Arduino IDE Free Download for Windows 11/10 PC 2024

The Arduino IDE has been designed especially for programming Arduino microcontrollers. This is an open-source software that carries a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Arduino IDE Download for Windows 11/10 simplifies the writing of code for Arduino boards and controllers thus making it accessible for beginners, advanced users and even students.

With its IDE desktop, you can write, compile and upload code to its boards thus enabling it to create projects. It’s all from simple LED blinking to complex robotics.

It has become possible to program it from a Chromebook through the utilization of an Arduino web editor on the Arduino Cloud platform. The desktop version however is not compatible with Chrome OS.

You can securely store sketches in the cloud. The latest iteration boasts an extensive library collection and offers compatibility with the latest boards making sure that you have access to all resources that you require for the projects.

Pros and Cons of Arduino IDE you need to know


  1. Cross-platform compatibility.
  2. Extensive documentation.
  3. Active community support.
  4. Community-driven development environment.


  1. Advanced features are limited as compared to professional IDEs.
  2. If you are an expert, you may find the interface too simple.
  3. Occasionally there might be a few compatibility issues with certain board configurations.

Arduino IDE All Windows Features

  1. This pure command line tool resolves library dependencies, sets up compilation units, and can be used as a standalone program in a continuous integration environment.
  2. Thanks to its new modular architecture it can act on many different USB devices.
  3. Plot data in real-time.
  4. If you are a library developer like unlocked examples while developing an optional linkage into the archive.
  5. Its library or core can be updated with a simple pop-up then no more outdated code floating around.

It supports more than 30 languages; the default language is determined by the OS. If it is using one of the supporting languages, it will also use it, but if the OS is using any other, then the interface will be displayed in English. You can also change the language manually but IDE software needs to be restarted for the effects to take place.

Its main interface comprises three sections; menu bar, text editor and output pane.

The menu bar is at the top and provides different menus. The file menu has many submenus that allow you to open a new editor window, open existing sketches, access all the recent sketches, save them, open preferences pages, print and a lot more. For those who don’t know what a sketch is, it’s basically a term applied to programming which is written within Arduino IDE.

Edit menu carries various options like undo, redo, copy or cut text and copy codes with syntax coloring. This is very similar to what Dev-C++ already offers but that is focused on C and C++.

Whenever you open the sketch menu you will find different options to verify codes, compile and load written code to the board, save hex files, and use the library.

Point to Ponder: Hex files is output file which is produced by Arduino IDE after it has compiled your codes.

The tools also give you access to features like auto format to beautify your codes, save sketches in zip format, and select a board.

How to Install Arduino IDE on Windows 11/10 (Step-by-step explained)

  1. You need first to visit Arduino’s official website to download Arduino IDE.
  2. Once there, you will see it is available for all major OS. You need to download the “Windows Arduino Installer” from the download option. Arduino IDE 64-bit Download
  3. Once the download is complete, open the installer file and read the license agreement before installing it.
  4. Hit “agree” button.
  5. Next window will open, in here you will find the option to choose the components you wish to install, and choose all you want to install.
  6. Hit “next”. Download Arduino IDE Latest Version
  7. Choose location where you want to install it clicking “browse” option.
  8. As an alternate, you can install it on default installation location and hit “install” button. Arduino IDE 32-Bit Free Download
  9. If you get “Windows security” window, hit “install” to install the device software or device driver. For this, you need to wait for the installation process to complete.
  10. Once done, click on “close” to close the setup window.
  11. Congrats, you have now installed Arduino IDE.

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How to Configure Arduino IDE to run on Windows for Programming

Once it has been installed, you can now use it. Before this make sure to connect the Arduino board to the Windows system and locate Arduino UNO port in the “device manager” to use it. Unlike the PyCharm Variables configuration, you don’t have to do any such process here to make it work.

  1. To find Arduino port you need to go to start then you need to type “device manager” then click on ports and finally locate the Arduino UNO port.
  2. Check to see if the board is working or not, for this open Arduino IDE and try running an in-built example, for this go to files then to examples then basics and finally click on blink. Arduino IDE Windows 11/10 Installer Download
  3. This shall open the in-built Arduino Blink program. You need to upload a program to Arduino board to blink LED on the board. If it is not working then make sure that you have chosen the correct board and port on tools tab.
  4. To select proper board; you need to click on tools then board and Arduino UNO. For port click on tools then port and choose Arduino UNO serials ports.



It is popular among those who work with Microchip’s PIC microcontrollers. It offers a comprehensive development environment.

Atmel Studio (Microchip)

This is great for those who work with Atmel microcontrollers as it provides a comprehensive development environment with advanced debugging capabilities.

PlatformIO IDE for VSCode

This powerful option provides support to different platforms and offers advanced features for professional developers.

Visual Studio Code with Arduino Extension

This is a widely used code which is quite flexible. It can be extended with Arduino extension to support Arduino development.

Other IDEs you may like:

  1. Download Code Blocks IDE for Windows 11 in 64-bit.
  2. Turbo C++ Free Download For Windows 11 and 10.

Arduino IDE Download for Windows 11/10 in 64-bit

Arduino is a great microcontroller board and if you want to be able to program it, you need to Download Arduino IDE in 64-bit based on your OS. It has a pretty simple but logical interface that allows you to create different patterns and sequences for your boards that you can later load onto them.

CPUAny Intel or AMD at 1.8 GHz Dual Core
Disk Space250 MB
Network2 Mbps
HardwareArduino board

Download Arduino IDE (Latest Version)

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