DLL Injector Download 2024: Top 9 Best DLL Injector for Games

At first, you need to understand what a dynamic-link library (DLL) is before jumping into the DDL injection part. A DLL is a file through which users can easily share code with other resources in order to perform particular tasks. This is an external library of functions that holds all the information which can be accessed by different kinds of software processes. If you want to add a custom function or feature in a software, you need to do it with DLL Injector Download.

With such software, you can save memory as it is only loaded when required and can be used by different programs simultaneously. Hence why it is important to only use the 10 best DLL injectors for specific apps and games like Robox and CSGO!

The initial starting process loads libraries from different places in the physical library. These are loaded by the following locations:

  1. Application path directory.
  2. Windows directory path returned by GetWindowsDirectory.
  3. System directory path in Windows directory.
  4. Directories path in environment variables.

How a DDL Injector Works

DLL Injector Latest Version

This is a technique through which you can run any code in the memory of another process by forcing it to load a foreign DLL file. Now, if you want to attach it to a process you need to use the software “Injector” to mount libraries in memory allocated by the program. DLL injection is used to reverse engineering applications commonly without using the source code, whenever the need for modifications or behavior of those apps changes.

Moreover, it is also useful in hot-patching as it allows you to update a part of the code without shutting down and restarting the process. Remember that most system viruses can use it to get information such as malware software. Many antiviruses should prevent it from happening but if you are less careful then you need to be aware of all the suspicious software.

In our testing, we found that AVG, Avast, BitDefender and CrowdStrike had flagged various of the below. We recommend you disable them temporarily before using them.

Different Methods of DLL Injection

DLL Injectors use a variety of injection methods to work, below are the ones used by the likes of DLL Injector for hacking into games.

DLL Replacement

A simple method in which we prepare and compile a library swap with the original inserted DLL with modified code needs to have a function with the same signatures as the one which is original.

Modifying Windows Registry

This one uses User32.dll which is used to implement a graphical user interface to program. Many Windows app uses this. Now, during initialization what the library does is check the registry for the Boolean key in the registry.

If you have administrative privileges, then you need to add them to inject them into the list. You need to be aware of the fact the DLL is mapped to all the processes that use User32.dll, so initializing it with infinite loops or incorrect memory access can crash the inherited processes.

This is a similar method to how network hacking scripts work, where they try to replace legitimate packets with malicious ones.

Windows Hooks

These are system message-handling mechanism that allows Windows to catch function calls between windows or evens there from inputs such as a mouse or keyboard. This is similar to the process of Keyloggers that keep a track of the keys you press on the keyboard which are then sent to the origin.

The pieces of code which are implemented in Hooks are used when the events are invoked by sending in a certain message to the programs like web browsers or other GUI apps. However, there is a possibility to create a keylogger that registers all the pressed keys.

Remote Threads

Using these in contrast to the ones used in the previous methods, this one allows you to set certain target processes and the time of the attack. The injection carries a passing string path of injected DLL towards the target app known as the CreatRemoteThread function, along with using the method of LocalLibrary.

This has seemed to be one of the most flexible methods but it needs knowledge of many Windows features such as processes, threads and virtual memory management.

10 Best DLL Injector Software for Games, Roblox, CSGO and Windows

DLL Injector for Games

JJSploit 6.2 – Roblox DLL Injector

JJSploit is a DLL injection created for games such as Roblox. JJSploit packages various different hacks for Roblox such as Aimbot, Infinite jumps and ESP. The recent update of JJSploit has also added God mode. The most impressive feature of JJSploit is that it can bypass anti-cheat systems put in place due to the way it injects the DLL files.

The only major downside of using JJSploit is that your Roblox account can get banned for life. So, be wise when using it. Also, it is flagged by antivirus systems and malware tools due to the nature of modifying system files.

JJSploit 6.2 Download

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Extreme Injector 3.7

Extreme DLL Injector Download

This is a good option that’s why we have placed it on the top of the list, what you can do is deploy this for Windows OS. If you are an ardent gamer then it is suitable. The best thing is using this tool to try different hacks for gaming.

It is comfortable as it injects different libraries only with a single click. The best thing is that that software is updated regularly. Its latest version supported the Windows system with 64-bit. If you want multiple injection versions then you need to explore the Quite Mode.

Extreme Injector 3.7 Download

DLL Injection

This is a trusted yet efficient injector tool that comes with a simple interface. It shall feature for you two different options. The best thing is that it can perform both manually and automatically. You can also select different DLL files using this tool.

RemoteDLL 5 by SecurityXploded

DLL Injector Download for Roblox

This is a trusted option for DLL injection. It comes usually with a seamless yet attractive interface. You can find different features as well as options for the interface which is user-friendly on the dashboard. Moreover, its efficiency is also seamless as it offers different DLL injection methods.

A few methods it offers include Queue Use APC, Create a Remote Thread, and NT Create Thread. If you are a beginner then this is a great option for you. Moreover, if you are a professional you shall find it rich in features.

Remote DLL 5.0 Download

Win32 Injector

This one is also popular among users and features manual yet automated DLL injection. All you need to do is click on the “browse” option in order to inject the DLL file. As a must choose and introduce the file from the browser window to the dashboard of the tool. Click on “load button” as this shall help you to inject the selected DLL into the system.

To use Injector:

All you need to do is inject the absolute path to the DLL you want to load into the “DLL to inject” edit box and then click on the “load” option. As it exists the user interface process list shall become enabled.

Author: Ralph Hare

Win32 Injector Download

DLL Injector v2 

DLL Injector Download

Use this to make the DLL injection execution an easy process. It is free and open-source. It is a simple and user-friendly interface. If you are a programmer then using this tool you can track running processes, like you can track Process path, PID and the name of the process.

You must click the “Select DLL” button to choose the DLL file you intend to inject into the Windows system. As you click on the button you shall open the browser window where you can find the file in inject into the system.

DLL Injector 2.0 Download

Gadget Injector 

This is another free option on the list for Windows. It is able to display DLL along with PID. As you click on the injection button on the software then it shall begin the process. The tool comes with a friendly yet seamless interface.

This is a small yet easy-to-use option that shall provide you with many features including LoadLibrary, using low system resources without requiring the process of installation.

It is light in weight with which you can inject one or more than one DLL file in running processes letting you update them by putting in a little effort.

Author: SecurityGrind

Gadget Injector Download

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Auto DLL Injector

DLL Injector for C++ Download

It is an ideal option if you want an efficient yet flawless injector, this shall automate the DLL injection process.

It works automatically but still introduces DLL into the system in a manual process this is the big reason why it is convenient for all users.

As you use a Windows system, the program shall run in the background for an automatic DLL injection. It carries a seamless UI. It is user-friendly in terms of features.

Author: Sharky767

Auto DLL Injector Download

Remote Injector DLL

This is a perfect option to inject DLL files into the Windows system. It carries a simple UI. Moreover, with this, you can use accessible commands to perform the DLL injection process.

Remote Injector DLL Download

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Python DLL Injection Toolkit

This is a DLL Injector powered by Python to inject malicious code into Windows processes. This Python script simply works by injecting the DLL in a process that it finds by using the process ID or PID. This is only one such example of a hacking script made in Python, there are others available too such as arpSpoofer.

Python DLL Injection Toolkit Download


If you have a custom DLL file that you are using for security purposes or testing a program, it can now be done with a DLL Injector download. There are various methods this software uses for DLL injection including Registry, Hooks and Threads. If you play Roblox or CSGO you can also use DLL Injector for games if you want to hack your scores and use Aimbots or God Mode.

Frequently Asked Questions about DLL Injectors

Are DLL Injectors illegal to use?

DLL Injectors are not illegal to use if you are using them on your own systems, servers, network, code or PC. However, it is illegal to use such tools on systems or software you don't have written permission to do so on.

Can antivirus software detect a DLL Injector?

Yes, DLL Injection software are commonly flagged by antivirus due to their nature of modifying processes. This is also known as DLL Hijacking. Thus, they are blocked or flagged and deleted.

Is DLL Injector free to download?

Yes, DLL Injectors are mostly free to use and some are even open source so you can look at the source code.

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