EZTV Proxy List 2024 - Latest New Unblocked EZTV Proxy Site

One of the most visited, infamous and talked about torrent site is EZTV which is used to download TV shows, free documentaries and Movies! However, it was shut down due to the circulation of copyright material and blocked by major ISPs and countries. You can now still visit EZTV torrents using EZTV Proxy sites list that allows you to still visit and use this website.

Torrents are used to share large files over the internet, with these you can easily download stuff. Now, if you want to browse its unblocked site then what you can do is use EZTV proxy websites.

What is EZTV Proxy

EZTV Proxy are online services “website” that allows you to visit new EZTV sites. These are a working mirror of the original site which is no longer available.

You might not be able to access EZTV while wanting to download some media, there are a few reasons behind this. As it is a potential site it might not be in operation when you are looking for it. The reason might be due to the moving of servers by the ISP that you are using because of the place where you are staying. Due to its policies, many countries have banned this site.

Some strict laws are there by the jurisdiction regarding copyright infringement. It might be possible that you are breaking the law by downloading files that are copyrighted when you are in a certain location according to the law. Conserving bandwidth for ISP might play a role in blocking you. The blocking is done due to ISP knowledge regarding the stuff you shall be performing when establishing a connection with it. Therefore EZTV proxy portal is essential.

Are EZTV Proxy Sites Safe and Legal To Use

This is a commonly asked question, as you can imagine due to the nature of such sites. There are some points which you need to understand well. If you are downloading content with a copyright then it is not legal and comes under the consideration of illegal activity.

The copyright holder in fact shall have the legal right to take proper action against you. This comes under consideration of piracy. They are continuously in touch with authorities as you can see not long ago some EZTV domains were added to a blocklist.

Torrenting is legal if you are using non-copyrighted content. Think wisely and be aware of the situations and the law.

You can use the VPN services listed below to access EZTV if it is blocked by your ISP:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. TunnelBear
  3. Hotspot Shield
  4. Private Internet Access (PIA VPN)

Disclaimer: We do not encourage, promote or support privacy and copyright content in any shape or form. The content and links shared are only for informational and educational reasons.

EZTV Proxy List For 2024: Unblock EZTV Site in your country

EZTV Proxy Site 2023

Below is the latest and new unlocked list of EZTV Proxy sites that you can use with and without a VPN:

EZTV Proxy NameEZTV Working Proxy SitesOnline/OfflineProxy Uptime
1. EZTV UnblockItVisit SiteOnline99.4%
2. EZTV via SitenableVisit SiteOnline95%
3. EZTV Torrent (Mirror)Visit SiteOnline93.1%
4. EZTV.IOVisit VisitOnline92.7%
5. EZTV YTVisit SiteOnline91.6%
6. EZTV UnblockninjaVisit SiteOnline90.1%
7. EZTV by Unblock ProjectVisit SiteOnline97%

How To Access and Use EZTV New Proxy Site

EZTV New Proxy Site

EZTV proxy sites are basically gateways and work like online VPN services. They help you visit blocked sites in countries where they are not allowed to be accessed in for legal reasons!

Here is how you can use EZTV proxy sites from our list:

  1. Click on the “Visit Site” link and that will take you to the EZTV website.
  2. Visit the proxy sites directly and enter the different URLs that will direct you to the torrent page.
  3. Done, It’s that simple!

Some places in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada and most EU countries are where it is blocked. There are many officials who block its main site as well as proxy and mirror sites. You don’t need to worry as there are many sites of EZTV Proxy UK and EZTV Proxy Australia.

There are many EZTV mirrors or proxy sites too, by using these you can take advantage. Through Google search, these sites shall be available. It is easy to get them. Moreover, there are also EZTV proxy links that shall provide you with EZTV proxy websites with the same content as the original one. Be free to use them as ISPs will not have any idea regarding IP addresses and will not come under the zone which is geo-blocked.

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How EZTV Proxy Sites Work (Behind the scene explained)

EZTV Unblocked Site List

There are proxy servers that act as a medium between EZTV and online users just like a VPN operates. A different level of security, safety and performance are there when we talk about EZTV servers.

These things depend on the company’s policy, requirements, and configuration. If you use EZTV proxy minor, the traffic passes through the proxy server via the path of the required address. Once the traffic has passed you shall get the response through the same proxy server. With this, you can also get data from the web page directly.

When you use VPN, it also comes under another way of using EZTV. What it does is play an important role in spoofing the location you have. You can access the website by your VPN pretending to have you in another country. To mask IP addresses many use a VPN while having to access the torrent site. With this, you can also keep your activity anonymous, and get better speed.

It bears its very own site along with a hosting service therefore the file which needs to be downloaded has its own access and security links. In uploading files to the server it plays a major role and also creates links that help with the process of downloading. To download the file all you need to do is add it to the software.

Torrent downloadable is software just like uTorrent. Once you have added this you need to save it in the same location. Enable it to display and fill in the contents. This however is a default action. Many share files with others. This is the main principle behind EZTV.

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Is it illegal to use an EZTV Proxy?

Using a proxy site itself is not illegal. It is what you do on the website that can be illegal. You should always be careful of what you download of such sites and respect copyright.

Which is the best EZTV Proxy site?

There are various EZTV proxy sites and they usually only laws a little while before being replaced by another service. In our testing, EZTV.io and EZTV Unblockit have been the most reliable and safe EZTV Proxy sites to use.

What happened to the original EZTV site?

The original EZTV website was shutdown in 2015 after it was taken over by EZCloud. Since than you can only use it using mirror sites and proxy sites as we have shown in our article.

Is EZTV Proxy Bay still around?

EZTV Proxy Bay was a website dedicated to sharing a number of URL's that allowed you to visit EZTV mirror and proxy sites. It has been shut down in the last few years and never recovered.

Conclusion: Which EZTV Proxy do you visit?

EZTV is a great site where you can watch various types of movies, documentaries and TV shows for free! However, as you know many countries and ISPs have blocked it due to copyright issues. To overcome this you can use our latest new EZTV Proxy list is continuously updated and allows you access to the EZTV mirror sites.

We are curious to know which one is your go-to EZTV Proxy Site in 2024. Let us know in the comments area and if it is worth it, we will add it to our list.

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