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This is a fine-tuned custom version of Microsoft Windows 11 which is “lite“. Tiny11 23H2 ISO Download is designed primarily to operate PCs or Laptops that are less powerful, needing only 8 GB of storage, moreover, it also needs RAM of 2 GB, how insanely low is that?

You can skip to download or reserve space for all the extra bloatware. It was created by NTDev by cutting out other applications such as Microsoft Edge or Paint. You shall still have access to core Windows applications such as Paint, File explorer and Print Service.

In the stripped-down Windows 11 you will need to be boggled down by security requirements like secure boot or TPM 2.0 chip requirement which is the trusted platform module for hardware.

What is Tiny11 23H2 and Tiny11 Builder

Tiny11 23H2 is basically the latest version of Tiny11. It brings newer features and options from the official Windows 11 23H2 release so users do not miss out on older hardware. Tiny11 Builder is what you can use to package or make this official image as you like so you can mount and install it.

Microsoft Teams and Cortana are part of this version whereas Microsoft Office, Media Player, Clipchamp, Maps and many others have been removed.

Xbox has been deleted but Xbox identity is there, this means you can re-install the application for game lovers easily. Microsoft Edge has been removed so don’t be alarmed to see the Edge icon and Taskbar icon pinned to the screen.

It only provides support to en-us x64 release which can be manually fixed by replacing instance of en-us with the language required like en-gb or en-jm. Replace x64 with arm64 if the processor is different.

Important details:

File type:.ISO for USB flash and mounting
Fize size:4.0 GB (14 GB for all versions)
Version:23H2 (Current)
Architecture support:64-Bit
Category:Lightweight Operating System

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tiny 11 23H2

As good as NTDEV Tiny11 Windows sounds it does have its own advantages and disadvantages:


  1. Due to reduced bloatware, it has light in weight OS.
  2. It gives you all the benefits of version 11 even if your system is old.
  3. No strict hardware needs.
  4. You shall have standard features of version 11 on underperforming or old systems.
  5. It does not force security needs such as trusted platform modules for hardware on your system.
  6. It shall run on 2GB RAM and 8GB storage.
  7. It carries core applications such as Notepad but will ditch redundant ones such as Microsoft Edge.


  1. It does not update by itself – no automatic update folks!
  2. You have to build the image as per your liking and remove any bloatware you don’t need.
  3. Compatibility may be a hit or miss with new drivers because of many missing apps and dependencies that are not needed.

Tiny 11 23H2 vs. Windows 11 – Which to choose and why?

Tiny11 leaps ahead when it comes to performance over features based on the real Windows 11 build. If you are also debating it with Ghost Spectre Windows 11 then I can tell you it is already one major release ahead. It cuts out on a lot of apps and services to be able to work on older and slower PCs:

Windows 11 (Most Versions)Tiny 11 23H2
Official version released by Microsoft. No third-party involvment and the source code is untouched.Experimental version released by NTDev team.
It is not as fast and light in weight like Tiny11 23H2 as it takes more storage and has many default programs installed.It is light in weight and fast, doesn't take up much storage and has almost no default apps installed.
It has access to official support from Microsoft agents.No official support from Microsoft customer support.
Gets automatic updates from Microsoft.You need to install security and feature updates manually.
Requires 20 GB of minimum storage to install.Requires only 8 GB of storage space to install.
Minimum RAM memory requirement of 6 to 8 GB for best performance.Requires only 512 MB to 2GB of maximum RAM to operate in optimal speeds.
Supports secure boot and TPM for hardware security.It ditches all the trusted platform modules and similar security requirements for hardware. No TPM chip needed for this to work on old and slow PCs.
Mostly supports newer processors and hardware such as motherboards with TPM 2.0 support.Perfect for your old desktops and laptops.

If Tiny11 is not installed properly, it can break the system or expose you to security risks. Therefore, proceed with caution and only when you are sure of what you are doing.

How To Download Tiny11 23H2 ISO and Build It (Working Method)

It is not such a simple process when you are downloading Tiny11 23H2 ISO. Why you might ask? This is because once you have the disc image, it needs building with ntdev.

Friendly note: You do not need to use any Windows USB Download Tools to get the required files.

Here is the correct method to download and use ntdev Tin11:

  1. You need to download Tiny11 23H2 release from the button at the bottom of the page.
  2. After this go to “search” then “system information” and then “system type” in order to determine whether your system requires x64 or arm64 version.
  3. Click right on the ISO file which has been downloaded and select “Mount disc image”.
  4. Go to “Tiny11 Builder by ntdev”.
  5. After this download Tiny11 Builder tool simply by clicking on “code” towards the right side of your screen and selecting “ZIP” for master. Tiny11 23H2 Free Download
  6. Run “tiny11-23h2-creator.bat” as administrator. Your antivirus or firewall software may flag it so please disable those temporarily.
  7. You need to enter the drive letter where you have mounted the image in “Terminal or CMD window” terminal which opens up and then hit “enter”.
  8. You shall be asked at this point to provide an image index. This is quite important if you need to multiply images in your drive letter; you shall be asked to select the one you intend to work with. If there are no additional images then the index number should be 1.
  9. As the operations successfully complete, tiny11-23h2 file shall be ready and can be accessed in the folder from where you ran the .bat file.

How To Install Tiny 11 23H2 Properly (3 Simple Parts To Follow)

Part #1: Make a bootable Tiny11 23H2 Flash Drive

Since you have created a space for version 11 Lite on your system you need to burn ISO files onto a pen drive in order to facilitate the process of installation. Download “Rufus” for this reason, once you have it, plug in the pen drive and follow the steps below:

  1. You first need to open “rufus” and choose pen drive by simply clicking on the drop-down menu which is next to the device. Tiny11 23H2 64-Bit Download
  2. Below you shall need to select “ISO” in boot selection.
  3. Next, browse through the original folder where you have stored ISO image and choose file and hit “open”.
  4. If any other options don’t need to be changed, click on “start”.
  5. Rufus shall ask for permission to format the pen drive, hit “ok”.
  6. This shall take around 15-20 minutes.
  7. As you see the message ready, you can hit “close” and remove the pen drive.

Part #2: Create a Partition for Installation

You need to have a partition in which the installable Tiny11 media will be created. Here is how to do that:

  1. Go to “computer management” and choose “storage” there from the left-hand side.
  2. After this click on “disk management” and click right on unallocated space in order to create a partition.
  3. If there is no unallocated space, simply click on the existing platform and hit “shrink volume”. This will do it for you. Just sit back and relax for a few moments while it works in the background. Tiny11 Windows 23H2 Download
  4. As you create or find unallocated space, you can click right and choose “new volume”.
  5. You can also follow the set-up wizard and give it a name, and assign a letter to your new drive.
  6. Hit “finish,” and a new partition will be created.

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Part #3: Tiny 11 Windows 23H2 Installation 

Before you follow this step, make sure to insert the flash drive into the Laptop or PC.

  1. You need to press the power button from the keyboard to start your system, but keep on hitting the BIOS hotkey (F* Function Keys) in order to open BIOS on your system.
  2. BIOS setting can also be entered b searching for “startup options” there on the search bar.
  3. After this click on “restart now” and remember all the activities you shall need to do in the BIOS window hence, they need to be carried out by using the keyboard only.
  4. As the BIOS window opens, find “boot order” menu and choose the pen drive as the USB drive you want to boot from.
  5. Windows setup shall open, and you can follow the steps of a normal setup.
  6. You shall come to the screen where you are required to select the partition, choose the one you have created before in the process and named Tiny11 23H2.
  7. Depending on the state of your PC, this shall take some time to complete.

How to Fine-Tune your Tiny 11 Installation for Faster Performance

This not only helps to make the Windows version safe but also helps to get rid off all the unnecessary applications that may eat away at the essential storage space.

If you want to remove tracking services that may run in the background then this is a great way to do it, following are the steps to debloat using a tool known as BloatNosy (previously known as Debloos).

  1. Go to GitHub’s website and jump to “BloatyNosy Repositoryhere.
  2. Go down to “assets” and then download “Master Zip” in order to save the file to your device.
  3. Next, open the file which has been downloaded and hit “extract all”.
  4. Go to “launch” by double-clicking “BloatyNosy.exe launcher”.
  5. After this click on “analyze” where it automatically scans for potential problems and suggests fixes for them that it performs itself. How cool is that? Download Tiny11 23H2 Free
  6. Once you click on “Fix” you don’t need to do anything else.

Other ISO disc images you may want to try:

Tiny11 23H2 ISO 64-bit Official Download Link

Operating systems do not require complexity they need to be simple and adaptable to older hardware. Tiny 11 23H2 64-bit Download can help you install Windows 11 without even meeting the minimum requirements. Tiny11 Windows is only great if you have a low-specification laptop or desktop with less than 8 GB of RAM.

Tiny11 23H2 System Requirements:

CPUIntel or AMD Dual Core equivalent at 1.8 GHz minimum.
RAM512 MB minimum and 2GB recommended.
Disk Space8 GB.
GPUIntegrated GPU of 64 MB VRAM minimum.
PeripheralsFlash drive to create the bootable flash drive.

Tin11 23H2 Free Download (64-Bit ISO)

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