123TV Proxy Sites Unblocked

The website has been designed to watch live TV channels from the US. It comes with no official services, works with a VPN, carries more than 80 channels, and there is no on-demand service, with no subtitles. The best part you can start entertaining yourself with no sign-up. You simply need a device with a web browser to begin. The bad part? You can only visit it using 123TV Proxy Site which shows you the unblocked website.

It used to be a great source of entertainment with a variety of family entertainment, movies and news channels. It is an open-source platform that requires no registration.

It comes with an easy interface without any clutters and ads. This in fact is not buried under several clicks. Click on the channel that you like and that’s it your video streaming journey will begin. It has all genres covered which you’re going to enjoy.

If you spend most of your sight in front of watching movies then it has a dark mode button in the shape of a bulb present on the top right side. Simply click on it while streaming at night.

We cannot say whether it is legal or not but it is not likely that the site holds proper licensing for distributing content which means you will be streaming unlicensed content. This can get you in trouble so it is better to use it with a VPN.

The site has been identified as a potentially malicious URL with VirusTotal, also it has many pop-ups which even many pop-up blockers fail to block.

What is 123TV Proxy?

These allow you to still access 123TV and its TV shows and movies. This is because it is a mirror site of the original. 123TV was originally acquired and then shut down due to unknown reasons. There may be other reasons such as legal and copyright issues but with the help of a proxy you can access the new 123TV proxy site.

Are 123TV Proxy Sites Safe To Use

Just like any other website, proxy sites are just mirrors of the original website and are safe to use. However, you need to always take your basic security measures to make sure that the site you are visiting doesn’t require a credit card or personal information as that is not needed to visit 123TV proxies.

123TV Proxy List 2024: Unblock 123TV Site

Below is a list of the latest new unlocked 123TV Proxy sites that you can use and they don’t require a VPN:

123TV Proxy Name123TV Proxy Working Proxy SitesOnline/OfflineProxy Uptime
123TV FunLinkOnline99.1%
F MoviesLinkOnline97%
SC 123TVLinkOnline96%
123 GSLinkOnline93%

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123TV Proxy Site Alternatives

If you don’t want to use a Proxy site to access 123TV, then you can use the following alternatives that work without one:

VIPRow Sports

Are you a sports lover? If yes, then you have dropped at the right place since this is a top-level sports streaming service that does not require registration. This is yet another open-source platform that streams events like Boxing, WWE, Golf, Basketball, Football and many more. This is a great streaming service that features and replays on the site throughout the day.

It comes with a handy live chat feature through which you can communicate with other users, from the page you can also share games directly but keep in mind that you might be interrupted by annoying ads during playtime and there are a few links that may redirect you to another page.


123TV Proxy and Mirror Site

This is yet another online streaming service through which you can stream channels related to news, the USA, the UK, sports and many more. It has more than 60 sports channels for networks like Fox, BT Sports, NFL, MLB and many more. It carries a dynamic interface to stream live Tv and sports-related content quite easily.

You can access live TV channels without any registration. It will provide you with multiple links to stream a lot of content. The ads and pop-ups it shows are somehow intrusive and if you cannot find the website available in your region use a VPN.


This is a web-based service which is an open-source platform. It provides you with more than 430 TV channels. On this watch movies, travel shows, comedy, sports, music and much more. Geographically, this is not restricted, meaning it can be used from anywhere regardless of time.

You can find this in both free and paid versions plus find the best link to stream titles but keep in mind that since it is popular globally there are chances of high server load. Also, you need to subscribe to a plan to download a video.


Free 123TV Proxy

This is a web-based live TV streaming open-source platform. On this, you will find over 80 live local channels allowing you to stream all popular content. Although the site is not legal it offers a few premium channels for free and movies too which is somewhat a better offering than what Soap2Day used to have. You shall not be redirected from the current page while streaming.

If we see the interface, it is simple and easy to use. Buffer time is too low which is great. Now, what the site does is inject malware into the device through pop-up ads. In today’s world of technology, it does not have an application for PCs and smartphones.


This is formerly known as Wizler TV. It offers more than 150 channels which are free to watch. On this platform listen to your favorite music, watch movies, news, documentaries, kids, entertainment and a lot more. It allows to watch major TV channels from the UK, US, Canada and other foreign languages. Sign up for an account if you want to stream extra content.

You can easily navigate the site and whatever geographical restrictions it had they are no more. However, you need to sign up or register to have access to it and it affects the page and takes some time to load content.

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Best 123TV Proxy

This is quite a popular source of entertainment which will offer you more than 350 channels that too for free. It has been designed to focus on sports channels and also offers live TV channels including live TV shows, news, movies, entertainment and a lot more. The best part, it allows you to watch in HD resolution.

The best part is that it has compatibility with various internet-connected devices and for this, you do not need any registration plus comes with EPG but it will annoy you with too many popping ads and it is used in limited regions.


123TV New Proxy Sites

This is a live streaming service through which you can watch movies, entertainment, sports, and a lot more for free. It is an illegal torrent website since it shows pirated content. You can have access to more than 120 live channels to watch live TV shows, Cricket, Volleyball, Soccer, WWE and a lot more. If you wish to play content in high quality switch to full-screen mode. Some of the content from DaddyHD is also similar on RARBG since it shut down earlier this year.

No registration is required for the site, it is open-source and the best part you won’t be annoyed by any directions or pop-ups.


Watch your sports streams from any country in the world without a VPN. It is open-source. You can say that the site is not fully illegal and allows you to watch some copyrighted content without any authorization.

On this, you can watch videos in high-definition streaming quality. Now, while downloading video it may affect the device. The site however is pirated.


This a popular option on this list which provides 80+ channels in different categories such as sports, news, domestic, entertainment and many more. Formally it is known as IDM cloud video. Broadcast your favorite on-demand title from several live TV channels. Record and binge-watch all your favorites with DVR storage.

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Disclaimer: We do not support any illegal activities or such violations. The information shared here is for informational purposes only.

Conclusion: Do you use 123TV Proxy?

As 123TV was shut down because of being bought out by another company many of its loyal users still missed it. There were many red tape issues when it came to streaming but slowly it started to become a problem and ISPs were blocking it! You can still access the mirror site using 123TV Proxy 2024 that we offer which is also frequently updated.

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