Download PyCharm IDE for Windows 11

PyCharm is a Python IDE that has gained much popularity among users because of its assistive features when you write code. Moreover, it can also be used by developers in building Python plugins by taking help from different APIs present. PyCharm download for Windows 11 is now available in 64-bit release, this is the latest and most stable build that you can get for your PC.

With the help of IDE, you can work easily on different databases without getting them integrated with other tools. Though it has been designed primarily for Python, CSS, HTML and JavaScript files can also be created with this. Moreover, it also has a customizable user interface; you can change it with the help of plug-ins.

An IDE consists of:

  • Code analysis tools.
  • Debugger.
  • Testing tools.
  • Version control options.

Moreover, it has features that shall amaze you and help in comprehensive software development.

The IDE is used to allocate different colors to various programming entities, known as syntax highlighting. It also adds various accessibility features such as:

  • Have look for the wrong keywords.
  • Read as well as comprehend the code.
  • Able to differentiate between different program entities like class, function and how to spot them.

Among many, it has an auto-complete feature that gives recommendations when you write code. What else it brings is:

  • Code writing becomes more efficient.
  • Less prone to errors and typos.

5 features we like the most:

  1. Modules and packages can be found in a single place.
  2. Recommendations to resolve warnings as well as errors.
  3. Uses output windows to inspect the output of written code.
  4. Integration support for the version control systems (VCSs).
  5. It provides support for data science along with Anaconda.

It has a package for you in the form of modules and tools.

All these are used to hasten the development of Python and the best part is that it cuts down efforts used to perform the same.

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PyCharm release history

The beta version came out in 2010 and after 3 months came in 1.0. Then in 2011 versions 2 and 3 came out, and version 4 was seen coming in 2014. Its open-source version which is PyCharm Community Edition became available in 2013

It came out in 2010 and is a pleasure since then.

Awesome PyCharm Features

PyCharm IDE Features

A Code Editor that is Actually helpful

It is used to write high-quality code in Python. It brings in code comprehension and readability using a color scheme for classes, keywords, and syntax and error highlighting functions.

  1. The code editor is used to generate instructions that help to complete the current code.
  2. Identify errors, problems that are a lot more comfortable, along with linter integration and a quick fix.

Integrate with other tools

The tools help us to enhance the productivity of code to facilitate dealing with data science projects.

These include:

  • Pytest: This is a framework to write down small tests for Python code.
  • WakaTime: This is a developer dashboard with productivity metrics and automatic time tracking.
  • IPython: This is a robust command shell used for interactive computing.
  • Kite: This is an Artificial Intelligence-powered auto-complete plug-in.
  • Anaconda: This is a free yet open-source distribution of python geared towards scientific computing, simple package management, and deployment.
  • Pylint: This is a 3-in-1 source-code, bug and quality checker.

Debugging and Testing made easy

PyCharm to accomplish the same features an integrated Python debugger, unit testing, and line-by-line code coverage.

Google App Engine Integration

Also known as a direct app engine, and is a PaaS cloud computing platform targeted toward developing and hosting web apps. Moreover, it also offers you automatic scaling for web apps. Its professional edition supports Google App Engine.

Version Control Systems Integration

It helps to keep an eye of all the changes that are made to files, apps, and sources of information. These can be usually considered databases of changes.

It provides a unified user interface for CVS, Git, Mercurial, Perforce, and Subversion.

Web2py, Flash and Pyramid support

With the help of this, developers can leverage Django in developing their python projects. It offers users with:

  • Auto-compete feature.
  • Generate suggestions for Django.
  • The debugging code which is written down using Django can also be found.

Moreover, it also provides you with support for other Python frameworks which are named as:

  1. Flask.
  2. Pyramid.
  3. Web2py.

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Control your code remotely

It allows you to run, debug, test, and deploy apps on remote hosts or virtual machines.

This is done with the use of:

  1. Remote Interpreters.
  2. Docker and Vagrant integration.
  3. An Integrated SSH Terminal.

Refactored code quickly

This helps to improve the internal structure of the Python program without affecting its external performance. It has a change impact on both local and global variables which is quite fast and efficient.

PyCharm IDE Download for Windows 11 (64-bit Latest)

PyCharm is by far the most preferred integrated development tool by new and experienced coders. This download link for PyCharm IDE works with Windows 11 64-bit and is 100% safe. It is the community edition and not the professional, as that requires a license key purchase. You can also read our tutorial on how to Install PyCharm once you have the .exe setup file.

Recommended System Requirements


Intel Core i5 or above


6 GB or above

Disk Space



Any above 1280 x ^

OS support

Windows 11


WiFi or LAN



PyCharm IDE Community Edition Download 

PyCharm Download for Windows 11
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pycharm-ide-download-for-windows-11PyCharm is the swiss-army knife of IDEs. It has all of the bells and whistles a normal IDE would have along with scientific tools, web development capability and framework support all in one decent package that is free and open source.


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