HTMLBeautifier by belug


Pretty html and django templates

Plugin for beautifying your HTML files This plugin allows you to have your code pretty-printed by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+P. (It will not interfer with autopepper since there’s files type validation) It uses beautifulsoup4 and html.parser.

Warning for django templates This parser works for it, but it will beautify the HTML not the django tags, so there will be some strange indentations. Error in html tags ending may cause some strange results (For me, all my code was put into a link tag that was not closed). Current-Version: 0.2 Tested with : ninja-ide 2.3.

Paul is an avid programmer who specializes in Python and Java with over 16 years of experience in the field. He loves automating complex tasks and creating useful scripts to streamline work and make life easier. He is also a massive fan of Linux and currently uses it as his main desktop OS. When he is not staring at code, he loves hiking and swimming in different parts of the world.


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