Turbo C++ Download for Windows 11/10 Latest Version

Borland Turbo C++ is a very popular version of DOS-based Turbo C++ but upgraded and optimized. Being an integrated development environment it can run on modern operating systems. You can now find Turbo C++ download for Windows 10/11 with full-screen support along with a tutorial on how to install and use the C programming language.

The best thing is that you shall find similar features like Borland Turbo C++ system but it can eliminate all the issues related to incompatibility which prevented the use of native of this IDE tool there on Modern Windows editions. Now it provides support to both 32 and 64-bit OS to make compatibility better.

All major applications were created within the DOS-based environments before modern graphically-based software development environments arrived. It still is being used today though many old IDE platforms have been surpassed. This is the reason why developers want to find ways and make its accessibility possible on modern Windows systems especially program version 3 which is a stable version.

Reminder: Even though Turbo C++ is officially discontinued by Borland, it is still usable for programming in C/C++.

History of Borland Turbo C++/C

Below is a brief timeline of different versions of the Borland Turbo C program and how it started its life:

Borland Turbo C++ History

Version 1.5 had sample programs, improvised manuals and bug fixes. It gave an introduction to <conio.h> header file.

Version 2.0 had a blue screen which was a typical all-future Borland released for MS-DOS. This was bundled with Turbo Assembler and Turbo Debugger

Version 1.0 which runs MS-DOS came out back in 1990. Then in 1991 OS/2 version was produced which runs on MS-DOS. The latter was able to generate both EXE and COM programs and then shipped with Borland’s Turbo Assembler for Intel x86 processors.

It comes with a source code editor, fast compiler, linker and offline help for reference. It was developed by a different company in the initial days but shared many features with Turbo Pascal like look and tools. However, it did not have that much popularity due to competition from other products of C like Microsoft C, Watcom C, Lattice C and many others. It still has an advantage in terms of price and speed.

9 Notable Turbo C++ Features

Turbo C++ IDE Features

  1. Programmers were able to write assembly codes in their programs without any separate assembler.
  2. It provided support for all memory models.
  3. If we talk about speed or size optimization then it was configured to produce an executable program that was either fast or small in size but never both.
  4. It allowed Turbo C compiler to be able to evaluate constant expressions during the time of rather than during the run time.
  5. Comes for free.
  6. It is open-source.
  7. It carries enhanced stability, which was introduced with integrated DOSBox support.
  8. It is a full IDE package which means it is a compiler, debugger and much more.
  9. It supports Windows 11, the latest Windows 10 21H2 updates, and below.

Pros and Cons of Using Turbo C++ for programming


  1. Carries a standard library.
  2. It has similarities with other languages.
  3. Memory management.
  4. It is object-oriented.
  5. Very powerful.
  6. A multi-paradigm programming language.


  1. Pointers.
  2. No collection of garbage.
  3. No safe.
  4. Quite complex.
  5. Less flexibility.
  6. No built-in threads.
  7. No custom operators.
  8. It lacks algebraic kinds of data.

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How to Install and Use Turbo C++ on Windows 11/10

Like others it does not have a very long process of installation, what it will do is copy all the required files to local storage within seconds. It shall not strain system configuration regardless of how old resource-starved is. All it needs is minimum resources and shall not slow down the system.

The best feature is stability which is received by enabling the program to operate without accessing any features of the modern operating system. If you use such an approach then you can run it issue-free. All Windows requires is code adjustments to manage its successful launch and functioning.

It has all the features an old IDE has like a compiler, powerful debugger, DOS shell, support for breakpoints, code inspection, tracing, watches and much more. The best thing is that you can run it in windowed and full-screen modes.

If you are too much into the older version like from the 90s or you intend to create, modify or even test DOS applications then it represents a streamlined, stable and easy-to-access way can get on the modern Windows operating system.

If you search the web then there are many compilers available for C and C++. All you need to do is download one. We are going to use Turbo C++. It shall work both for C and C++. Follow the steps below to install the software:

  1. First, you need to download “Turbo C++” from the below link.
  2. Once done, create turboc directory within your C:drive and then extract the turbo-c++.zip inside C:\turboc.

Turbo C++ Compiler directory

3. Next click double on “install.exe” file.

4. Then you need to click on “tc ++ application” file which is present within c:\TC++\BIN to write the c program.

  • After this click on “start installation” by down arrow key, then click on “enter”.

Turbo C installer

5. Turbo C has been installed, click “enter” to read documents or close the IDE.

Turbo C++ IDE

You shall see a dialog box in Windows 10 or 11 to ignore or close the app as it does not support Fullscreen mode. Just click on the “ignore” button.

Turbo C++ Alternative Compilers

  1. PyCharm
  2. Microsoft Visual Studio
  3. Ninja-IDE for Python programming

Other IDE articles for Windows:

  1. PyCharm full installation and setup on Windows 11.
  2. IDE basic setup guide and best practices.

Turbo C++ Free Download  – #1 C Programming IDE

C and C++ are in the top 4 programming languages worldwide according to the TIOBE index. Borland Turbo C++ download for Windows 11 and Windows 10 is still available with direct links due to its popularity and legacy support compatibility. It is our favorite C++ compiler as it gives you the early 2000s vibe with a console-like interface and full-screen/window support.

Minimum Requirements:

Installer size 3.3 MB
Price Freeware
Release 32/64-bit (Latest Stable)
Name Turbo C++
App Developer Borland
OS Windows 10/11 64-Bit
Review Score 4.5/5.0

Download Turbo C++ (Latest Version)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Turbo C++ still actively maintained and developed by Borland?

No, it is not being developed and maintained by the author anymore. However, it is still useable and compatible with various OS.

Do I have to pay to use Turbo C++?

No however it was paid when it first launched in 1987.

What is the difference between Turbo C++ and Turbo C?

People always get confused between the two. It is generally just a naming convention it has received with its popularity. The latter refers to the actual C programming language.

Turbo C++ Download for Windows 10, 11 (Latest Version)
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download-turbo-c-windows-11-10Turbo C++ is the best and still preferred C programming language IDE you can use for free! It has a classic interface that is very lightweight on system resources.



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