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Here you will find various free downloads for software, coding tools, projects, apps, modules and extensions. All from a reputable website that you can trust.

Wifite (Wifite2) Download 2023 - Best Automatic WEP/WPA Auditing Tool

Wifite (Wifite2) Download 2024 – Best Automatic WPA2/WPA3 Auditing Tool

If you want to make sure your wireless network is secure and locked down, you need to keep auditing it. Wifite (wifite2) free download...
Best WPA2/WPA3 Wordlist Download 2023 - WiFi Hacking Wordlist

Best WPA2/WPA3 Wordlist Download 2024 – A WiFi Hacking Wordlist

Dictionary attacks are a brute force hacking method that is used to break a system protected by passwords systematically entering each word in a...
MinGW Download for Windows 11 64-bit - #1 GCC Compiler for PC

Download MinGW (MinGW-w64) for Windows 11, 10 64-bit 2024

MinGW in recent times was known as MinGW32 and a newer version as MinGW-w64. It is an open-source development software that you can use...
Code Blocks Download for Windows 11 2023 (64-Bit Edition)

Code Blocks Download for Windows 11 2024 (64-Bit Edition)

Code Blocks, written down as Code::Blocks is a free yet open-source IDE environment that has been designed primarily for C and C++. It offers you...
12 Best C and C++ Programming Books PDF Download (2023 Version)

12 Best Books for C and C++ Programming PDF Download (2024)

C++ is one of the top programming languages which you must know if you have interest in computer science. It is high in demand...
Top 13 Best Python Hacking Scripts You Can Download

Top 14 Best Python Hacking Scripts You Can Download (2024)

Whenever a corporate network has potential threats, the security gets compromised with illegal access to the systems. You can use our top Python hacking...

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