Chromium OS ISO 64-bit Download for PC or Mac 2024

Chromium OS also known as Chrome OS is an Operating system that has been developed and owned by Google. It comes for free and is open-source. Chrome OS Download ISO is the most secure OS you can install on your computer and one that truly feels next-gen with its support for 64-bit architecture.

Most of the Chrome devices just like Android phones were released in or after 2017 and had access to Google Play Store. Now this means that applications you are able to download and run on Android devices and available on the Chrome operating system as well. But, remember that not all the applications are optimized for Chrome OS. These can be used in the phone screen format which takes only a small dash portion of the screen on a Chromebook.

The new versions are able to run Linux applications which further advances its capabilities. This means that the system is able to run on desktop-level programs as well as they are available for Linux platforms.

It being simple has a major drawback, unlike on Windows and macOS devices you cannot download and run AAA games or use the desktop programs such as Adobe Premiere Plus. You shall only be able to run those programs and games which are present on the Play store or the ones available for Linux. This is the main reason why Chromebooks are not designed for all.

Fact: Chrome OS Flex is not entirely the same as Chrome OS, Chrome OS Flex can be installed on any supported laptop and Chrome OS was built only for Chromebooks.

Before you read the rest of the article, please make sure to read the Chrome OS system requirements and check compatibility with your PC or Laptop to avoid disappointment:

CPU:Intel or AMD Core i5 and above quad core recommended.
RAM: Minimum of 4 GB RAM and 8 GB is recommended
HDD/SDD Space:A minimum of 16 and recommended is 20 GB.
Network:A stable connection of DSL or ADSL required of 4 Mbps and more.
Peripheral: A flash drive is required to mount the ISO file for Installation.

Why use Chrome OS Chromium (Major Advantages and Disadvantages)

There are also .ZIP, and .BIN formats too that you could choose however Chrome OS is the most compatible one. It works with various USB flash software such as Etcher so that you can install it directly from a flash drive.

Now, why do people prefer to use it? Well, it is simple to use. Though its desktop environment is similar to the one you get on a Windows machine it is a web browser at its core. Use this to watch your favorite videos, scroll Facebook and other social media platforms and networks and enjoy everything you can do in a rival OS such as macOS and Windows. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages for using the Chrome OS ISO:


  1. 64-bit is a much more modern architecture
  2. These are simple in nature, and even elderly people can use them. Works fast and also boots up in just seconds.
  3. It is easy on the pocket and is open-source. It has been designed primarily for simple tasks such as web browsing and running Android applications which means it does not need any high-end kind of hardware. For all these reasons it is cheaper when compared with Windows or macOS counterparts though there are some expensive models available as well.
  4. The ones which have been released in recent years provide support for Android applications thus making them more useful than before.
  5. Google in recent years have added support for Linux apps which means that Chromebooks are now able to run desktop-level software provided that it provides support to Linux applications and has sufficient power to run them.
  6. It is more secure than Windows laptops, especially since most of what you download is from the Play Store. Moreover, you shall also see frequent and automatic Chrome OS updates available and in-built virus protection.
  7. This has been designed to be cloud-based. All Google services are available including Google Docs to create documents, drive to store files, and photos for all your pictures. This means you have access to all such files and documents on other devices that have a net connection and locations well it does not matter. You won’t lose your files even if your Chrome Book has been stolen, damaged or lost.
  8. It does not need too much battery and therefore battery life is great.
  9. These do not carry heavy hard drives and other high-end specs.


  1. Using this you cannot use full versions of Microsoft Office, Photoshop and other Chromebook programs. This is unless and until the application is available for Linux but many of the big ones are not. If you are sticking to mobile applications then there are chances that many of the features will be stripped out.
  2. On this you can play games but only the ones which are available on PlayStore. You are not able to play AAA games there on Chrome OS devices as they don’t provide support to them. Even if they did you shall not be able to play most of them as they are not powerful machines to start with. You need to keep in mind that changing though, as cloud gaming is becoming quite common with services such as Stadia taking on the market.
  3. As they are cloud-based, the space you get on this is smaller than what you would expect on a Windows laptop. In spite of 100 GB expect around 50 GB. This is not such a big drawback as you don’t need a lot of space but it is worth mentioning.
  4. It works great when you have an active net connection. It can be used offline but the experience won’t be best. Some of the applications won’t work whereas others shall have limited functions.

How To Download Chrome OS Chromium ISO (Only Working Method)

Chrome OS ISO Free Download

Chrome OS (Chromium) is not as straightforward to download when you do a search online. The reason is that there are portals and access that you need to get to the installation image. These are not paid or locked by any means; they are just how Google has set them up for you.

The method is downloading the ISO directly from the link at the bottom of this page and mounting it.

Here is how to get it:

Download ISO File Directly onto your USB 

  1. Scroll to the bottom and click on “Chrome OS Chromium ISO Download” button.
  2. This will take you to the download page and will start the download of an approximately 333 MB .zip file.
  3. Now, you need to unzip the file which will provide you with the file named “Chrome-OS-Chromium-x86_x64.iso
  4. Now you boot to Ubuntu via the USB drive, from here we can run script for the Chrome OS ISO with PlayStore integration.
  5. You need to connect your USB drive and open “Etcher”. Click on the “OS” button and select “Ubuntu 22.04 Disc”.
  6. After this hit “start”. You shall get some prompts so click on “yes” and “ok” to continue the process of flashing.
  7. Once it has been done with flashing you need to close it, next create a folder by the name of “Chromium OS” there on the desktop. You need to move the “” file to the “Chromium OS” folder.
  8. Next you need to right-click on brunch file and select “just extract”, all files shall be extracted on the desktop folder.
  9. Moves these files to the very same “Chromium OS” folder present on the desktop.
  10. In the same way, extract the official Chromium OS recovery image and you shall get the folder present on the desktop.
  11. You need to move this file to the “Chromium OS” folder.
  12. After this move the entire folder to the USB drive on which you have flashed Ubuntu and now you have a fully functional ISO image and a bootable USB drive.

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How To Install Chromium OS ISO on Windows 11/10

Chrome OS Download 64-Bit ISO

The 4 steps below are crucial to the successful installation of Chrome OS on Windows 11 or 10 and are a recommended prerequisite to follow:

Step #1: Next you need to open the “home” folder present on the desktop and then move to “File Explorer”. Click on “search” button and type “Chromium” to find out the folder we moved to earlier.

Step #2: Open the folder and right-click within the folder in order to open the terminal. In here you need to type “./” and click on “enter”. It shall begin to download a few libraries and dependencies.

It shall ask you to continue with the process of installation. You need to keep in mind that doing this shall wipe your hard drive completely. To proceed you need to type in “yes” and hit “enter”. This shall now begin to install Chrome OS on your system.

Step #3: Once installation is completed, you need to open the start menu of Ubuntu and click on “off”. At this point, you need to select “shutdown” to turn the system off.

Step #4: Remove the USB from the drive and then turn the system on. Your system shall boot straight into full-fledged Chrome OS.

If you have either Windows 11 or 10 installed you can install Chrome OS on top of it. To do so you will need the ISO image and follow the 5 steps below:

  1. At first, you need to download Ubuntu Desktop. Other Linux distros can also be used like Ubuntu or Debian but as this one is light in weight we are going to use this.Chromium OS Download for Windows 11/10
  2. Then you need to download “Etcher” to flash the Ubuntu image onto your flash drive.
  3. Next download the official Chrome OS recover image. Lunch the tool and type “ramus”. Click on the latest recovery image to download it. We are suggesting this as it is able to work on modern Intel processors. Follow the rules below and download the specific image based on your processor.
  4. You need to download the most important files which are brunch. This is a framework that has been built by a developer named sebanc. 
  5. At the end you need to download “” script which installs Chrome OS without typing the commands manually. Kedar Nimabalkar has written down this script.Chromium OS Download for PC

Remember: The framework is able to create a generic Chrome OS image from the official recovery image so it can be installed on any PC. You need to download the file for latest stable build and click on “My Assets”. After this, you need to download the “tar.gz” file.

Chrome OS (Chromium) FAQs

Is Chrome OS Chromium better than ChromeOS Flex?

Chrome OS (Chromium) is mostly only found to be installed on official Chromebooks, you can also install them with custom ISO images on Windows and Macs. However, Chrome OS Flex is for any platform or device and does not require a custom ISO file and has a simple installer.

Is Chrome OS (Chromium) free to download?

Chrome OS was built by Google as a open source operating system and is 100% free to use.

Is Chrome OS (Chromium) safe and secure?

Google has claimed to built Chromium OS secure by design, also it is a much safer operating system with most of its operations happening in the cloud.

FYI: Ninja IDE is compatible to run on Chrome OS if you have Linux enabled.

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Chrome OS ISO 64-Bit Download Link (Latest Version)

Chrome OS latest version is the only next-generation operating system that should excite you. It has all major features including fast boot and security built in the design. You can use our provided and uploaded link for Chrome OS (Chromium) Download.

Category: Lightweight Operating System
Architecture:Supports only 64-bit systems
File type:.ISO image
File size:333 MB
Version:108 Latest stable
109 Beta

Chrome OS (Chromium) ISO Download

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