Display Manager

Display Manager

Provides support to use an embedded Python Console into the IDE, and load several plugin’s widgets for multi-purposes.

Import From Everywhere


When we are editing large files, what we would probably do to include modules is to scroll to the top of file, add our Imports and return again to where we were. NINJA-IDE allows us to avoid this situation with: “Imports from Everywhere”.

Virtualenv Support


Support for virtualenv has been added, which can be specified in the project creation from NINJA-IDE or for an existing project in Project Properties.

Find In Files / Find Usages

Find In Files

Allows you to search one or more words, a regular expression, etc. recursively, also you have an option in the editor’s contextual menu that allows you to find all the occurrences of a particular word from where the cursor is positioned.

And many more!!

More Features

Web Inspector, Code Navigation, Contextual Menu in Tabs to perform quick actions, Code Jumps, Breakpoints and Bookmarks Navigation implemented, Profile manager, and a lot more!.

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Paul Carruthers
Paul is an avid programmer who specializes in Python and Java with over 16 years of experience in the field. He loves automating complex tasks and creating useful scripts to streamline work and make life easier. He is also a massive fan of Linux and currently uses it as his main desktop OS. When he is not staring at code, he loves hiking and swimming in different parts of the world.


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