Top Rapidgator Premium Keys 2024: How To Bypass Rapidgator Premium

This is a file hoster and file sharing software which allows you to store and share files via cloud storage that can be managed regardless of the time and place as long as you have a good internet connection. Rapidgator Premium Key provides you with the features of a premium account without the requirement of being limited to storage and sharing policies. Your workload is reduced as it comes with drag and drop function to easily upload files and also a search function to access files immediately.

What it does is secure files from others till the file download link is shared with someone else. it carries different features like unlimited download speeds 99.99% uptime, unlimited file storage, a file manager is user-friendly and download manager and file folder link. If you are a free user, you can upload and download files up to 5GB.

What you need to know about Rapidgator Premium Key

Rapidgator Premium Key

This is a unique alphanumeric code of any length which is needed by many software programs during installation. It helps software developers ensure that each and every copy of their software was purchased legally.

Another way to explain Rapidgator Premium Bypass is similar to the password for a program. Upon buying the software, this is given and can only be used with that application. Now, without the product key unique code, the program shall not open past the product key page most of the time, or it may run but only as a trial or the full version.

Most software including a few operating systems and programs from the list of popular software makers need product keys. Today, it is a general rule that if you pay for a program then it needs a product key during the process of installation.

In addition to product keys, a few makers of software including Microsoft Windows often need product activation to help further ensure that software is legally being obtained.

Programs that come in free usually don’t need one unless and until the manufacturer implements its use for statistical purposes.

Note: Product keys are also known as CD keys, licenses, product codes, installation keys, and key codes.

How to use Rapidgator Premium Key (Easy Tutorial)

These can be used by one program installation but few products key servers allow for the same key to be used by any number of users so long as they are not being used simultaneously.

In such scenarios, product key slots are limited, so, of the program using key is shut down another can be opened using the very same slot. Follow the steps below (in the same order):

  1. Visit Rapidgator official site.
  2. Login to your premium account using the Email and Password used for registration.
  3. Now head over to “Profile” and select “Subscriptions“.
  4. Click on “activate premium subscriptions”.
  5. Select the method for entering your key.
  6. Click on enter “Rapidgator Premium Key“.
  7. Press “Verify Key“.
  8. Done.

Rapidgator Premium Key (Latest List) – Rapidgator Premium Bypass

Rapidgator Premium Bypass Key

Below are the latest Rapidgator Premium keys that you can use. You can check the status if its working or not in the table below:

Rapidgator Premium KeyStatus

Note: If a code is not working please comment below and we will provide you with a new one that works.

Rapidgator Premium Vs Rapidgator Basic

Free Rapidgator Premium Key

Storage Space and Bandwith are not limited

Unlimited storage comes with a catch in the form of a file deletion policy, which is not discriminatory but something to be mindful of. In the same way, the guarantee of unlimited download speed also comes with a rider, only available to its premium subscribers. Free users get limited speeds and must also deal with many other restrictions.

FTP and SFTP server access for multiple transfers

Rapidgator has one to which you connect to using an FTP client such as FileZilla to upload files more easily. As the server lacks a dedicated desktop application, we would ask potential users to interact with it using a third-party FTP client instead of the rudimentary web interface. Keep in mind that all files which are uploaded through this are housed in the root directory in your account.

Manage your downloads

Coming to download then you can pull its content using download manager, it also lets you have view of few stats to help track the download of the shared files.

To help with upload it supports direct file uploads, FTP uploads and remote uploads. File manager browser-based can also be used to perform basic file management tasks such as creating folders and moving files. Moreover, it has a generous file size limit of 5 GB per file that exceeds most of its peers.

Simply save login details for many file-sharing services with this and paste the links to bring all files to your account.

Rapidgator Premium Key Alternatives

Rapidgator Premium Account Key

Despite all its peculiarities, service may not appear so bad, but it really loses out when compared with competitors. To begin with, it counts uploads there in the allotted bandwidth too unlike its peers such as Sendspace which only counts downloaded. ZippyShare would have been a good alternative but they have since shut down, so we would say you go for Mediafire.

It does not offer security features, no end-to-end encryption such as Mega, or even password protection like Mediafire or Sendspace. In the same way as other services such as pCloud, you cannot preview uploaded files in its account before downloading them.

Moreover, it lacks any desktop tool and even mobile applications for Android and iOS are basic and does not work in our tests actually, these can be used to browser files but we could not get them to upload files there from an Android device to its account no matter what. When we peek into PlayStore reviews, it shows that this is not an anomaly but a bug that its developers have ignored rectifying for quite some time now.

We are not fans of its download restrictions which can be removed only by upgrading to a premium plan. This is in stark contrast to services such as Sendspace which do not impose any download restrictions on free users downloading files that their paid pro users share.

Disclaimer: This article is posted here only for educational and informational purposes. We will not accept any liability for damage you may cause by using the information in this article.


File sharing and storage is not an easy task. It requires a lot of testing to make sure the data you are holding for someone is safe in case of a disaster. Rapidgator Premium keys bypass offers you the features of a premium tier keeping your data in a more secure data center. With this, you also no longer have to adhere to the file limit of 2GB. So, let us know how it was for you in the comments.

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