How To Get FileList Invite Codes For Free (2024)

FileList is one of the largest private torrent trackers for the past sixteen years. This is a highly popular BitTorrent tracker that enjoys millions of monthly visits mostly from Romania. This article shows you how to get your own FileList Invite Codes for free. As it is more community-oriented than public torrent and streaming sites it requires a special invite request.

What is FileList?

Its domain has been seized by the prosecutor’s office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice in Romania since there is an ongoing investigation that involves a site. For now, the domain displays a message from law enforcement authorities, informing that the seizure of the domain is according to the provision of article 249 of criminal procedure in Romania. It is still not known what kind of crime has been committed by the site or its owners.

Current official domain:

Has FileList Shutdown?

In recent times the administrators of the site have decided to move the main domain to “” saying that authorities are considering tackling piracy in the country. They also assured that if police seized the server, they had taken the required protection measures to secure the identities and IPs of those who visited. They further added that all is encrypted therefore the anonymity of the platform users would not be jeopardized no matter what.

A few days ago, its main domain fell into the hands of authorities so everyone started using instead. As an alternate, there is also which is not working as expected. Now, many users believe that even the alternate sites are being controlled by law enforcement authorities acting as honeypots to lure uploaders and contributors to log in and reveal their location and IP.

Note: FileList is a ratio-based tracker. This means you must contribute a small amount of your downloaded data.

How To Get FileList Invite Code For Free 2024 (2 Methods)

FileList Tracker is only accessible via a login page. You need to have a Filelist account which you can only get through an invite.

FileList Free Invite Codes

You can use any of the below free FileList invite codes but must be very fast to claim them. This can only be used once:

FileList Invite CodeStatus

FileList Premium Accounts

You may be lucky to find a shared account or ask a friend with a FileList account to share his details with you. All you need is a username and password. Once you have these you can use them to access FileList’s exclusive inventory of movies, games and software.

FileList Invite Code Generator

Please do not use any such FileList Code Generator tools because they don’t exist. These may well be a virus to harvest your email address and password to hack your accounts. Only the above 2 methods are valid and currently working, anything else is not valid to work at the moment.

8 Best FileList Alternatives in Case Invites Don’t Work

If you still cannot get a FileList invite, then you can look at some alternatives or some similar trackers that are easier to get access to.


Free FileList Invite Codes

This is a Russian movie torrent tracker site on which you are able to find only no movies and no other torrent files. From around the world, it carries top movie picks and classic Russian movie torrents which is quite popular for the locals.

Only registered users can download movies. It cooperated with Russian authorities which is the main reason it is still working without any shutdown issues. It has around 18.2M visitors per month.


This is one of the best general trackers in Lithuania. It comes with a free indie torrent database which has multiple categories. You can be a part of this only if you are a member, get an invite from existing members and have access to it.

Its ratio system is not too hard to maintain, simply select manual seeding or seedbox. It can be accessed from any part of the world.


FileList Tracker Invite Code

This is a Bulgarian torrent site and carries a huge library consisting of movies, TV shows, games, TV shows, software and applications. For now, it has been blocked in many countries due to the circulation of copyrighted material.

If you wish to browse it then use its proxy sites bgproxy, which also provided services for the Bookzz proxy service before!

Most of these are working proxy sites and mirrors to unblock the site in any region.


How to access Torrents on FileList

This is a modern version of tracker sites that enable seamless data sharing among members. It is one of those sites that cover extensive categories of content and comes with a large database. It can be accessed globally from any device like cellphones and desktops.

It carries a massive free indie content library with a high-speed download and the best part supports multiple languages.

Keep in mind that ratio rules in this are strict and miss the header.

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This is a Slovenian private torrent tracker that caters to the people of Slovenia with the latest yet free indie torrents. It is known for its great speed of torrent download, credited to the exceptional seed and leecher ratio maintained by the site.

It has an enormous free indie content library and is accessed by site members. This is a ratio-based site thus community members need to be careful with downloads.

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It has the biggest number of registered users of Russian-speaking audiences in Latvia. Most of the site users are from Russian-speaking countries. On the site, you can find different games, serials, music, software and movie torrents in Russia along with other different Russian torrents. It started its activities back in 2006 and in 2010 changed FileBase.Iv domain to the current one.

LostFilm Invite Codes

This is a Russian torrent tracker that specializes in movie and Tv series torrents. It is one of the biggest libraries of torrents with TV series from Russia and also carries available TV series torrents in different foreign languages which have been translated into the Russian language. This one worked very similar to how Soap2Day used to have its interface for movies.

After the premiere at Russian TV satellite channels, the latest episodes appear quickly which is a surprise. If you want TV series torrents in Russia this is your go-to site. You need to be a registered user to download torrents. For now, it has around 29.7M visitors per month.


How to find free FileList Invite Codes

This is one of the best Hungarian general trackers at the moment and the best general tracker globally. It is a ratio-less tracker with 24 hours of seeding requirements. It has 690,000+ members and a database of 100,000+ torrents which make it a giant general tracker.

It is very good in content with great pre-times and speed. Many old torrents and rare contents are here seeding at a good speed. If we talk about uploading rules then they are strict, the staff is strict and actively maintains quality of content.

This is an active site with many torrents uploaded on a daily basis and can also be navigated by using the Google Translate extension. Though it shows small ad strips on its pages don’t worry as these can be removed by donating. Invites in this are not easy to earn without donating.

Disclaimer: We do not support piracy and copyright violations in any shape or form. Always respect and follow the law, this information is for educational reasons only.


Torrenting is a very focused area, and you can only find a good tracker sometimes. How to get a FileList invite code for free is the only way to download it from You can only mostly get an invite code from a friend who has already been using it and has contributed by seeding to their service. Let me know what you think about them in the comments below.

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