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This is an open-source sniffer, WIDS, wardriver and packet capture tool which has been designed for wifi, bluetooth, BTLE, wireless thermometers, airplanes, power meters, Zigbee and many more. Kismet WiFi Hack Apk has compatibility with Android mainly and other platforms such as Windows 10/11 and macOS.

The best thing is that it operates as both headless as standalone capture and WIDS system or with full modern web-based user interface. It can run on wide range hardware from large to huge servers all depending on traffic you intend to capture.

What is Kismet WiFi Hack

Kismet WiFi Hacking app started only for desktops now it is a fully-fledged wifi sniffer and keeps checking the wireless signal of any target specified. It can also detect Bluetooth jamming signals and other RF signals. It supports various WiFi cards that do not even support packet injection as its listening. Kismet works always in passive mode and if configured correctly you can set it to work as an IDS (Intrusion Detection System).

Using the same source that can be captured locally, it supports transparent remote capture.

It functions as a wireless intrusion detection system, with alerts or stateless and stateful fingerprint and trend-based monitoring. Kismet fingerprints alerts can trigger on a hostile behavior such as attacks against wireless drivers, and trend-based monitors can detect usual behavior over time like flooding and denial of service attacks.

It is able to integrate with tools through live packet exports REST API, kismet alert REST API, and through syslog and few SIEM tools.

This is as effective as IDS in stationary capacity. Its function can be used in mobile and channel hopping installations but keep in mind that coverage and accuracy might suffer. Kismet in conjunction with Aircrack-ng makes the perfect pair for a wireless hacking lab setup.

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Kismet WiFi Hack APK Features

Kismet WiFi Hack App Download

  1. Able to work on Android 10, 11 and 12 smartphones.
  2. Do WiFi sniffing from your smartphone directly and check who has accessed your wireless networks.
  3. It has released and nightly packages for many popular distributions.

  4. A new log file that has all the data unified and in a much easier place to read.
  5. Latest version brings faster speed efficiency along with dark mode in a UI.
  6. It monitors different locations simultaneously, installs different sensors in a building and all packets can be sent to a single Kismet Wifi capture server.

  7. Captures a large number of data sources which can create different problems as the load gets increased on USB bus as well as on Kernel infrastructure the effects can be alleviated when you use a hardware light in weight to capture from a smaller number of data sources, sending packets to higher capacity server processing.

  8. It reducing antenna distance simply by placing it with a short antenna cable can reduce cabling and signal loss.

  9. Carries comprehensive REST-based API for scripting against its server, with extensive documentation.

  10. It offers more than a wife like proper hardware and driver support, collect information regarding Bluetooth, ADSB airplane beacons, nRF-based keyboards, RF sensors, and much more.

  11. Unified kismetdb logfile combines packets, devices, location and runtime data in one file all based on standard sqlite3.

  12. Remote capture for all types of captures over TCP sockets or WebSocket. Future compatibility with UDP capture may also be implemented.

How To Install Kismet WiFi Hack APK on Android

Kismet WiFi Hacker Download

Kismet can be installed on Android using the Termux application. You will have to install it on top of it.

Termux is needed for Kismet to work otherwise it errors and is not able to be installed. Follow the below steps to install Termux:

  1. Download the Termux APK.
  2. Allow unknown sources installation on your device.
  3. Next, go to Downloads > Termux.apk and install it.
  4. Once it has been installed launch Termux and follow the steps below.

Step 1: You first need to clone “Kismet WiFi Git Repo” with the following command:

Paul@ninja-ide:~# git clone

Kismet might not need any dependencies, depending on your operating system. To make sure it runs correctly you need to install its slightly lengthy list of dependencies. These are required as it deals with detecting, decoding, logging and sorting a lot of wireless data while controlling a wireless card which needs different libraries to be installed.

Step 2: After this you need to go to the kismet directory we created using “cd’ and configure installation.

Paul@ninja-ide:~# cd kismetfolder
Paul@ninja-ide:~# ./configure

This will configure the process of installation for your particular OS distribution, once the process is completed, you need to create an installation with the following command:

Step 3: Now install the package:

Paul@ninja-ide:~# make kismet wifi

once this is completed you shall run the resulting command to complete the installation process with sudo-install option. This is important as it directly takes in signals and writes data to your system. This is a horrible idea to do this as a root user `as if any of that data is malicious, it ca be executed as root.

Users who are underprivileged need to accomplish tasks that need privileges such as controlling the wireless network adapter.

Final Step: Once it has been installed, add yourself to the group of kismet to capture packets as non-root user. Make sure to replace “AddYourName” with actual name e.g. Paul in my case.

Paul@ninja-ide:~# usermod -a -G kismet AddYourName
Paul@ninja-ide:~# usermod -a -G kismet Paul

How To Use Kismet WiFi Hack on Android

Kismet Free Download Latest Version

Starting this is quite simple, to begin as non-root user you need to type the command below:

Paul@ninja-ide:~# Kismet -c NetworkInterfaceName
Paul@ninja-ide:~# Kismet -c eth0/eth01

Do put the card name which you put in wireless monitor mode after -c. it uses -c to spotify capture source.

You should see its startup and start to collect packets. Hit press to go back to go through menu option until you reach console window. If you intend to go to main screen the click on “tab” button and hit “enter” to close console view.

Once kismet has been started you shall see a list of nearby wifi devices. The number of devices depend upon if you are scanning 2.4 GHz/5 GHz or even both. If you can add antenna to the wireless network adapter, the higher gain antenna can extend range and number of devices detected.

Devices can be arranged by name, signal strength, and other properties. You should do so by signal strength to see which ones are strong first. If you want to target a wifi, click on it in Kismet to learn more information regarding it.

Once the network has been highlighted, you shall see that list of wireless clients appears in same main window. These clients are linked with the network.

If you want to know more about the clients connected to the network, you can, after highlighting the network simply click on “Windows icon” and then on “client list”.

You shall see more information regarding each and every client in client window in real time.

If you wish to monitor a network all the time, it is advised to not channel number. As it is exploring all channels by hopping through them you shall miss transmissions on one channel while kismet is scanning another. This packet fragmentation shall cause to lose data, once the network has been identified you want to watch, you need to switch from scanning to monitoring one channel persistently. You can now capture activity on the channel.

For this you need to click on kismet present in the left top corner, then on “config channel”.

Choose “lock” in a confirmation window and then enter the number of channels you want to monitor.

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Download Kismet WiFi Hack Apk (Latest Version)

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and reliable wifi hacking app for your Android then you are looking at the right place. Kismet WiFi Hack Download is an all-in-one app that makes it easy for you to analyze wireless networks and keep them secure.

More details and information about the APK:

Signal/Channel supportWiFi (802.x), 6GH, Bluetooth and ADSB
PlatformsAndroid, Windows, Mac and Linux
CategoryWiFi Apps
AuthorKismet Wireless / Dragorn
App size15.5 MB

Kismet WiFi Hack Apk Download

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