Swift Download For Windows 11/10 64-Bit 2024 (Latest Version)

This is a general-purpose language that is approachable for newcomers and powerful for expert coders. Swift For Windows 11/10 Free Download is a clean yet concise language with massive growth over time. It was developed initially for native iOS development but today programmers use it to write safe, easy-to-use code for different operating systems like Linux too!

It was developed in 2014 and released to all of you as a free platform in 2015 on Swift.org.

After gaining much popularity today it is the 20th most-used programming language and 14th most popular language with programmers. It is also more favorable and better when compared to other related languages such as C or Objective C:

Swift Programming Language

Objective C Programming Language

Allows to develop in Xcode, Swift Playgrounds, Cocoa Touch and a lot more.

Allows to develop mainly in Xcode

Requires at least iOS 7, iPhones and iPads developed before 2014 won’t be compatible with your applications.

Applications will run on any available version of iOS.

Demand for swift developers is increasing in the market

Demand for objective-C developers is decreasing in the market.

It has rich documentation which is frequently updated.

It has rich documentation which is not frequently updated.

It is 2.6 times faster. This makes the world of a difference when deadlines are tight.

It is 2.6 times slower. This is a lot slower in real life when you have deadlines on your head.

Modern and user-friendly with a simple syntax

It is not as intuitive and human-friendly.

If you want to do programming in Swift then it is safe, fast and easy to understand compared to others. Why do you need to have this? Well, it has an intuitive nature, tight-knit community, accessible compared to others and you will find more tools for learning the language.

Latest Swift Version for Windows 11/10

Swift Programming Language Features on Windows 11/10

Manage your projects

Has a cross-platform package manager tool that can be used to build, run, test and package Swift libraries and executables.

Errors are easier to understand

It supports catching, throwing, propagating, and manipulating errors at runtime.

Carries a light in weight closure syntax which has optimization to enable cluster-free syntax and clear style.

Memory management is a breeze

Swift on Windows Download

It manages memory automatically and prevents any unsafe behavior from happening in the code.

Reusing code is now second nature

This allows you to write flexible, reusable functions and kinds that can work with any type.

Debugging code for developers is more manageable

It uses LLDB debugger which provides REPL and debugger to enable integrated debugging, consistent formatting, failure recovery and expression evaluation.

Programming Patterns are much better 

This takes in an array and repeatedly computes value thus creating a pattern that will be returned to the code which is known as code for that action.

Manage memory better

With Automatic Reference Counting, it tracks and manages the app’s memory usage, so you do not need to worry about memory management.

Emuns that are flexible

It enums supports pattern matching and can have payloads.

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How to Download Swift for Windows 11/10

Swift Programming Language for Windows 11/10 Download

Swift is officially available to download however you need to follow the below steps to do it correctly:

  1. Go to the official Swift website.
  2. Now look for the “Download” button on the left-hand menu.
  3. Here you will see a table, look for “Windows 10/11”.
  4. Now click on x86_64 which is the version of the installer.
  5. The download should start, and if it doesn’t you can use the button below:

Swift Details:

Version:5.9 (Latest Version)
Use-cases:iOS, Apple TV, Macs and more
Platform:Windows 11/10

Download Swift for Windows 11/10 (Latest Version)

How to install Swift on Windows 11/10 (Really Simple)

There are a few different steps to installing Swift on Windows 11 due to how this programming language works. Don’t worry and follow the steps below to install Swift on Windows:

  1. You will need to make sure you have Visual Studio downloaded and installed.
  2. Now you will need to create a variable called “SDKROOT” with the below value, these are also needed for other programming languages like Python 3:

3. All you need to do is run the shortcut from your desktop; the code can be built using the “nmake build” command.

4. That is all done now, you have successfully installed Swift on a Windows 10 or 11 PC.

Note: It comes bundled with SwiftPM which is Swift Package Manager, manages distribution of code and allows you to import other Swift packages into your apps easily.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Swift

Download Swift for Windows 11/10 Free


  1. Intuitive: It is user-friendly. The code is made simpler, moving from concise syntax to inferred type.
  2. Accessible: Free programming language which is widely available. You will also find third-party tools, help when you want and a great community of like-minded users to help learn.
  3. Modern: its APIs are easy to read as well as maintain. The inferred types make the code cleaner and less error-prone. Modules eliminate headers and provide namespaces.
  4. Easy to learn: It is designed by keeping newbies in mind, using it for iPads to get started, and having access to courses to learn how to build Xcode applications.
  5. Dynamic Libraries: these exist outside the code and are uploaded when required. Libraries are integrated into each device release.


  1. New Language: Young language whose capabilities and resources are less robust than other programming languages.
  2. Frequent Updates: This makes it hard to find the right tools to help with certain tasks.
  3. Weak Cross-platform Support: Since it supports Apple platforms, Windows and Linux it works great for native iOS development.
  4. IDE Support: Xcode, the official Apple IDE, falls short in a few areas including refactoring, compiling, autocomplete and syntax highlighting.

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Conclusion: Swift for Windows 11/10

Programming allows us to speak to the machines; in this case, it is our PC and Laptops. Swift For Windows 11/10 Download allows you to code in Swift with ease and a native-like environment. This is the latest version as of 2024 and is the easiest to use. Do let us know how you downloaded Swift.

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