RAM:2 GB of RAM.
Processor:1.2 GHz or higher processor.
Disk Space:10 GB.
Internet:A slow/medium speed internet with 1.5/2.5 mbps speed.
GPU:Integrated/Built-in graphics with minimum 64 MB VRAM.

Ghost Spectre Windows 11 Superlite vs. Ghost Spectre Windows 11 Compact (Side-by-side comparison)

Did you know that Ghost Spectre doesn’t just come in a Superlite version, it also comes in a Compact version. Yes, that is 100% correct and both of them are not the same. They have different purposes including features and privacy tightness that they offer, the below table compares Ghost Spectre Superlite vs Compact side-by-side.

Ghost Spectre Windows 11 SuperliteGhost Spectre Windows 11 Compact
No bloatware apps from Microsoft.Comes without any Bloatware.
Cortana Integration is disabled.Cortana is enabled but can be disabled.
Complex Windows upgrade process.Simple process to apply Windows updates.
Tight privacy settings with almost zero data being sent to Microsoft.Lesser effective privacy protection.
Performance mode.Less apparent performance mode.
Pauses Windows updates will until 2030.Windows update pause can be adjusted to whatever year you type e.g. 2027.
Doesn't come with Ghost Toolbox installed.Comes with Ghost Toolbox pre-installed.

Ghost Spectre Windows 11 Superlite and Compact Latest Features

Windows 11 Ghost Spectre is called so because it removes many useless features, hence the Superlite and Compact version names. This modified version comes with fill features you will find missing in the official version.

With this you can pause Windows updates until 2079, isn’t that great? No more waiting for updates to finish when you boot your PC:

  1. It provides support for all languages including English, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, French and more.
  2. Supports all keyboards such as US and UK formats.
  3. Better optimized page files, search indexer, as well as services that can be scheduled as well.
  4. Optimize your system privacy, no more telemetry data and diagnostics sent to Microsoft, which is a huge win.
  5. Unique theme packs including wallpapers.
  6. Less memory consumption which is great for gamers that are looking for an alternative to SteamOS.
  7. Ghost Spectre Superlite and Compact include the LZX algorithm for faster file compression and decompression on the fly.

Features you can remove in Ghost Spectre Superlite:

Features that Ghost Spectre Removes
User Account Control
Microsoft Teams
Windows Defender
Printer Services such as Spooler
Focus Assist
Windows Defender Antivirus

How To Download Ghost Spectre Windows 11 Superlite or Compact (22H2 Latest)

Ghost Spectre Windows 11 is NOT a standard Microsoft release. We cannot stress enough that this is a custom-made image that keeps performance at the core.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the “Download” button of the respective version of the OS.
  2. Once done, click on “Ghost Spectre Windows 11 ISO file” in your folder and unzip it to where you want
  3. Then plug the USB device and make the Ghost Spectre Superlite Windows 11 bootable USB ISO using Windows 11 USB/DVD Tool.

How To Install Ghost Spectre Windows 11 64-bit (Step-by-step Guide)

Download Ghost Spectre Windows 11 for Free

So, you have now downloaded Ghost Spectre Windows 11, but how would you install it on your Laptop or PC? Well, it is quite similar to a normal installation.

Follow the steps below carefully to install Ghost Spectre Windows 11 Superlite or Compact (the process is the same for both versions):

Step #1 – Make a Bootable USB or Disc Image

  1. Install “Rufus” and run it, we are going to use Balena.
  2. Connect the USB flash drive to your system.
  3. Hit the “select” button on Rufus and find Windows 11 Superlite ISO in prompted windows, click “open”.
  4. After this, you need to click “down arrow” icon to open a drop-down menu of “image”. After this choose the image option based on system specifications.
  5. Hit “start” to start the bootable USB drive creation process.
  6. After you have created a bootable drive, plug it into the system on which you want to install Windows 11 Superlite.
  7. Restart your system to enter its boot menu. For this, you must simply keep pressing the boot key while the system boots up.
  8. Choose the USB drive as the boot option and confirm the operation.
  9. Now simply follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation process.

Tip: If you want to get a system without getting it installed from scratch, migrate the system from another system with system migration tools such as MiniTool Partition Wizard. Its copy desk and migrate OS to SSD/HDD features allow you to do that easily.

Step #2 – Install Windows 11 Ghost Spectre

  1. First, you need to insert the USB drive into the system if you wish to install the light version.
  2. Next, restart your system and press the “F10, F8 and F12” key from the keyboard as the boot key before the system boots up to open the Boot menu.

Windows 11 Ghost Spectre Superlite Download

3. After this choose “Windows logo on the keyword” which is present below to enter “windows setup”.

Windows 11 Ghost Spectre Latest Version

4. Select your preferred language, time, and keyboard, and hit “next”.

Ghost Spectre Windows 11 22H2 64 Bit Download

5. Select from “Ghost Spectre Superlite or Compact Version” options on the new screen and hit “next”.

6. After this, select the drive you wish to use for the installation process and hit “next”.

Ghost Spectre Windows 11 Download

7. Process of installation shall begin; the process shall differ based on the specification of your system.

It shall give you an alternative to use Windows security during installation setup. Alternatively, you can also look at free third-party Firewalls that can provide added security.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ghost Spectre Windows 11?

This has been made by the developer NTDEV and Ghost Spectre. This is a stripped-down version that carries just the necessary Windows 11 files which are needed to make the operating system work. One big upside is that it can run on a system with only 2 GB RAM and storage low as 9 GB.

What is the difference between a normal Windows 11 and Ghost Spectre Windows 11?

As you would expect, however, many core and optional services which are resource-hungry have been removed from the build of 22H2 Windows 11, even animations some of you like, you shall also not find other standard Windows applications including Windows Defender. Removing them has made the version to be fast and less power-consuming when compared to the default version.

Is Ghost Spectre Windows 11 Free?

Ghost Spectre Windows 11 can be downloaded for free and is perfect for laptops and computers that do not have a lot of compute power such as CPU cores or RAM memory.

Other operating systems you may like:

Ghost Spectre Windows 11 Superlite/Compact Download Link (Latest Version)

Ghost Spectre Windows 11 latest version is the only Windows OS available for low-speed and old computers or laptops. This includes the stable release of 22H2 and has the .ISO file that you would need for direct installation. The author also has a Youtube Channel where they provide updates regarding any new releases or if there are any issues you may need to know about.

Author:Ghost Spectre
Category:Lightweight Operating System
OS Build Version:19043
Supported architecture:64-Bit only
File format:.ISO
Installer size:3.0 GB

Ghost Spectre Windows 11 Superlite/Compact Download (Stable)

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