ProtonDB Download For PC, Linux and Steam Deck (Newest)

ProtonDB has been designed to collect reports from other gamers as they test games with Proton on Linux and provide aggregate scores on how well the game performs. ProtonDB Download currently does not exist on its own as it’s only an online service.

Remember that there is no guarantee that it will be stable but it may carry some features and fixes required to run the game. See this as the last resort if other suggested options fail. On this, you will see either the “Steam Play” badge or the “Tinker badge” next to the version number of Proton being used.

ProtonDB Support for PC and Linux

The support is inconsistent as it is still in its infancy but is improving regularly. The main purpose is to collect reports from other gamers. It has been developed by Valve in cooperation with developers from CodeWeavers.

This site has been dedicated to fixing games that are not whitelisted on Steam. It has compatibility with a growing community of Linux play testers to improvise Proton. Look up games from here to see compatibility ratings and leave reviews on games you have played.

ProtonDB For Linux Download

Also, you don’t need to have a Steam Deck to download and install SteamOS; you can install it on your Asus Rog Ally.

Just remember: ProtonDB cannot be downloaded as a tool as it’s an online/web-based service that tells you what games are compatible with SteamOS. However, you can download Proton itself which runs the games on Linux.

ProtonDB Notable Features

  1. ProtonDB devices for Chromebook gamers.
  2. Improved way to browse reports on game pages.
  3. Notable changes in game pages have been seen.
  4. Use Steam Guard to protect the gaming library.
  5. Comes with a community for game compatibility reports.

How to Activate Proton with Steam Play on Linux and Windows 10/11

Download Proton for Ubuntu

Today Linux systems are becoming popular day by day, valve is going ahead of the crowd again with Proton for their Steam client. For those who are new, Steam Client is a program that runs purchased games from Steam. Now Proton is a variant of Wine and DXVK that allows Microsoft games to run on Linux distributions.

Today, a controversy ran that Microsoft will release its own application store soon and disable downloading software online. Different countries in response are under pressure to find a new “haven” to share content with the net. It is assumed that Proton may be Valve’s response to this and make more of its games accessible to Linux users.

With Steam Play proton gets integrated into Steam client. You must go to “Steam client” and click “Steam” in the upper right corner for the activation. After this click on “Settings” to open a new window. What I would recommend based on my experience is to go for a Linux Distro that is gamer-orientated in some way such as Arch or Manjaro.

Click on the “Steam Play” button which is present at the bottom of the panel. Click on “Enable Steam Play for supported titles”. It shall ask you to restart, hit “yes” and that’s it. You are now ready to play once restarted.

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How to Install ProtonDB on Linux (Ubuntu)

ProtonDB Free Download For PC

For installation purposes let’s use Ubuntu as distribution as it is the popular option. It can also be installed via the Ubuntu software store application but we suggest using a terminal where possible.

Make sure not to use its Flatpak version or you will see issues. Now, after relaying this let’s prepare the system and install it which will handle all things proton.

  • Make sure that the Ubuntu multiverse repository is enabled
Paul@ninja-ide:~# apt-repository multiverse
  • Make sure to update the repositories;
Paul@ninja-ide:~# apt-get update
  • At this point, you can install steam
Paul@ninja-ide:~# apt install steam
  • Open “Steam” Client.
  • Now you must enter the “account password” into the terminal window.
  • Use credentials to log in to Steam.

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How ProtonDB Rating Works (Behind the Scenes)

It has come with its very own rating system to help you know what to expect when you select to play any game on Linux platforms. As it improvises, performance ratings get updated when games are playable. Current ratings that the games receive from Proton include native, platinum, gold, silver, bronze and borked.

ProtonDB Latest Version Download

ProtonDB Download 2024 (Linux, Windows 10/11)

ProtonDB allows you to quickly glance at what is compatible with Proton and whether you can play or not. ProtonDB Free Download is required otherwise you will not be able to use it on your PC. You can also organize your game library with genre order and much more.

Author:Buck DeFore
Platforms:Windows 10, 11 and Linux
Project TypeOpen Source, code available on GitHub

ProtonDB Official Website

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