Download Atom Free for Windows 11/10 2022 (64-Bit Edition)


Download Atom Free for Windows 11/10 (64-Bit Edition)

Atom was released in the year 2014 by Github. As a free, open-source code editor it is quite popular and given the label of “hackable text editor for the 21st century”. With this developers can customize in any way to enhance the look and feel and requirements to speed up the flow of work. Atom download for Windows 11/10 is still available despite it not being maintained and you can use it on the latest 64-bit OS.

What makes it unique is that you can use it productively without touching the config file. If you download a version then it comes packed with pre-loaded eight syntax themes and four user interfaces among which two are light and two are dark. Suppose you don’t like either of them then don’t worry at all as it makes it easy and quick to get customized themes that are created by a third party or can be created by you too.

Why do developers enjoy and prioritize using it? It created web applications that are both interactive and responsive. It like many others provides many uses which makes coding a lot easy yet straightforward.

Developers love it for the following 6 capabilities it provides:

  1. You can view the files and folder structure of your project in the tree view.
  2. It is able to highlight language-specific syntax.
  3. Comes with automatic code indentation.
  4. Have many shortcuts which can speed up the flow of work.
  5. Catch coding errors comes with many third-party plug-ins.
  6. It makes code more readable through customizable color schemes.

The History of Atom Text Editor and its Future

It got developed by GitHub. After this, the popular social media platform named Facebook developed Nuclide and Atom IDE projects to turn it into an IDE but unfortunately, its development stopped in the year 2018, its development alone continued.

Then in 2022, the company announced to shut down by scheduling archival of all development repositories. Nathan Sobo who was the founder announced that he is building its “spiritual successor” known as Zed which shall be written in Rust and not be using Electron Framework.

It will officially retire on 15 December 2022.

Source: GitHub Blog.

Top Features of Atom for Windows

Atom Text Editor Features

Tree-based Outline of your project

It helps you to see a tree-based outline view of your document. Moreover, you can also go through your classes, functions and other code blocks.

Find classes and variables instantly

This was a highly requested feature that allows you to have a look at all the references of class or variable. All you need to do is choose the class or variable which interests you and then click right on it and choose “Find References”.

Find code references

Move your cursor towards the variable and you can highlight other references to the particular one. For this, you can also use CTRL + Left click on a class or variable reference to moving to a place it is defined.

In general, Atom has great extensions but syntax highlighting is another important feature among many regardless of the language being used. Due to the vibrant community of syntax and highlighter options in its package repository, it seemed to be the best.

Autocompletion of code

In all IDE packages, this is included. All you need to do is type and it shall show you all the suggestions which match what you have typed so far. A feature is upcoming in our very own Ninja-IDE for Windows too.

When you move your mouse over a type or any other supported object then you can see more information regarding it like its properties and methods.

Checks the code for you

Just click on the red exclamation mark and yellow triangle which are present at the bottom left of the Atom window and you shall see the diagnostics pane. Now, this will show you all errors and warnings in the current file. You can also click right in order to move that particular line in your code.

Pros and Cons of Using Atom for your text editing

A Summary:


  1. Adds in package in preferable language.
  2. Formats code which makes it easy for you to read.
  3. Provides support to GitHub, plug-ins and plug-in development.
  4. Handle large data without slowing down.


  1. It needs to have a better user tips manual page for learning keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Needs to add tools like mathematical and data analytical tools.
  3. At times it suddenly closes and does not open again.
  4. Lack of self-correct features.
  5. Lack better options which previews.

Atom Pros and Cons

Install third-party Extensions

As soon as you launch the application most of its requirements are fulfilled. What a major factor in selling an open source text editor is its extensions. We mostly use GNU Emacs which has great extensions which are versatile in nature and can provide you with all from email clients to video games.

Today we have extensions to add in syntax highlight for language and formats, dynamic linting, integrated debuggers, runtime environments, video and music player controls and a lot more. Extensions are not only unique to this text editor, you can also get them for VSCode.

What you can do with an Atom is make it a control hub for your desktop therefore you rarely have to leave it.

Various Keyboard Shortcuts

If you like to use keyboard shortcuts to get quick access to options and navigate your way around in the editor quickly, you will be pleased to know Atom has a ton!

Below are examples of some:

1: Ctrl + , = takes you to the preference page.

2: Ctrl + PgUp = Navigates through open tabs, from the left.

3: Ctrl + b = Opens the tree view for you.

4: Ctrl + Shift + w = Close the tab you have opened and actively worked on.

5: Ctrl + Shift + k = Delete the selected line.

You can head over to this page to find the list of commonly used Atom keyboard shortcuts that will save you a lot of time.

Adjustments on the fly

What’s best about is it its handful of features and only a subset of them get activated by default. If you get to make decisions regarding your work preference, either you activate new extensions and use them to change them on a fundamental level or you just open up its preferences and make minor adjustments.

It does not carry an agenda which means it is useful to all.

Easy to learn and use

When you use it even for the first time it seems to be pretty normal. Install it on any system and begin typing in no time. You don’t need to learn any new keyboard shortcuts, no serious deviations from user interface conventions.

If we take out some time and them some of the application features then they are empowered quickly to get new plug-ins as well as discover useful features.

It is different to feel unique but a lot safe to trick ll into believing they can use it.

Edit any Programming language

Atom is not limited to what code you can edit with it, Atom can also edit Python, C, C#, C++, Java, PHP and HTML too. There are no limitations and it is a personal preference to which one you would like to modify.

Change the theme, font and layout

With this, if you are competent with CSS you can easily make your own Atom theme. For this:

  1. You need to go to the “package” menu.
  2. If you don’t see one, simply hit the “ALT” key from the keyboard to reveal the top menu bar.
  3. Here, click on “package generator” then choose “Generate Atom Syntax Theme”.
  4. Doing this shall open a new project known as “my-theme-syntax” by default, you can then change it to anything you like e.g. “paul-theme-syntax“.

Name it as you wish as long as it has –syntax in the end according to Atom convention. Otherwise, it may not work in some instances.

In your new project locate files: base.less, colors.less and syntax-variables.less. These shall define how special keywords and even background and foreground are themed when you have an active syntax. It is easy to hack on as they carry values from the very same common template.

The values which end with two dashes like .syntax—keyword are objects which have got recognition by the syntax highlighting engine. For further customizations, you also have the choice to create your very own syntax definitions.

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Atom Text Editor Download For Windows 11 & 10 in 64-bit Latest Version

As you already know by reading above, Atom is a great text editor that you can customize or “hack” to make your own. It includes a large variety of extensions and themes developed by the community that can add a touch of colors to it! Even though the project is now inactive you can still download Atom 64-bit for Windows 11 or 10 for free in the latest release.

System Requirements:

CPU Intel Core i3 or Core i5 is recommended.
RAM 8 GB (Recommended).
Storage Space 700 Mb (After Install), Setup size (190 MB).
Operating System Windows 10 and Windows 11 (64-bit Architecture).
1.60.0 (Final).

Download Atom 1.60.0 For Windows 11/10 


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