Tiny10 64-Bit ISO Free Download (21H2, 22H2, 23H2)

After the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft planned to stop releasing new OS scattered for lower-end computers with minimum system requirements. This fantasy was not for a long time and it ended up launching Windows 11 in 2021. Tiny10 ISO Download offers you 21H2, 22H2 and 23H2 updates in an all-in-one package that is only 64-bit compatible.

The developer NTDEV published a final build of Tiny10, a light version of version 10. It comes with low requirements and does not require any powerful rig.

What is Tiny10 ISO (Windows 10 Lightweight)

Basically, it is a lightweight Windows 10 edition whose aim is to remove all bloatware Microsoft ships with OS and reduce resource consumption and storage. It is the earlier release of the now popular Tiny11 also known as Windows 11 lightweight. Its ISO file is only 2.5GB whereas of regular version 10 is 5 GB. Instead of a 32-bit version, it has 2.1GB.

This is not the only exciting thing it has, it can remove bloatware from ISO files even before the process of installation begins which means you don’t need to perform manual cleaning, remove system applications, or alter policies as it is done already.

Tiny10 Features and Benefits

Give it a try on the spare system if you have one to revive it but there are a few concerns.

The first and foremost is that you won’t get any system updates with it. Manually try to get updates but it shall either or not is another question.

There is no Microsoft store or Windows security. You need to install third-party anti-virus software to protect your system. Moreover, you won’t see the Windows package manager in the system, but it can be downloaded from GitHub, and applications can be managed on your system using the terminal window.

With all this, it becomes a little hard to suggest using the modded Windows version. However, Microsoft needs to fix bloatware with version 10 and new versions. This is not helping anyone and deterring many of you from using the Windows operating system.

How to Download Tiny10 21H2, 22H2 and 23H2 ISO 64-bit

You need to click the download button at the end of this article. also, you do not need to use the USB downloader utility to get the disc image. The second option is recommended as it offers a better download speed, so we suggest you go for it and have a torrent client installed on your system.

Tiny10 Free Download

There are three options from which you can choose: 1809, 2209 and 2303, avoid using 1809 and is quite old, and go for 22H2 build or 2303 LTSC build which is in 32-bit only. Avoid using a 64-bit version of modded Windows 10 on your system.

Once it has been downloaded, you need a program to create a bootable USB drive. Out of many options, we suggest RUFUS. With this, it is easy to create Windows 10 bootable media and then use it for installation. For pre-historic systems, you can burn DVD.

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How To Install Tiny10 ISO (Step-by-step Guide)

  1. You need to connect Tiny10 Bootable Drive to the target system.

  2. Turn the system on and from the keyboard press F-Key to enter boot device options.

  3. Choose “USB drive” using the arrow keys and hit “enter” key to boot. Download Tiny10 ISO 22H2 Free

  4. The Windows 10 setup and installation window shall launch, choose “country and language” and hit “next”. Tiny10 23H2 Free Download

  5. Hit the “install now” button.

  6. After this click and “accept terms” checkbox, hit “next”.

  7. Select the custom installation option and choose the drive on which you wish to install it, hit “next”.

Wait a few minutes for the process to complete, the system will restart multiple times during the entire process.

  1. As installation is complete you will encounter setup windows, choose region and hit “yes”.

  2. Choose a keyboard layout that you like and hit “yes”.

  3. Skip the second keyboard layout selection.

  4. Enter your username and hit “next”. Enter a password and hit “next”, to confirm password. Tiny10 64-bit Download

  5. Next, choose three security questions and input their relevant answers.

  6. You need to uncheck all options there from privacy page and hit “accept”.

  7. Wait for some minutes while setup finalizes Windows 10 installation and then it’s done.

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Tiny10 and Windows 10 Normal Differences

When Tiny10 boots up for the very first time it becomes hard to distinguish that it is a toned-down Windows 10 22H2. As you press the windows key, you shall see that all clutter is missing from the start menu.

Tiny10 22H2 Free Download

You will see a few folders each with built-in Windows utilities and no unnecessary application not even the Microsoft store. It comes with an Edge browser which otherwise would not be easy to download and install from the web.

System resource consumption is not too bad. The OS consumes around 1GB of RAM. When you start browser, memory usage shoots up. It can run 2GB RAM. Talking about experience then it is better if you use a 4-6 core processor and 6 GB RAM. It is similar to Windows 11 Ghost Spectre, which is also lightweight but offers a huge privacy-first OS compared to Tiny10.

These modded OS runs well on low-spec systems. The difference is that Tiny11 needs more power for a smooth experience. NTDEV Tiny10 shared that this shall be the last version 10 build and no more will arrive in the future. This is mainly due to the slow shift towards version 11 and Microsoft’s announcement of ending version 10 support by the year 2025.

It entirely makes no sense for developers to continue launching Windows 10 builds when many of you want to try a newer OS. Tiny 10 and 11 are free to use customized ISO files. For anything you don’t need to pay a penny.

Though removing malware manually is possible to some extent using PowerShell. Use Winget to add in or remove apps that have been installed from normal Windows 10 ISO file.

A lot of bloatware and tracking elements ship with Windows 11 and 10. The solution to this is Tiny10 to some extent and is frugal with hardware resources. You can also create a custom version of Windows by using NTLite. You should check out our article which covers debloating methods for Windows 11 so you can stop tracking cookies and websites.

Tiny10 ISO Direct Download Links

Tiny10 is great if you have an older laptop or PC that doesn’t have the latest and greatest specifications. Below are the Tiny10 64-Bit ISO Download links which are active. These are all x64 and will directly start the process for you. Make sure you burn the ISO to a flash drive which has 4 GB of free space minimum.

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Download links:


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