Wifite (Wifite2) Download 2024 - Best Automatic WEP/WPA Auditing Tool

If you want to make sure your wireless network is secure and locked down, you need to keep auditing it. Wifite (wifite2) free download is a tool that you can use to test the security of your wifi network automatically. You can install it on any of your favorite Linux OS such as Kali Linux or Parrot OS. This tool is also used for WPA2 and WPA3 password cracking because it can highlight weaknesses in the network.

Wifite (Wifite2) Basic Requirements

  1. Wireless card along with a monitoring mode ability and packet injection.

  2. Few programs latest version need to be installed to let it work such as python, iwconfig, ifconfig, Aircrack-ng,airmon-ng,aircrack-ng, aireplay-ng, airodump-ng, packetforge-ng.

  3. Have a decent Linux distro that is built for hacking installed and setup so you have relevant tools at hand when needed.
  4. Suite programs which it uses, forces it to be run as root. Keep in mind that it is not a great idea to run scripts which are downloaded as root, what you can do is use Kali Linux bootable live SC, bootable USB stick, any virtual machine for which you need to have a wireless USB dongle as they cannot directly access hardware.

Wifite (Wifite2) New Features and Capabilities

  1. It de-authenticates hidden network clients automatically in order to reveal their SSID.

  2. Cracked.txt is where all password are saved. This is the default location, you can change it though in etc/config.

  3. It sorts target by signals. It targets the hosts that are close because of better range and stability.

  4. Carries settings which are flexible such as packets per second, timeouts and others.
  5. You shall see general information displayed on the session when making an exit.

  6. Carries set of filters to accurately indicate what to attack.

  7. Use Ctrl + C from the keyboard to stop with hacking with option to continue, hit the next target, skip hacking or make an exit.

  8. It is able to change the address of the card to something random before the attack, then a reverse chance after the attack is completed, this is called anonymity.

Wifite and Wifite2 – What are the differences between them?

Wifite (Wifite2) Download for Free

To many of us, wifite is not new too, this is the first used for security theft. Along with Besside-ng automated scripts used for WiFi theft allow even script kiddie to have get good results, though they did not know how scripts worked. Compared with Besside-ng, all tools were used by wifite thoroughly, which were available to attack the network but also slow at the same time. Although similar to Kismet Wifi hacker app, it always listens on an interface to do the audit against a set framework.

it carries many features but the best being able to conduct wifi scanning of areas nearby before attacking the networks. This allowed the security theft to specify one and other networks as targets. Since it lays out to user all the targets available in easy and understandable format even a newbie can know which attacks are best used against nearest networks.

The one which is original can attack WPA networks automatically simply by intercepting handshakes or using the Reaver tool to brute force WPS pin codes of networks available nearby. Also, it can help detect if there is anyone phishing your WiFi passwords with tools like Wifiphisher. 

Wifite2 is the updated version which works fast because of time reduction for attacks themselves and also it uses more advanced tactics than the previous version. Due to this and many other reasons, it is a more serious yet powerful tool to hack Wi-Fi.

How To Use Wifite (Wifite2) to automate WiFi Auditing and Hacking on your network

Wifite (Wifite2) Download Latest Version

All you need to do is launch wifite program with two additional options as follows:

Paul@ninja-ide:~# -crac
Paul@ninja-ide:~# -dict ~ / 
Paul@ninja-ide:~# –dict ~/yourpassworddictionaryforWPA/WPA2

After this, you need to wait a few seconds while it collects all the information regarding access points that are available. Then it uses all the files in the WPA2 or WPA3 password list that you feed it and it keeps trying the different combinations with its own pattern.

Hit Ctrl + C from the keyboard when there is enough information to absorb.

You shall be asked to enter access points numbers you wish to steal. You have the choice to choose all, individual Aps, list them separately, by commas, choose ranges and also list them through hyphen.

At this point the program shall do all it can. Press Ctrl + C if you see it gets stuck at any point. You shall be asked to exit or continue immediately, however, you can see we have a handshake file here that begins to crack. There is no luck for this one but the next one will be cracked.

Understanding Wifite Wireless Network Audit Results

Without any doubt we can say this is the best program if you are a fresher. You can hack your very first wireless access point with it without having a lot of technical knowledge including handshaking, kinds of wifi encryption and technologies like WPS, WEP and deauthentication.

Coming towards effort or results ratio then there is no equal for it. You can get better results by working with your hands and head, developing in terms of pentesting wireless networks wifi.

Pentester who comes with a lot of experience with quick glance to see unpromising access points, is he detects WPS, he shall not get stuck on it for hours, stopping another job. What he shall do is try to seize all the handshakes which are possible and while hashes are moving he will launch attacks on WPS and WEP.

All this varies from one condition to another, but if you have the skill it looks like a piece of cake to get handshake using airodump-ng and aireplay-ng.

How to Secure Against Wifite (Wifite2) Attacks on your Network

Download Wifite Free for Windows and Linux

Encrypt your network as it scrambles the information which is being sent through the network. This makes hard for others to eye on your activity. For this you need to update router settings to WPA3 or personal or WPA2 personal. WPA3 is new but both shall work good. In case you have an older router with WPA and WEP then try to update the router software if you still don’t see WPA2 or WPA3 then get a new router.

Change default administration credentials to something different and unique. Make sure to use a strong password. You need to set two passwords one is a wifi network password which is used to connect device to network and other is router admin password which lets you into the administrative side of the device.

As you set a new router or update the one you have always visit the manufacturer’s site to see if a new version is available. If yes then register it with the manufacturer, and signup to get the latest updates. If you got it from ISP, check with it to see if it sends out automatic updates.

Set up guest network with different credentials as it is good for many reasons; when you have separate login then it means less users have your primary wifi network password, if guest has any virus or malware on his phone then it shall not get into your primary network and devices.

Firewall is your extra layer of protection that helps to keep out viruses, malware and even security thefts. Mostly these come with in-built firewalls so check to see your setting to make your it is turned on.

Security thefts can get your data through networks which are not secured, they can also get your network through unsecured devices, get it? So make sure to protect your devices.

Download Wifite (Wifite2) Free – Top Tool for WiFi Security Audits

Wifi networks surround us almost everywhere now in the world. According to statistics, there were about 362 million wireless networks by the end of 2019. Wifite download can help you keep a close eye on the state of your wireless network by performing automated audits in the shape of mini-penetration tests. After all, who wants an insecure wireless network? No one!

Build: 2.2.3

Wifite (Wifite2) Download

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