9 Best Free Python IDE For Chromebook (Code Python on ChromeOS)


9 Best Free Python IDE for Chromebook (Code Python on ChromeOS)

As you already know Python is VERY popular among the youth that are studying or are in colleges/universities. The reason why new and experienced developers are using Chromebooks is their prices and agility to run mostly all major software with ease by only doing small tweaks. If you have been looking to code and edit Python scripts on ChromeOS and have struggled to find a good IDE then you are at the right place! We have put together the top 9 best free Python IDE for Chromebook that you can download.

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What is a Python IDE for Chromebook

This is an Integrated Development Environment which is a program dedicated to the development and compiling of Python code on Chromebooks running the ChromeOS operating system. It is used to integrate different tools which are designed for software development. The tools include an editor which is designed to handle code.

These look the same as IDEs for other platforms such as Windows or Mac that may use PyCharm or Visual Studio Community.

List of 9 Best Python IDE For Chromebook

So you can start doing work on Python projects, scripts or code, below we have the free Python IDEs for Chromebook that you can download and run on ChromeOS:

  1. Visual Studio CodeSpaces – Overall best Python IDE for Chromebook
  2. Visual Studio Notebooks – Write Python in the cloud
  3. Text Editor IDE Extension – #1 Free Python IDE for Chromebook
  4. Python.org Shell – Most reliable Python IDE for Chromebook
  5. Live Editor – Alternate way to write code on Chromebooks
  6. Note Block Editor – A simple Python IDE for Chromebook
  7. CodeSandBox – Code Python on your Chromebook in the cloud
  8. SymPy 1.11 – Alternative to Python IDE for ChromeOS
  9. StackBlitz Environment – An intuitive IDE for Chromebook

Visual Studio CodeSpaces – Overall best Python IDE for Chromebook

This one is a cloud-hosted development environment that carries an environment there in the backend half of visual studio CodeSpaces, this is where all the computing associated with software development takes place including debugging, restoring as well as compiling.

If you plan to carry out some work on a new project, new task or review any projects then what you need to do is simply sign-up for the cloud-hosted environment and it shall correctly configure it. You will have to then select “Python” as your default language.

Compile and Code Python on Chromebook

It is designed in a way that it configures all you need to work on the project automatically including source code, debugger, runtime, compiler, custom dotfile configuration, editor and many other relevant editor extensions which enable Python coding.

You can have access to this from the local visual studio code. You finally need to install its extension there from the market.

Visual Studio Notebooks – Write Python in the cloud

If you are passionate enough to start your career in machine learning and also develop code from anywhere with Jupyter notebook then this is your go-to option. It comes in free and is open source plus allows sharing notebooks with other developers as well.

Top Python IDE for Chromebook Download

Why use this? Well, the main advantage is that it creates is always accessible and available from any browser across the world.

Moreover, you can also use features options such as Azure cloud service for ML development.

Text Editor IDE Extension – #1 Free Python IDE for Chromebook

This is a simple one that is built right into the Chrome OS that your Chromebook comes with from the factory. for this you don’t need to download any Linux software or PlayStore app to code Python, Text Editor IDE comes with an interface that is easy to use and rich in features. One feature which sets it apart is syntax highlighting.

It is able to provide support to the latter in order to provide structure to .py scripts and provide terms with their respective colors. Now, with such a feature, you shall be able to jot down code on your Chromebook without breaking down any sweat. It comes with an offline function which helps to keep on working even when there is no internet connection.

Use this Text IDE to edit different files at the same time which means you shall be multi-tasking. This window has its Notepad but this one serves as an equally great substitute. It also offers cloud-based storage options if you are a coder that is always on the move or attending Python events or classes etc.

Text Editor IDE Extension Download

Python.org Shell – Most reliable Python IDE for Chromebook

This is deemed to be the fastest virtual terminal to execute lightweight and not so complex Python scripts online.

It has the following features:

  1. Copy and paste commands into the terminal console easily.
  2. IPython shall offer you with powerful object introspection features.
  3. Runs in the browser so no installation is required on your Chromebook, saving you storage space.

Use Python Shell Online

Live Editor – Alternate way to write code on Chromebooks

It is easy to use and offers many features for all. This has live previews for changes in Python or Lessor Sass code. It has many features like auto-saving every few seconds, syntax highlighting with different colors and auto-completion with fix suggestions. With this, you can edit Python files that too in real time and save what you write at the same time.

Free Python IDE for Chromebook

It has many features like minifying and linting Python syntax, get SVG icons through which you can load web applications in iframes, formatting code with highlighting with just a few clicks and the function key to re-apply and re-use old scripts. If your work revolves around this programming language then do try this option.

Note: It can also edit CSS.

Live Editor Download

Note Block Editor – A simple Python IDE for Chromebook

Best Python IDE for ChromeOS

It is defined in one term, it gets the job done. This is a lightweight Python IDE that can be downloaded from the chrome web store in extension form which allows you to launch it anytime you want in the top right corner. If you click on the Noteblock extension icon would make it appear in the small-scale window. It is perfect for research-oriented use cases where you are scouring the internet for material. Moreover, you can also save files on local storage.

It is light in weight and can be installed easily. Moreover, it has a unique distinct function that opens the preferred mailing clients there in a new tab and starts to compose new messages. This however is very handy and useful in different situations.

Note Block Editor Download

CodeSandBox – Code Python on your Chromebook in the cloud

This is not a proper code editor but an independent IDE. If you are a programmer then you cannot ask for more than this. It is a web app that solely believes in teamwork. By implementing its concepts you simply need to initiate projects, work on them and get user feedback by only sharing a single link.

The best thing is that you have the option to collaborate with others and then co-create the project on which you are working, not only this by using the GitHub repository you can start coding and developing programs within seconds. It has been designed primarily for rapid web development. Moreover, you can also use private packages and import the ones which are public.

Its integration with GitHub has brought it many benefits you shall be able to import and run repositories from it and export your development sandbox back to the repo.

Visit CodeSandBox Website

SymPy 1.11 – Alternative to Python IDE for ChromeOS

This is a simple and easy-to-use web app that is based on Google App Engine (GAE). It is an ideal tool that has been designed to run Python code online in web browsers.

It provides an HTML/JS-based GUI for entering source code and visualization output, what it does is request the server to evaluate the commands of the user.

It comes with certain limitations of using a single instance on GAE as a result of which all evaluation requests queue up before executing any code or command.

SymPy 1.1 Download

StackBlitz Environment – An intuitive IDE for Chromebook

This is yet another independent option on the list which is an online code editor known as the fastest most secure dev environment present on the planet. The best thing about this revolves around programming, with this you can easily create, edit and run full-stack apps with increased speeds during package installation with vast features in order to make your work less challenging that too in a secure environment.

You get the basic Python libraries and TypeScript support as well as other programming languages to get started. It has other features as well like IntelliSense which users of Visual Code Studio have familiarity with.

Visit StackBlitz Website

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Is it worth coding Python on a Chromebook – What you should know

Chromebooks in general are much cheaper than high-end developer-spec laptops. These can cost you thousands when buying new and even used. If you are on a budget or just left University/college going for a Chromebook to code small Python projects then it is totally worth it! You can also Install Python 3.9 on a Chromebook with the full functionality of the handy libraries it provides.

Looking it ChromeOS from an operating system perspective, it is fast, smooth and stable. You only need a decent internet connection as most of its services are powered in the cloud. However, Google has a great network of CDNs dotted around the globe which should keep your experiences free of any hiccups.

Note: Ninja-IDE for Chromebook isn’t available currently and doesn’t have an official release planned. However, if you have Linux enabled, you can install the Linux version of Ninja-IDE.

Python IDEs for other operating systems:


Chromebooks are great lightweight laptops that make them much desired by developers and programmers on the move. However, you cannot write or compile Python scripts on it from scratch, to overcome this problem you have to install any of the 7 best Python IDE for Chromebook. This way you can run Python on ChromeOS without any major complications and at the same time build scripts to your heart’s content!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best Python IDE for Chromebook?

From our list above, all the 9 IDEs are best for Chromebook. This is because Chromebooks do not come with one by default. After our testing and opinion Python.org Shell IDE is the best free IDE for Chromebooks due to its versatility and ability to work in the cloud only from your browser. The default text editor in ChromeOS is not able to compile the code but only view it. Hence where third-party IDEs are recommended as they offer other solutions as well such as syntax highlighting.

Is a Python IDE for Chromebook different than any other IDE on Windows or Linux?

IDEs serve one function and that is the ability to allow you to write, edit and compile your code. Only the underlying platform is different and the features are the same. The other notable difference is the size in the installer is much smaller due to ChromeOS being a much lighter operating system.


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