How To Enable LibreOffice Dark Mode in Windows 11, 10

LibreOffice has been designed to work with different kinds of files too with only a single download. You can write essays, create passcodes and spreadsheets, edit your presentations and much more. Turning on Dark Mode in LibreOffice for Windows 11/10 is important if you use it for prolonged periods to put less strain on your eyes. This can be done without requiring any LibreOffice Dark Mode theme!

If we talk about technology then it has been developed for more than 10 years while this software has kept us with the latest platforms and security requirements in order to keep up with things current and also expand into new areas. It also comes in free with a lot of community involvement as you work on the latest add-ons or solutions.

If you compare this with Microsoft Office then it is easy to make plus LibreOffice is reminiscent of Office applications in different ways. This is one reason that the newbies can plop down and begin with confidence using the software without needing much training.

Yes, it is an open-source software that comes in free any for any device that has compatibility with any device. For this, you don’t need to create any account or sign-up for anything.

If you are using this for business purposes, The Document Foundation does work with partners to deliver enterprise-level support, tools and certification. Now, this usually comes with an associated fee which varies depending on the solution.

Benefits of using LibreOffice Dark Mode

Today everyone who uses it prefers the dark mode and yes there are advantages for that.

Researchers say that the dark mode is good as it protects the eyes for extended use of mobiles and systems, and saves a lot of battery, especially for the AMOLED displays. Moreover, it makes the text look a lot crispier yet clearer and improves productivity.

You can enable this for applications and system-wide as well for your system if you are running Linux.

Now, it does not provide you with a dark mode but what you can do is tweak some settings with the dark icon themes to make it dark with the help of your operating system settings.

Keep in mind that the settings also need to be applicable for Linux, Windows and MacOS from its perspective.

Turn on LibreOffice Dark Mode

If we talk about windows then in this the dark mode shall look a bit different, the new version does not provide an app-specific dark mode for now. It is limited to the start menu and specific apps like Google Chrome.

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How to Enable Dark Mode in LibreOffice on Windows 11

Dark Mode in LibreOffice is not enabled by default and you have to enable it in settings.

  1. You need to open “LibreOffice”, open any component e.g. Writer.
  2. Now, from the menu you need to click on “tools” and then “options”.
  3. In the options dialog, you need to click on “personalization” present on the left-hand side.How to enable LibreOffice Dark Mode Theme in Windows 11
  4. Next, select “pre-installedtheme-dark.
  5. After this you need to head towards “application colors” and choose the background of the document as “Black”. You can also select the background of the application as “black” too.
  6. If you wish to change to dark theme then do it from the “view” options present on the left-hand side.LibreOffice Dark Mode Theme Download
  7. Once you are done, hit “ok”.

This is it, now enjoy working with your dark mode!

Now if you were to be using a tabbed interface then you may have noticed that the tabs are still light in color and the dark theme works only on the standard toolbar configurations.

To change this you need to head towards “view” and click on “user interface” and then choose the interface with compatibility.

Click on “Apply to All” to save all the changes.

Some of its parts do not have dark options and you have the option to high these using web view.

  1. You need to disable rulers, the status bar, and the sidebar by simply unchecking them.
  2. You can also customize its menu bar if you want to have quick access to your status bar tool.
  3. The windows of the dialogue box shall remain light gray as changes of color do not affect them.

The standard icon will not show up well in the dark toolbar, to do this follow the three steps below:

  1. You need to go to “tools”.
  2. Click on “options”, select “view”.
  3. Once done pick a dark icon set. It comes with two; Breeze or Sifr. Choose whichever is easier for you to look at.

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Dark Mode has taken the world by storm due to the ease it gives to the eyes when viewing websites, apps or software. LibreOffice Dark Mode on Windows 11/10 allows you to focus more on the work you are doing and get less tired of staring at a white void. LibreOiffce dark mode theme download is not required as you only need to tweak settings to get it to work.

FAQs on LibreOffice Dark Mode

My LibreOffice Dark Mode Is Not Working What To Do?

LibreOffice dark mode is pretty straightforward and if it is not working after being enabled please relaunch LibreOffice or re-install LibreOffice and try enabling it again, it should work this time.

Can I download LibreOffice Dark Theme?

Unfortunately, a LibreOffice dark theme does not exist that you can download. You have to enable the dark mode from the configuration.

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