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When you send a message to anyone anywhere in the world you are actually sending an SMS. It is abbreviated as Short Message Service. This is seemed to be one of the oldest yet widely used services today. It also includes MMS which is a Multi-media Messaging Service that is able to enable users of SMS to send multi-media content such as pictures, audio and visual files. These both can be sent by using cellular networks and therefore need a wireless plan and carrier.

When you are sending in a traditional text message on your phone this is an SMS and when you send in a GIF you are sending an MMS. By using a Python SMS Sender you can automate your messaging ability as you would have the ability to send bulk texts at a time.

How Python SMS Sender works

The Python SMS Sender script simply calls out to a custom API which triggers the text message update when you hit “Send” in the terminal.

After this when a text is sent it first goes to the cellular tower located nearby which happens over what is called a “control channel” and then into the SMS center (SMSC) which resends the message to the tower close to the recipient and then makes its way to their phone devices. Moreover, it also sends in data that is associated with messages including message length, timestamp, format and destination.

3 Alternative Ways To Send SMS/MMS Text Message with Python

Send text message with Python

Today SMS is deemed to be a powerful tool to engage customers which allows different businesses to messages which reach on time, are to the point and are personalized.

1: Plivo API

Plivio is a cloud-based API platform through which real-time communications to apps can be achieved, it shall provide you with SDKs and RESTful API in order to integrate voice video, SMS, push notification and other communication forms into mobile, web and IoT apps.

To use this API, you need a Plivo account and a phone number that is enabled with SMS.

You need to install dependencies and install Plivo SDK by using pip.

Paul@ninja-ide:~# install Plivo

Reminder: If you have a trial account then you shall be able to send only messages to the number that has been verified with it.

Visite Site

2: Twilio

With this, you can get seamless communication with users through voice, video, SMS or even chat. Today many different companies are using this to send SMS notifications like passcode resets or alerts.

Twilio features:

  1. It has wide support from the community.
  2. Supported by multiple programming languages.
  3. Documentation is easy to understand.
  4. Charges are for what you use only.

To use Twilio you need to have an account on Twilio, if not you need to sign-up for a free trial.

An SMS-enabled Twilio phone number is required to send SMS which can be searched and bought from its number purchase page.

First, you need to install its library there from the console if you are not having a python library installed, this can be done by using pip.

Once done you need to create a file by the name “” and add the code provided by Twilio to it.

Visit Twilio

3: Vonage

This brings in a simple and powerful way to send and deliver both voice and SMS messages. What they do is offer a set of APIs to send in SMS notifications, sending SMS messages in bulk and much more. This is a reasonable choice if you are looking for sales personnel, general brand owners, or comms agent who needs to distribute information across different channels with their customers.

Vonage features:

  1. Verified API adds an extra layer of security.
  2. Set up is easy.
  3. It is web and mobile-friendly.

To send an SMS you need to have an account on Vonage, if not then sign-up and start developing free credit.

Visit Vonage

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Python SMS Sender Free Download – Send SMS with a Python Script

The uniqueness of our tool is apparent, this is because it works without services such as Twilio. Our Python SMS sender is free and comes as a .py script requiring no additional libraries. You will only need Python 2.x or 3.x installed along with pip and virtualenv to run the code and you will be able to have full SMS functionality.

Script Details:

NamePython SMS Sender
Developed byPaul Carruthers
Size20 KB
Code basePython
IDE requirementNinja-IDE or PyCharm script
PrerequisitesPython 2.0 or 3.0
A stable internet connection

Python SMS Sender Free (Source Code)

Frequently Asked Questions on sending SMS with Python

Can I send WhatsApp messages with Python

Yes you can, for this you will need to install the “pywhatkit” library and allow full system access to the script so that it can control the device.

Can I receive SMS text messages with Python

Unfortunately with our script you can’t, you will need to make various adjustments and require a premium API service to allow messages to come across.

Do third-party services succh as Twilio, TextMagic and Way2Sms allow the option send bulk messages?

Yes, however if you abuse and not follow their terms and conditions by spreading Spam, your account can get banned.


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