Windows 11 USB/DVD Download Tool 2024 - Windows 11 ISO Downloader

This is a media creation tool provided by Microsoft which is useful for upgrading your PC from a legacy OS, perform clean installation, and create a bootable installation USB driveWindows 11 USB/DVD Download Tool supports all major versions including Home, Business, Enterprise and Pro with 32-bit and 64-bit architecture.

This is a great choice if you are looking for a bootable yet portable installer. For this you need to have DVD or USB with a minimum of 10 GB storage. A stable need connection is required to begin the process. As you run the program you shall need to follow some simple instructions to update your OS.

Unlike many other tools, Windows 11 USB Tool will give you a more up-to-date experience. You can also select between 64-bit and 32-bit OS, preferred language, edition of OS and much more. It also lets you make selections or provide recommended options for your system manually. Once the process of installation is complete you can save the file to external hard disk.

It integrates well with huge range of OS and systems. With this, you do not need to worry about manually searching for driver updates or OS upgrades online. As you run the program it shall check the status of your system and automatically provide updates when needed. As the program can be used on USB drive you can update different systems with a single download.

How Windows 11 USB/DVD Download Tool Works (Behind the scene)

This tool is used to upgrade software with the proper version as per requirement. As it gets installed on system it helps in making the overall system user-friendly by providing you with most features and enhancements as per requirement.

One of the most in-demand tool by Microsoft and popular too. Moreover, it is often seen as an upgrade tool as it helps in upgrading the software with the latest tools and requirements.

At times like many other software’s it may also give some trouble at the installation period and give update error which causes trouble and leads to upgrade failure.

In above mentioned scenario the tool also become a savior and is highly suggested with the fact that it helps with installation and at the same time upgrade the entire system.

Pre-requisites involve current system upgrade to version 11 and all requirements for its requirements pre-installed. All you need to do is go to Microsoft’s official tool and download media creation tool from an authentic site.

Now, for this you need to have privilege of an administrator to run tool seamlessly. As you get administrator privilege you shall land on page with license agreement.

Simply read the document and select for “Accept” button for its working. Wait for few seconds as user click on the accept button to make the tool ready for more usage. Once it gets finished he can continue.

Now, what you want to do page where the user has to choose upgrade this PC now option and click “next”.

You need to read the license once again before clicking on accept button. Now, wait for updates.

The tool shall check for software that is present within the system and must be sure that it is ready for installation. You shall see pop-up screen having recap of what is needed and what needs to be selected for hit on install once it is known what has to be installed.

As you see screen to selecting what to keep in such case select the option whether you want to keep personal files and applications, keep nothing or keep all personal files anyone out of three at upgrade time.

Once the selection is made, click “next” to continue the scenario. If few apps are already running in the background and you are ready to install, click on select icon.

At installation time, there may be times where system shall restart for some times so we suggest that you don’t turn your system off. The uniqueness of this tool is a central point to get all the OS you need unlike others such as Elementary OS 7 which you have to get the file directly from the website.

Remember: It does not give you virtualization-ready files to spin up in VMWare or Virtualbox. We have a macOS Ventura VMware image that you can use by just loading it in Workstation and no installation is needed.

How to Use Windows 11 USB Download Tool

Out of many functions, one important one is its ability to install media through USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file to install Windows 11 on a different system.

System Requirements:

OS:Windows 11, 10 or below.
CPU:Intel Core i5 and above.
RAM: 8 GB.
USB: 16 GB minimum storage space required.
Web:Internet connection required to download fresh ISO images.
License:Activation key needed after trial ends.

Follow the 6 steps given below to use Windows 11 USB Download Tool:

  1. You need to run the exe file of MediaCreationTool, then click “accept” to agree with license terms.
  2. On setup screen of Windows 11, you need to select create installation media for another system, hit the “next” button.
  3. Next you need to select the language, edition and architecture for new Microsoft version. The program by default shall create Windows version that already exists on your system. Now, if you carry a different specification that needs 64-bit then you need to uncheck “Use the recommended options for this PC” option, and hit “next”.Windows 11 ISO Image for USB Download
  4. Now, you need to select which media you intend to use, USB flash drive or ISO file.Windows 11 USB DVD Download Tool (Free)
  5. USB Flash Drive: you need to connect blank USB flash drive with a minimum 8GB space with your system.
  6. Finally click on “next”, then “finish” to create USB installation. You need to give it some time and wait for it to complete.

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Windows 11 USB/DVD Download Tool (Latest)

Create Bootable USB with Windows 11 USB/DVD Download Tool

Windows 11 Bootable USB tool provides you with a safe and simple interface to create a USB or DVD media for installation. We would always recommend such utilities when you are working to restore and need a clear, untouched, and official image of an operating system. Once the image is flashed, you may need to install pending security patches and updates to get to Windows 11 once installed.

Author:Microsoft Corporation
Category:USB and DVD Burning
Architecture:64-bit only
Use-case:Windows 11 ISO Image flashing to USB and DVD media
File type:.exe
File size:2.6 MB

Windows 11 USB/DVD Download Tool (Mirror 1 – Official)

Windows 11 USB/DVD Download Tool (Mirror 2 – Mediafire)

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