Google Authenticator for Windows 10/11 Download

Google Authenticator is a useful application but at the same time quite annoying as till now no official application for PC has been made by Google for it. Google Authenticator for Windows 10/11 Download allows you to use your MFA codes on any computer without the need for a smartphone. For those who don’t know, Google Authenticator is free and you do not need to pay any money to use it!

How Google Authenticator for Windows Works

Any website or service which is enabled by 2 factor authentication it works for it. Like many web-based 2FA apps the system combines both knowledge and possession features. If you want to have access to sites or web-based services then type in your normal credentials and then enter OTP which is delivered to the device, and triggered by login. This makes sure that the same person entering login data on the site has the device to which the authenticator application was downloaded.

Passwords might be a lot easy to crack else Steam but since major exploits are conducted through net it is unlikely that security theft also has access to your physical device.

The application is based on one-time password which is the TOTP system specified in IETF’s RFC 6238 document. It generated a 6-digit pass-code which factors in the current time of the day to make sure each code is unique. For more security, these codes are changed every 30-50 seconds.

Google Authenticator PC Features

  1. It is one of the most secure option out of many which is able to receive verification code for 2 step verification why because it works inside a secure box and it gives new code in every 60 seconds.

  2. For this you don’t need any internet and cellular connectivity. Even with the app on phone you don’t need to have net connection or SIM on phone.

  3. It is very easy to use with a clean interface.

  4. It is not limited to Google account you can also work with other popular sites such as Outlook, Facebook, Dropbox, WordPress and many others.

  5. If your MFA is enabled, your accounts and email address are secure from hacking.
  6. You shall have different accounts in one place.

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Prerequisite: Exporting 2FA Code to your PC

For this, a “secret code” needs to be generated. This is a seed that code generators use to make code that work with Google.

  1. First go to “Google account security” to get secret code.

  2. Go down till you see “signing into google” section.

  3. Choose “2 step verification”.

  4. If you have the phone connected to your account and Google is aware of it then it shall take you through steps to set up a basic phone notification service, Hit “get started”.  Google Authenticator for Windows 10 Download

  5. Once the steps have been completed, you can set up the application. Since we will not download the application we need to pretend, click on “set up”.

  6. On next screen that appears press “set up Authenticator”.

  7. You need to go through prompts unless and until it asks to scan QR code, under code hit “Can’t scan it?” Google Authenticator Free Download For PC

  8. At this point have look for the security key and copy it. This needs to be entered in third-party applications when they ask for the key. Make sure not to tell it to anyone. If someone knows or has a peek into it then they can use it to get into your Google account.

5 Ways You Can Download Google Authenticator for PC (Free and Working)

WinAuth – Google Authenticator App for PC

Use this if you know some third-party application is stealing or leaking your code. It comes in free, so you can download it to your system easily. There is no obfuscated code or cloud storage which can leak your key.

  1. Once this application runs on your system, add new google account.

  2. From the application enter your secret code and click on “verify authenticator” button.

  3. Have look at code generated under “verify authenticator” option and make sure to remember it.

  1. Head back to Google security options page where the pop-up for the secret code is still there, and hit “next”.

  2. 6-digit code which has been generated by WinAuth, enter it here and hit “verify”.

  3. Google will show you a confirmation window if all is done correctly. The app has been configured. Click on “ok” to save changes.

  4. In WinAuth window click “ok” to save changes in the application.

  5. As you click “ok” button it shall open a protection window that asks you to set a password to encrypt files saved by it. This makes sure that any kind of unauthorized access shall be blocked. Enter your passcode and twice and hit “ok” to save changes.

  6. As an alternative, you can also set the app to encrypt files so it can be used on the current system, but we suggest using password protection as it is more viable.

WinAuth Website

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WinOTP Authenticator – Google Authenticator for Windows 11

  • You need to click on “+” button present at the bottom to add in new service. Google Authenticator for Windows 11 Download

  • You need to enter the service name, username and code and you are ready. Pick whatever you want for the service name and username, but remember that you can tell different services apart.

WinOTP Authenticator Website

GAuth Authenticator – Google Authenticator Chrome Extension

  1. To add an authenticator to it you need to click on “pencil” on the top right.

  2. Then hit on “add”.

  3. Type the account name along with the secret key.

  4. As done you shall have an authenticator which is functioning.

GAuth Authenticator Website

Authy – Google Authenticator Online

Use this if you wish to sync your mobiles and system codes. It can be used as a standalone on PC but it shall ask you for phone details sign-up. If Authy is present on your mobile device then you can sync all your details between the two devices quickly.

  1. On its PC version, you need to click on “+” icon present at the top right corner.

  2. In the box paste the secret key, click on “add account” option. Google Authenticator Free Download

  3. Next, name and assign a color to the account. Once set up is done you shall have a working Google code.

Authy Website

2-Factor Authentication – MFA Codes via Google Authenticator on PC

For now this application provides support to Google, Facebook accounts, LastPass and Microsoft but it works well with Google authenticator as well on the system.

  1. You need to click on “+” present at bottom to add in new account.

  2. For the account type in a name like google, then enter “secret key”. Download Google Authenticator for PC Free


MFA and 2FA have become a crucial part of our lives since there are so many breaches happening in the world. We would say that where possible, always enable MFA. Google Authenticator for PC Download allows you to use MFA codes on a PC without having the mobile app. So, have you started using MFA? When did you start using it? Let us know in the comments below.

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