4 Working Ways To Convert EXE To APK 2023 (Best EXE File Converter)

You can now run Windows software on Android by downloading the Exe to Apk converter. Other ways that allow you to extract and build your own Apk apps include using Inno Setup Extractor and Exagear that are the best Exe to Apk file converters currently available.

4 Working Ways To Convert EXE To APK (Best EXE File Converter)
4 Working Ways To Convert EXE To APK in 2023

Without any doubt, everyone uses smartphone devices and systems and we can see that over time there has been the development of more applications and software. On Google PlayStore we can find different applications for Android. You can also find software for users of PC on different official sites and web stores. Each and every task requires a smartphone or system. However, if you want to use a Windows app on Android you need to learn how to convert an EXE file to an APK file in four easy ways.

For the App conversion to work, you need to download an EXE to Apk converter but worry not! We have listed 4 different ways to convert your Exe files with only the best Exe to Apk converters available online that are Safe, Reliable and give you a working version of the app. Sound good?

Platform locking is the main reason why such applications and software are restricted to their respective OS. However, there are a few applications that work much better on a system and some software which work better on a smartphone device. To solve such a big issue we have brought a method through which you can convert EXE to APK easily. Does this mean that you can run software that has been designed for your system on your smartphone, got it? great!

What you need to know about Converting EXE Files to APK

Those who are new need to be clear on the fact that EXE and APK are two different kinds of files that are executed on different OS such as Windows and Android. EXE files are supported by Windows whereas the other one is supported by Android phones and tablets. Now, if you carry an EXE file then you shall be able to run it on windows but keep in mind that it shall not be supported on any other OS.

If you carry EXE file and wish to run it on an Android device then for this you first need to convert it to APK format. This can be done by using windows system and android devices.

What are APK files and what do they do? (Not as straightforward as you thought)

This stands for Android Package which is the file format that is used by android in order to distribute and install applications. Like this, the APK carries all the elements which an application needs to install on the device correctly.

This is an archive file, don’t know what this is? Well, it carries multiple files along with some metadata regarding them. You might have familiarity with other kinds like archive, ZIP and RAR.

Now what they do is combine different files into one to make them more portable or even compress them to save some space. Whenever software is distributed by archive then this is known as a software package.

These are JAR (Java Archive) variants file format as many Androids is built in Java. All the files of APK and ZIP are at their core but they as must carry additional information in order to function properly APK.

Keep in mind that all APKs are ZIP but all ZIPs are not APKs. To kill your curiosity what you can do is crack open the APK file to sneak peek at what’s inside. For this, you can use file extraction tools such as 7-Zip or Inno Extractor. Now also you cannot do much with these on platforms other than android unless and until you get an Android emulator such as NoxPlayer.

Where are APK files used? (There are more uses then you think)

With these, you can easily install applications on your android device. They have similarities with APPX files which are used to install store apps on windows 11 along with corresponding package files on other platforms. Now, when you open this on your device it shall come up with all the instructions on how to install it on your smartphone device and also provides information regarding the package itself to the device.

When you pay a visit to Google play and get even an update, the store installs an APK file for you automatically. From this can say that it acts as a package manager too, which is a tool used to install, update as well as remove software on the device.

However, this is not the only way to find and install them, you can also get one from elsewhere as well, for that you simply need to move it to your device and manually install it.

What is an .EXE file and how do they work? (They are somewhat complex)

This is a computer file that carries an encoded sequence of instructions that are directly executed by the system when someone clicks on the file icon. These usually carry an EXE file extension but there are many other executable file formats.

Some kinds are able to run on any compatible system without the need to have any other program. Now, these files also pose a high risk of security. These usually include WSH, EXE, RUN,BAT, PIF, COM, OSX, CMD, IPA, and INF.

This is file extension for an executable file with windows. keep in mind that all EXE files are executable files but all executable files are not EXE files.

These are windows-specific executable file formats. Now, whenever a user or other event triggers such a file then the system runs the code which the file carries.

How To Convert EXE To APK in Android (Tutorial)

These have binary machine code which has been compiled from the source code. This is a low-level code that is used to instruct the system’s central processing unit on how to run the program. The processor is used to interpret the machine code and informs the hardware of the system what to do.

Such files directly communicate with the system thus providing it with a set of instructions to run. By contrast, with data files, another program must interpret or even parse them before they can be used by the machine. In Plaintext data files to scripts are written.

The users too can create such files in a basic text editor or in an IDE. If you are using a text editor then you need to separate the compiler to turn the file into machine code. IDEs are used to automate the complication process. Moreover, they are also used to find syntax errors and highlight different syntax elements automatically.

How to Convert an EXE File to an APK File (4 Ways and Best Converters)

Best Exe to Apk Converter

#1: Extract APK file contents with Inno Extractor App

You can download this application from PlayStore, and with this, you can extract EXE files in order to reveal all their components. If you yourself are a developer who is looking for individual files in EXE setup then this shall help you to extract those and alter the modules to develop APK.

  1. You need to download Inno Setup Extractor.
  2. Once done, open the application and then choose the destination folder and the EXE File.
  3. As both have been selected, click on the “start converting button” which is present in the bottom corner of the screen.
  4. It shall take some time and once done all the files shall be saved in the selected destination folder.
  5. Done, you have now successfully extracted the contents of an APK file, which you can use to convert it to an EXE file to run on a PC.

#2: Download EXE to APK Converter Tool For Windows 11/10 

This is a great way to convert files. As the domain has not been explored to its full potential, the converter tool is one of the few apps which help with the process of conversion.

  1. You need to download the software on your system, from the link below.
  2. Once done, extract files from the archive. You can use WinRaR for this.
  3. After this, you need to click on “application to open it” as it does not need installation to run.
  4. As the app interface opens you need to choose “portable application” and then click “Next button”,
  5. A window shall appear asking you to choose the destination folder. Navigate and choose the destination folder, and hit “ok button”.Convert EXE Files to APK Files in Windows 11/10
  6. Once this has been selected, you need to “select your preferred EXE file” which you want to be converted. Hit “ok button” once you have selected the desired file.
  7. As the file has been selected, simply click on “convert”.
  8. When the process of conversion has been completed and you find the APK file converted in the desired folder then transfer it to the android device in order to install and run it.

Download Exe To Apk Converter for Windows 11/10

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#3: Use an APK File Emulator

You can use an emulator such as NoxPlayer on Windows to install APK files and other Android applications on your system to do so.

  1. First, you need to download and install NoxPlayer. You can get it from the official site.
  2. Run it on your system to install it.
  3. Once done, run it on your system.
  4. It shall ask you to sign in to your Google account, hit “sign-in” and then do so using your credentials.
  5. Now you can install APK files on this and also install apps there from the PlayStore.

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#4: Install Exagear and Run Full Windows Software on Android

Converting an EXE file to APK file can cause some compatibility and UI issues in certain cases. This is due to the difference in size and width of the screen when the software is converted, There is an app called “Exagear” that lets you run Windows apps on Android without having to convert them in real-time. Yep, you heard that right and it does this with the help of Emulation.

Here is how you can install Exagear:

  1. You need to download the Exagear app and install it currently, it’s not officially available. Link is available below.
  2. Now install both the APK you downloaded and place the OBB in the install folder.Run Windows Software on Android Phone
  3. Done, you will now see an Icon created on the home screen.

To use Exagear, follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Exagear app on your Android and open the menu located in the top-left.
  2. Now you will see various options such as Start Menu, Install New and Desktop, you need to open “Manage Containers“.
  3. Click on the top right “Plus Icon“, create a new container and name it anything e.g. “My Windows Apps on Android”
  4. Now you will be given an option for color depth of 64-bit to 32-bit, select it depending on the compatibility of your app.
  5. Select an app and click on “Run“. That is all.

With Exagear, you can also create containers that allow you to import and use Python-based apps on Android in an emulated environment.

Download Exagear APK with OBB

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really possible to run Exe files on Android?

Yes, it is completely possible to run .exe files on your Android phone with the help of apps such as NoxPlayer that emulates the environment and Exagear that extracts the contents of an exe file which you can use for the apk creation.

I converted the EXE file to APK in the wrong folder, what to do now?

If you converted the EXE file to an APK file in the wrong file it will not run and crash. This is because it uses dependencies and libraries that support the software to run. You will need to uninstall it and install it again the correct folder.

How can I extract an exe file in Android?

To extract an Exe file in Android you need a specialist app such as Inno Setup Extractor. This app fully breakdown an Exe file into an organized manner so you can take a look at the code and convert it to an Apk version.

Useful Android Apps you can download:


This tutorial taught you how to convert EXE to Apk 2023 which easily allows you to run Windows software on Android. There are a total of 4 methods shared that you can use for converting an Exe file to an Apk file with the best exe file converters out there! You should still keep in mind that this is not a permanent solution for using Windows software in Android but in certain circumstances it gets the job done!


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