How to Create a Bluetooth Jammer and Jam any Bluetooth Signal

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that with the help of radio frequency shares data over short distances and eliminates the need of wires. With its help, we can share documents or connect with other devices which are enabled with Bluetooth. However, it can be a nuisance, learn how you can create your own Bluetooth jammer and block devices including Bluetooth speakers and other such hardware. This script is compatible with Linux, Raspberry Pi and Windows (WSL).

In 1999 1.0 specifications were released. It was first seen in mobile phones and desktops in 2000 and then eventually spread to printers and laptops in the very same year.

Pros and Cons of Bluetooth – Is it worth having

9 Pros:

  1. It is wireless.
  2. Affordable.
  3. Fully automated.
  4. Compatible.
  5. Carries low interference.
  6. Less power consumption.
  7. Personal network.
  8. It shares both voice and information.
  9. It can pass through walls.

3 Cons:

  1. It transmits data slowly.
  2. The maximum range which it offers is only 100m.
  3. Poor data security.

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Background of Bluetooth technology

It came out in 1994 as a wireless replacement for cables. It uses the very same frequency of 2.4GHz which was the same as other wireless technologies in both homes and offices like cordless phones and routers. What it does is create a 33-foot radius wireless network, which is known as PAN (Personal Area Network) or Piconet. This can network between 2 and 8 devices. With the help of this short-range network, you can send the page to your printer in another room without running an unsightly cable.

We know that compared with Wi-Fi, it consumes less power to implement. Moreover, this feature makes it less prone to suffering from or causing interference with other wireless devices in the same radio band of 2.4GHz.

Now, its range and transmission speed is lower when compared with wifi. Bluetooth version 3.0 + HS_ Bluetooth high-speed technology – devices are designed to deliver up to 24 Mbps of data, which we inform you is faster than the 802.11b wifi standard but quite slower than wireless-a or wireless-g standards. With the increase in technology, Bluetooth speed has increased.

Version 4 came out in 2010 and includes the following features:

  1. Low energy consumption.
  2. Low cost.
  3. Multivendor interoperability.
  4. Enhanced range.

The best thing about version 4 is its lower power requirements; devices using version 4 are optimized for low battery operation and can even run off of small batteries which are in the form of coin-cells which opens up new opportunities for wireless technology. The best thing is that you don’t need to worry about leaving it draining your phone’s battery like keeping it connected all the time to other accessories.

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How does a Bluetooth Signal Jammer Work

Bluetooth Jammer device
A bluetooth jammer used to block devices with long-range antennas

These are designed primarily to stop communication between the device and the source of information. Now, how does it work? It depends on the kind of communication which is targeted for jamming. At times devices use more than one method at the very same time.

Coming to signal jammers then are able to stop devices from any communication with their source by mimicking the same frequencies, by doing this they overpower the accrual signals which are being sent. By such as act the signals get disrupted which are produced by the targeted devices.

When devices use different methods of communication to be more compatible with other devices like smartphones can connect with wifi, Bluetooth and cellular data and much more. Doing this makes it more difficult for them to jam than devices that use one method only.

Radio Frequencies are the key recipe

What is interesting is that signal jammers are dependent upon radio frequencies. They are designed to stop devices from communicating by mimicking the same frequency the device uses. Now, a question might arise in your mind how does mimicking a signal stop the process of communication?

Imagine a horizontal line as it is the best way to think about radio frequencies. It carries various sections which represent different kinds of frequencies.

Each frequency is handled by a separate section, including long-wave radio, microwaves, and visible light. For those who do not know devices come with standard frequencies on which they operate. Knowing which they use can help to design a jammer for that particular device.

Now, when different connections operate on the same frequency band, the channel gets fussy and crowded. Connection slows down and even fades if too many devices are present on one channel. Every device gets drowned out by the other.

How To Create Your Own Bluetooth Jammer to Jam Bluetooth Speakers and Devices in Python (Linux and Raspberry Pi Compatible)

Bluetooth Jammer for Linux and Raspberry Pi to block speakers

Follow the 5 simple steps below:

  1. Make sure to have Python downloaded and installed.
  2. Install pwntools package which does the jamming for you:
Paul@ninja-ide:~# apt-get install pwntools

3. Now you need to install libbluetooth-dev library and pybluez:

Paul@ninja-ide:~# apt-get install pybluez
Paul@ninja-ide:~# apt-get install bluetooth libbluetooth-dev

4. Get a clone of the BlueBorne attack exploit as that is what you will be using, you can use git to get the Python script.

5. To start jamming, find the MAC address and run the script as below example:

Paul@ninja-ide:~# python TARGET = add Mac here

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bluetooth and Wifi Signal Jammers illegal to block devices?

One of the biggest concerns that needs to be kept in mind is that signal jammers can block emergency communications. If there is any kind of mishap like robbery, fire, assault or even another kind of emergency then jammers can stop them in danger from calling for help. This is true when used in large crowds where large crowds shall be rendered without any defense.

Now, when law enforcement arrives at the place, they might be unable to communicate with one another. They shall not have their devices in order to communicate with other response embers in case of any emergency.

In many other countries, government and law enforcement agencies can use such jammers. Moreover, some use these in particular scenarios by following safety precautions and guidelines. They also copy and paste Python hacking scripts that are open source because you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Is Bluetooth really secure and safe to use?

If we use this with precautions it is reasonably secure. All connections are encrypted thus preventing all eavesdropping from other nearby devices. These are also designed to shift radio frequencies while being paired at times, preventing an easy invasion.

What best it brings is that it offers you certain settings through which you can limit Bluetooth connections.

When there is any wireless technology it has certain security risks attached to it. Security thefts have devised some malicious attacks which tend to use Bluetooth networking like “Bluesnarfing”, which refers to a theft having access to information on a device via Bluetooth; “Bluebugging”, which refers to when the theft takes control of the phone along with its functions.

It does not present grave security if you are an average person. Like maximum security being in public and still not using it but it can be completely disabled. This would be the same as being a victim of a simple keylogger attack that you would have no idea is going on but it keeps a log of your keystrokes.


Bluetooth signal jamming has been around since the early 2000s however it is now becoming more common due to every device relying on this technology. You can now make your own Bluetooth jammer for Android, Linux or Raspberry Pi devices with the help of a Python script that uses the BlueBorne vulnerability. The script is simply copy and paste like any other hacking script which are open source written by researchers.

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