How to Contribute with Ninja-IDE

Following the double dragon philosophy we provide you with a double chance of helping in the development of Ninja-IDE.

Help with our finances

That's right, you can have the proviledge of saying: "hey, random-coding-partner-that-I-try-to-ignore-at-work-every-time-I-can-but-we-are-both-now-stucked-in-this-elevator, did you know that THIS Ninja-IDE feature exists because of me? Yes, I donated ONE TRILLION DOLLARS to the cause and I'm feeling awesome".

Well, for getting you to that situation (we'll forget the elevator step for now), we give you 2 options:

  • Donation via PayPal or Flattr. It's easy, just click on any of the buttons in the footer of this page. Get me there now!
  • Buying some of our custom designs available in the Zazzle store. Buying our staff there, you get an excellent Ninja-IDE customized product AND you are helping Ninja-IDE with a percentage of the purchase. Double ninja-win!

Help with the code

As with any open source project, there are several ways you can help:

  • Join the mailing list and answer other user's questions.
  • Report bugs, feature requests and other issues in the issue tracking system.
  • Submit patches to reported issues (both those you find, or that others have filed)
  • Help with the documentation by pointing out areas that are lacking or unclear, and if you are so inclined, submitting patches to correct it. You can quickly contribute rough thoughts to the wiki, or you can volunteer to help collate and organize information that is already there.
  • You can impress your friends with an awesome Ninja-IDE T-Shirt or any other of our excellent Ninja products brought to you by Zazzle. You can find a tee for you or to send as gift here --> zazzle).

Your participation in the community is much appreciated!

Areas you can contribute

Whether you're a programmer or not, you can contribute in many areas with NINJA IDE:

  • You can translate the application into your language.
  • You can make a plugin with some functionality that comes to mind.
  • You can donate money to the project.
  • You can make a package for your platform (GNU / Linux, Windows, MacOS).

Why Would I Want to Help?

There are several reasons, these are some of them:

  • By answering other people's questions, you can learn more for yourself.
  • By submitting your own fixes, they get incorporated faster.
  • By reporting issues, you ensure that bugs don't get missed, or forgotten.
  • You are giving back to a community that has given you software for free.

Buy ninja stuff

Yes, we know what you all are thinking of: "Where can I find a ninja mug?". That crazy -so frequently asked- question and a lot more finally have answer.

We proudly present to you the exclusive and super-ninja-stylized Ninja STORE. We assume also that you have not developed your super ninja power yet, so we give you the link to reach the store easily

Ninja Store

You can join us

You can submit patches or new features in order to be invited to join the project as a committer.


You can help in the project with a donation. If your name is Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne then consider donating a few thousands, if not then a few bucks will be really apretiated!

Make a donation