8 Best iOS Emulator for Windows 11/10 PC (2024 Free iOS Emulators)

There are many advantages to run iPhone Apps on PC using iOS emulator just like you can use a Game Boy Advance Emulator to play GBA games. Since many options are available in the market, solutions for running iOS application on Mac and Windows is not very common. These 8 iOS Emulators work best on Windows 11/10 PC and have been tested to be compatible and working as expected without major issues.

When you use emulators these duplicate behavior of the iOS devices without any added hardware cost, you can easily play your favorite games such as Pokemon Go and PUBG on your system by just using an emulator. Moreover, if you are an app developer then it will help to find unexpected behavior during the testing phase.

8 Best iOS Emulators for Windows 11/10 PC

You can use IDE apps to build the apps but how will you test them or even play your favorite iPhone games on PC? The answer is to use any of these iOS emulators:

  1. Corellium – Overall Best iOS Emulator for PC
  2. Appetize – Robust iOS Emulator for Windows 11
  3. Xcode 15 – Top Free iOS Emulator for Windows PC
  4. QEMU – Best iOS Emulator for Windows 11
  5. Remoted iOS Simulator – Online iOS Emulator for PC
  6. Electric Mobile Studio – Free iOS Emulator for Windows 11
  7. Xamarin – iPhone Emulator for Windows 10
  8. Test Flight – Best to Run iOS Apps on Windows PC

Corellium – Overall Best iOS Emulator for PC

Best iOS Emulator for Windows 11 PC

Corellium is the best iOS emulator you can install, giving you a 1:1 experience on PC. It was mainly intended to be used by security researchers to find zero-day exploits and report them to Apple however it has since evolved into a great all-rounder.

What you do need to remember is that you can maybe give the trial a try but the professional edition offers you an experience that you will like from a developer point of view. It uses exact iOS operating system image files to ensure you are dealing with the exact version running on the latest devices such as the newly released iPhone 15.

Download Corellium Emulator

Appetize – Robust iOS Emulator for Windows 11

iOS Emulator for Windows 11

This makes it top of the list due to its easy-to-use interface which is being offered. It is a free tool and everyone can use it. It is great to find a solution that asks you to upload the app on the site and that’s it you are good to go.

This is used by developers to stream iOS simulators in the browser and also to embed apps in sites, testing and other developmental phases.

The free trial is for 100 minutes of streaming. Monitor usage from the dashboard and set an alert for when you reach your limit.

Use Appetize.io iPhone Emulator

Xcode 15 – Top Free iOS Emulator for Windows PC

Free iOS Emulator for Windows 11 PC

Apple’s homegrown Xcode software development environment is designed for Mac and comes with its very own simulator for tvOS, iOS, watchOS and iMessage. Now, if you are using this as a primary app development suite then it is enough to emulate various kinds of interactions such as device rotation, scrolling, taps and other actions which are being performed.

If you are Mac user then you can directly launch your app from the Xcode project. Safari has edge over other free iPhone emulators that is the ability to test web applications by accessing safari with in Xcode.

Download Xcode 15 Emulator

QEMU – Best iOS Emulator for Windows 11

Free iPhone Emulator for Windows 11

This is a popular option on the list through which you can emulate iOS. The tool is open-source and can be used by anyone. You can download the QEMU iPhone emulator code freely and access it.

It carries a variety of features such as S800 secure ROM emulation, USB, GFX Emulation, and SPRR. If you are looking for free option then this one is for you but keep in mind that to run this you must have a Mac.

Download QEMU Emulator

Remoted iOS Simulator – Online iOS Emulator for PC

This is a developer-focused tool that comes pre-loaded as a part of Ximarin in Visual Studio. Due to this, it is very popular among users. You can remotely access your iOS emulator in any browser including Safari or Chrome.

Its window shows a useful toolbar at the top which has many handful options such as Lock, Settings, Home, as well as settings. From settings, you can enable touch ID like functions, shake gestures, rotations, simulate static and moving conditions and many more. The best part is that it provides touch gestures and stylus input similar to iPhones.

Keep in mind that this is a remote iOS emulator for Windows. Long story short, it needs Mac to run iOS emulator which sends feeds to Windows 11.

Download Remoted iOS Emulator

Electric Mobile Studio – Free iOS Emulator for Windows 11

This is another option on the list on which you can test and run iOS apps on Windows 11 by paying, but keep in mind that it also comes with a 7-day full product trial. It comes fully packed with features such as iPads, responsive apps, full-fledged emulation of iPhones, and ability to use the same product on two different machines for common work setups in the office and at home which is great.

This is mostly suggested by developers for Windows 10 all due to integrated WebKit and Chrome debugging tools which make the job a lot easier. You can also add hot-key navigation keys for mapping your favorite shortcuts. If you are a Windows user then you can easily use this for iOS applications and Visual Studio.

Download Electric Mobile Studio Emulator

Xamarin – iPhone Emulator for Windows 10 

iOS Emulator Online for Windows 11 Download

Xamarin has been designed to support enterprise apps for a price, but if you are an individual user then you can create non-enterprise software that can further download free developer software.

It also gives you access to important iOS tools such as Core ML 3, Touch ID, Siri shortcuts, and Arkit. For it to works you need to have Mac. There are a lot of benefits when used on windows like you can interact with a simulator or use shake gestures as you are using the iPhone. With this pinch, swipe, take screenshots and even use multi-finger touch gestures.

Download Xamarin Emulator

Test Flight – Best to Run iOS Apps on Windows PC

This is a trusted platform that will provide you with enhanced services. It continues to serve all its clients with delicacy. It gets updates regularly which means you can use all the latest features.

It allows you permission of direct beta version usage, the list does not stop here, it also allows you to send your feedback to the developers and make a complaint if you have a bad experience or there is an error with updates.

To work on the profile you need to make an app share profile and if the app crashes, a notification is sent to developers regarding underlying issues, the developers then work on this to fix the error.

You can find this easily on the App Store. It has compatibility with applications with iOS 8 and above and is great for iOS development.

Download Test Flight Emulator


Emulation is important for all the reasons surrounding security testing or just app testing. Not everyone has to carry 2 phones for testing, so why would you? This is why we compiled the list of 8 best free iOS Emulators for Windows 11/10. These can be downloaded and installed immediately on PC to test your apps or games as you wish.

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