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MinGW in recent times was known as MinGW32 and a newer version as MinGW-w64. It is an open-source development software that you can use to create Microsoft Windows Apps. The developers of the project have written it in C and C++. The main reason to use MinGW Download is to develop and support GCC which is a collection of programming languages compiler of Windows 11/10.

Some call it out as GNU Compiler Collection. Its native windows port carries extensions to Microsoft Visual C++ (Microsoft Visual C++) runtime, which shall support C99 function. For those who do not know this is an older version of C language standard. You can execute all software which are created through MinGW on 64-bit windows platform.

What is MinGW

Use this to compile system which are based on GNU, GCC and Binutils project and both compiles and links the codes which need to run on all the Win32 systems. Moreover, it shall also provide you with compilers for Fortan, C and C++. The best thing is it is not dependent upon third-party C runtime DLL files but inside the program, it comes with Jargon which can be a bit overwhelming.

MinGW-w64 Free Download for Windows 11

MinGW stands for Minimalist GNU for Windows. It does not give you any POSIX runtime environment for the POSIX app deployment. If you wan this then you need to use Cygwin instead. It shall also provide you with each and every open-source programming tool set which is required in developing windows applications. After reading all this, yes, you are thinking right this is perfect for easy yet intuitive installation of GNU compiler collections. You can also use C or C++ IDEs if you intend to make applications in general but for native support, MinGW is unbeatable.

MinGW Newest Features

There are features released now and again by the project team and some notable ones include:

  1. API document in API format.
  2. GNU compiler collection port which is GCC including C, C++, ADA and Fortran compilers.
  3. A utility, gdbmigrator() which shall provide you with automated migration of code written against Microsoft.
  4. GNU Binutils for Windows 11 like linker, archive manager, assembler and much more.
  5. Command line installation, mingw-get in order to obtain and manage its installation packages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using MinGW

This is not a great option if you are new to programming and willing to learn. Go for PowerShell which comes for free. As MinGW is easy to use the downloads are all over all the place and there are many other types of downloads on top of one another. The auto-installer also does not work properly. Moreover, it also comes with errors while you update them from your sync repositories.

Download MinGW GCC Compiler Latest Version

For more ease, you can check the web for some tutorials on how to install and use the program. Keep in mind that many of these are conflicting. Even on official sites, you shall see that many links are broken so it gets all confusing. All this is because the project has not been well-maintained by the developers so it’s outdated but still it is great to build native windows applications.

It is outdated. If you intend to use scripts natively and uniquely on windows, then this is a useful program. With this, you can easily search windows files in UNIX manner through its find command. At the same time, you can also find out many issues when it comes to the process of installation. At times you need to do it manually.

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How To Install MinGW on Windows 11 (A step-by-step process)

Once the installer has been downloaded you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. You need to head to the folder which carries MinGW-64 installer (mingw-w64-Windows-11-10-exe).
  2. Once done, run the installer and hit “next” on the steps presented.
  3. You need to select the following for the compiler to work correctly.Mingw64 Download for Windows PC
  4. After this change, the destination folder to C:\mingw make sure to not put any space in the name of the folder ever.
  5. The installer at this point shall download the necessary files. Once done, they shall be in the location where you have specified above.
  6. Now the installer shall extract files from the downloaded file and place them into the installation directory.
  7. A dialog shall pop up once all the files have been installed, hit “next”.
  8. If the installation process was a hit then you shall see a final dialog box, hit “finish” to complete.
  9. Now the last one is a hard step for many students mainly because they did not properly configure their system after the software got installed.

If you want to use gcc or g++ compilers for any command prompt then you need to add location of “bin” folder to the path, assuming you have installed MinGW in C:\mingw as mentioned above you need to add the following:

Paul@ninja-ide:~# \Paul\mingw\mingw64\bin

In the start, if you are not aware on how to modify the path then you take help.

When adding \Paul\mingw\mingw64\bin to the path this needs to be the first entry in the path, otherwise, it shall cause the wrong compilers to be used. Once this is done you need to logout and login to windows.

As you log-in again you need to open a command prompt, at this time you shall be able to type “gcc” from any command window and get the latest version of the compilers.

How To Install MinGW Tools for C/C++ in Windows 11

If you are planning to code in C or C++ in MinGW then having MinGW Tools installed is a must.

  1. You need to check “MSYS Basic System” at select component dialog.
  2. Add Paul\MinGW\bin folder to windows path variable, for this click right on computer and choose “properties” > click on “advanced system settings”, select “the advanced tab”, hit “environment variables” > under system variables, go down and choose “path” then hit “edit” > carefully go to the right of the variable value field and make sure to not delete anything > at end of field include semicolon. This process is almost identical to when you are adding an environment Path for Python to work on Windows 11.
  3. You need to verify that the install was successful for this: go to “start” and type “cmd” in the search field and hit “enter” > enter gcc in the terminal which appears and hit “enter”.
  4. Done, this will show you that MinGW is now properly working.

How to Fix (The File has been Downloaded Incorrectly) Error in MinGW

If you have just downloaded MingGW and were trying to install it but the above error struck you then follow the 5 steps below to fix it:

  1. You need to download the “MinGW-w64 zip file”.
  2. After this unzip the files and copy them to Paul\mingw64.
  3. Then add this to Environment Variables in Windows 11 or 10.

It does not depend upon Microsoft C-Runtime DLLS, so it is possible to compile and link apps with it without additional libraries. When used in conjunction with SDSS which is a small device C compiler then you can develop efficient embedded systems app targeting huge range of devices.

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MinGW (MinGW-w64) Download Links:

MinGW is your go-to software if you are a developer creating apps for Windows. MinGW Download for Windows 11 in 64-bit allows you to create apps that will work natively on any PC. MinGW-64 is the same however it was improved and came with more libraries for native programming.

Name:Standard: MinGW
Improved: MinGW-w64
License:Free (General Public License)
OS Support:Windows 10 and Windows 11
Author:Colin Peters
Version:10.0 (Latest)
Size:15.6 MB for Zip Archive
85 KB for Installer

MinGW Free Download

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