Elementary OS Download ISO 64-Bit 2022 (Latest Version 6.1/7)

You can now download Elementary OS 6.1 or Elementary OS 7 ISO for your PC or Laptop and make it look like an Apple Mac! Set screen time limits, visit a curated and safe AppCenter and enjoy constant operating system updates.


Elementary OS Download ISO 64-Bit 2023 (Latest Version 6.1/7)

Elementary OS first came out in 2011 and made the aim to create a user-friendly, powerful, and ethical operating system which is based on Ubuntu that oriented on macOS in terms of its visual and handling appeal. Elementary OS 6.1 and Elementary OS 7 are both 64-bit OS that collectively bring you a premium UI, updated AppCenter and more stability in a package that is free to use.

Elementary OS ISO Download is the perfect alternative for folks that love the looks of macOS but want to have the stability of Ubuntu and a base powered by Linux.

In 6.0 Odin, 6.1 Jolnir, and 7.0 Horus the developers mostly rely on new programs of installation with their very own front end. Those who do not know the versions are based on Ubuntu 20.04 and have their focus on easy handling. Pantheon has been adapted and for now can be switched between regular and night mode if it is required.

Just like the previous versions, it depends on its very own software which is listed in AppCenter. With the new version, this however is provided as Flatpak. It also provides improvised touchpad support and three-finder swiping.

Before you continue, here are the Elementary OS system requirements:

CPU:Intel Core i3 or i5 (Quad Core).
RAM Memory:4 GB and above is recommended
Peripherals:Mouse and Keyboard
Web:Internet access for App Store and Updates
Storage:35 GB or 40 GB.
Graphics:Integrated Intel with a minimum of 64 MB memory.
Display:800 x 600 is minimum and recommended is 1024 x 768.

Why is Elementary OS Unique

Elementary OS ISO Download

Elementary OS is not just another Linux distro that has been released. It brings the macOS look, feels and smoothness for everyone to enjoy. The focus of Elementary has been on smooth processing and ease of use more than individual configuration options. If we talk about Linux source then it is both open source and financed through donations. Do you know the best part? There is no invasive data logging and privacy notices that you have to decode.

  1. It is user-friendly which leads to better learning and navigation around the menus and folder options.
  2. It comes for free just like its predecessors. Donations are asked by the developers but the process of download is done in accordance with to pay what you want principle. You can also pay for nothing at all and try it.
  3. It has an Ubuntu base which makes OS not only safe but has many different programs. These are not pre-installed often but can be imported easily.
  4. It seems to be a visually high-quality Linux distribution. Version 6 tops its predecessors in this regard. The appealing environment however is not an end in itself but provides a better overview.

Reasons to use Elementary OS over other Distros

This is a tricky question as the answer depends upon your needs and wants. Well, let’s break it down for you.

Download Elementary OS 6.1

  1. If you are just starting out with using Linux-based operating systems then your search should just stop here. This can be used as the main desktop OS which is both elegant and user-friendly but does not properly follow the rules and regulations that most Debian or Ubuntu-based distros follow then this is the best yet perfect solution. Remember, stability is key.
  2. If you love customizability then Elementary is highly configurable and ready to take on any task you throw at it then this may not be the perfect fit.

We can see why everyone would go with Elementary OS as their distro of choice but there are the below points that you should keep in mind. Think of them as dislikes more than disadvantages hence why kept separated!

  1. The Elementary operating system community is there to discuss all questions and errors. Do keep in mind that they do not have an obligation to answer all of your questions or issues, as it’s open source they are doing it for the community so be patient.
  2. As the new version came out we have seen complaints regarding hardware issues. For now many bugs have been fixed but still, there are many frequent issues with the certain graphics card.
  3. Its developers are at odds due to which its future has been uncertain for several months. For now, it does not affect the current version.
  4. Since base Ubuntu 20.04 is a bit older there are many program offers but in the latest version, they are not always available.
  5. AppCenter is both clear and user-friendly but focuses only on the software from the Elementary universe. There are more and more apps added to it daily and they are also verified.

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Elementary OS 6.1 or Elementary OS 7: Which should you Download?

Elementary OS is both unique, fast and modern. However, both of these versions have their own traits with one being the latest release and the other the older one. However, you don’t always have to be on the latest version of any operating system if you don’t fancy the updates. Hence why we have created a table below which highlights the differences between Elementary OS 6.1 and Elementary OS 7:

Elementary OS 6.1Elementary OS 7
More classic macOS like icons.Much modern app icons with a complete redesign project.
Older Flatpack platform but ability to upgrade available.Updated AppCenter that uses the newer Flatpak platform.
macOS inspired System Settings appGTK 4 powered and inspired system settings.
No app update changelogsDetailed changelogs of apps you install from AppCenter
No responsive app supportSupport for responsive apps based on different screen resolutions
More unfinished and inconsistent design language across different windows and tabs.Modern, consistent and fluid UI aspects including On/Off switches.

How to Install Elementary OS 6.1 (Jolnir) and 7 (Horus)

Installation prerequisites:

  1. You need to burn the image to CD or DVD or make your USB stick bootable.
  2. Once done you need to insert your bootable media and choose the boot option from “BIOS”. Restart the system in order to boot from bootable media.
  3. After booting try installing it. We shall be installing it directly. Hit “Install elementary”.Elementary OS 7 Free Download
  4. If you are not sure about using “detect keyboard layout interface”, select it, for many it is going to be English (US) or English (UK).
  5. You need to have at least 40 GB of free space and be sure that the system is plugged in. For updates to be installed during OS installation you need to make sure a suitable internet connection is available.

This shall take some time and we did not go for “download updates while installing”. We also did not have the need to use any third-party software but if you do you can select option and hit “continue”. Follow the steps below carefully to Install Elementary OS 6.1/7 from a 64-bit ISO:

  1. For installation type, we choose something else so that we can manually partition and have control of the location. This can come in handy after the installation with space management.
  2. If you have required backup and intent to remove everything then you might select the option of “Erase and install elementary” and hit “continue”.
  3. The resulting window shall appear, you need to select your disk and click on “partition table”.
  4. You will receive a notification regarding partitioning the complete device, hit “continue”. It is safe to ignore this step.
  5. At first, we are creating or booting partition, you need to set it at “primary partition”. Let the location be “Beginning of the space”, use Ext4, make sure to enter “mount point” and click on “OK”.
  6. Next you need to choose “free space” and hit “Plus Symbol” from the bottom left in order to create a swap partition. In the box that appears you need to enter the size and select the swap area you want to have.
  7. You need to leave all as it is unless and until you are fully aware of what you are doing. Click Go to continue.
  8. You need to again select “Free space” and hit “+” from the bottom left to create “Root(/)” partition, after this commit the entire space which is available and hit “Ok”.
  9. Once you have made three partitions you shall get an interface. Click on “Install now”.Elementary OS Latest Version Download
  10. After this, you need to select your “geographical location” and hit “continue”.
  11. Create a new user account, and enter your name, system name, and passcode. You might also choose “Login Automatically”. In my case, it will be Paul’s Elementary Desktop.
  12. This installer shall begin to install the operating system as well as configure the system. This takes time depending on the system configuration and hardware.
  13. Once the process of installation is completed, you shall receive a message to restart your system, hit on “restart now”.
  14. Congratulations, you have now downloaded Elementary OS and Installed it successfully too!

Elementary OS 7 Free ISO 64-Bit

Software you can install that is compatible with Elementary OS:

  1. Tutorial to Install Python 3.10 on Ubuntu with Apt and Custom PPA.
  2. 7 of the best Free Python IDEs for Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04.

Note: Elementary OS 7 requires a donation of $10 for early access to the beta version, this unlocks the download for you.

Elementary OS FAQs

Is Elementary OS Free or Paid?

Elementary OS is a 100% free-to-use and download operating system for everyone. You do not have to pay in order to Install or use it in any way. However, there is a donation system in place where the pay-as-you-like model is implemented so we encourage you to do donations as that is what keeps such projects sustainable.

Can I Install Elementary OS on any Laptop or PC?

Elementary OS is an ubuntu-based OS which is Linux and it can be installed on any system as long as it meets the recommended system requirements for optimal performance.

What is Elementary OS?

Elementary OS is a full Linux operating system or otherwise known as Distro. Elementary uses its own desktop environment called Pantheon which brings the uniqueness to this OS as it looks very similar to macOS with the design language and Interface.

Elementary OS 6.1, 7 ISO 64-bit Download Links

If you are a fan of open-source software and operating system then Elementary OS is the best it can get! We have provided you with the direct and official Elementary OS 64-bit ISO Download links. Do keep in mind that this is a FREE OS hence various developers have given their time as a passion to get this to you.

Author/Company:Danielle Fore (Elementary, Inc)
Category:Open Source Operating System
Price:Free (Optional Donations)
ISO Size:2.5 GB
Version:6.1 (Stable) and 7.0 (Beta)
OS architecture:64-Bit
File type:ISO to mount and install from USB or Disc.

Note: The ISO Image is directly pulled from official servers and is NOT modified or altered in any way.

6.1 Jolnir:

Elementary OS 6.1 Download

7.0 Horus:

Elementary OS 7 Download


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