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Today many Python IDEs are available for Android if you are looking for one to write and compile Python. You don’t even have to Install Python on Android to be able to use it. This is where you can use the 9 best Python IDEs for Android with the APK download offline or online, your choice!

But if you ask us, what is the best Free IDE for Python on Android? Well, it definitely has to be Pydroid 3 and Dcoder all due for many reasons like a built-in application with different frameworks, preloaded Python libraries and full interpreter support.

The need for having a Python IDE on Android

Python is so versatile and runs many backend systems that it is like a lifeline for many organizations. You may not always have your laptop with you but you may have your smartphone, isn’t that right?

You may be working as a senior or junior developer on an on-call shift providing 24/7 support. If a scheduled script fails, you may have quick access to your smartphone and then your laptop. You may ask, why not use the laptop? Well, it takes time to boot, is not so portable and doesn’t fit in a pocket.

This is where portable and lightweight Python IDEs made for Android come into action! You just need to unlock your phone, launch the app, fix the code, and continue your day.

Top 9 Best Python IDE Apps for Android (Free APK Download)

Many are in a state of disbelief that you cannot do programming on Android. However, that is not true as there are many apps that allow you to write, edit and compile code in many languages.

Below are the 9 best free Python IDEs for Android that you can download as an APK offline or use online with one experimental release:

  1. QPython 3L – A Python IDE APK that brings simplicity to scripting
  2. DroidEdit – #1 Free Python IDE for Android
  3. Termux – A true Python IDE App for Android
  4. Dcoder Compiler – Free Offline Python IDE for Android
  5. Pydroid 3 Premium – Best Python IDE for Android
  6. Python Online Compiler – An IDE that doesn’t require to be downloaded
  7. Code Editor by Rythm Software – Python Code Editor and IDE in one package
  8. Creative IDE – Write and Compile Python Code
  9. Programming Hub – All-in-one app to code Python
  10. Experimental: Ninja IDE on Android

QPython 3L – A Python IDE APK that brings simplicity to scripting

Best Python IDE for Android Offline Download

QPython 3L Apk comes with some of the most useful programmers’ needs including a Python interpreter, faster runtime, simple interface and environments, powerful rich-text editor and support for QPYI and SL4A libraries.

It is a great option for both expertise and newbies who are looking to use Python scripting on the go.

For this you do not need any net connection to work, it provides support to different libraries like NumPy, SciPy, Sci-kit and Matplotlib, everything is documented which means it shall help a lot if you are a beginner, provides support to Github.

QPython 3L for Android Download

DroidEdit – #1 Free Python IDE for Android

This can be used to use code in Python and other languages. The best part is that it offers you a customizable text editor all thanks to the different themes you can apply.

It is for both Android tablets and phones. Provide support to different languages including multiple versions of Python. It works great with external Bluetooth keyboards from Logitech, Dell and HP.

You can give try to the free version but also a purpose-paid version for SSH and SFTP support.

Its paid version includes secure shell and root made and support to Dropbox and drives and SFTP or FTP support, the application supports SL4A, you can easily open HTML files in browser, it has no support for character coding, you can directly import and save your .py Files in cloud storage services such as OneDrive.

DroidEdit for Android Download

Termux – A true Python IDE App for Android

Best Free Python IDE Android Apps Download

It is an application that enables a terminal in the Android system and also gives you access to different tools available for it.

Now why one needs to use it? Well, for this you do not require any root, setup is not required simply download and your good to go, it is both minimal and compact with less then 200kb size. It has different packages available and allows you to perform different tasks. It provides support to python. Receives regular everyday update which means new features come in every day. It provides support to different programming languages such as PHP, C/C++, Golang and Lua.

It can be used by programmers, IT students, security thefts and others.

Termux for Android Download

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Dcoder Compiler – Free Offline Python IDE for Android

This is an online Python IDE for Android which can be used to write down python programs along with other languages. It does not provide support to other languages unfortunately. It does support offline Python scripting like Pydroid 3 and Code Editor therefore to use it you need to connect it with the internet.

It has some great yet easily accessible frameworks like Angular, Django, Flutter and much more.

It boats to match with the efficiency of Notepad++, Sublime Text and Eclipse.

It supports almost all languages, provides support to Python version 2.7 and 3, you can solve all the challenges and issues, easy deployment of the project right there from the mobile device. It comes with Github support and much more.

Dcoder Compiler for Android Download

Pydroid 3 Premium – Best Python IDE for Android

Best Python IDE Android APK Download

This is the best Python IDE app out for Android on the list, which also works as an offline IDE! It also supports extensive Python frameworks and libraries such as Keras, Pandas and SciPy. It provides support for machine learning framework like TensorFlow and Numpy, so if you are a data scientist then this is an ideal choice for you.

It takes 289 MB of internal memory and even higher when you heavy programs are running. If you have 6 GB RAM on your phone device then it shall run smoothly, and more is always better.

With this you can execute minor projects and perform minimal coding on your phone. This is the right application if you want to learn python programming anywhere without a PC while replicating the system platform for Python on Android.

PyDroid 3 Premium Download for Android

Python Online Compiler – An IDE that doesn’t require to be downloaded

This one comes with more than 23 compilers for every popular language including Python, PHP, C++ and many others. This is seemed to be one of the best rated Android applications which you can find on the Google store with 1M+ downloads. It carries some features. While using this you won’t face any kinds of lags and is quiet efficient.

Now what makes it different from others is that it is cloud-based due to which the applications’ size is only 1.7 MB.

It has fast compiling and code run time, easy user interface, text editor which makes it a lot easier to code in different languages, it has support for Python version 2.7 and 3.0, you can easily import any file from the local storage.

Visit Python Online Compiler 

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Code Editor by Rythm Software – Python Code Editor and IDE in one package

9 Free Python IDE for Android Download

This is a great IDE for Android smartphone devices. With compilers for more than 30 different languages, python compiler can also write python programs on this application. Moreover, it comes with a powerful syntax highlighting editor for python programming and other 110 languages.

It requires an active internet connection to compile programs. It is a popular option with 1M+ downloads.

It has main focus on coding and is a great tool for development on Android.

Coding, syntax highlighting, compilation and execution, auto-completion, auto-indention, code assist and much more

Code Editor for Android Download

Creative IDE – Write and Compile Python Code

This is another offline Python IDE that can be used to compile all your python programs. It has all the required features which a good IDE must have, along with feature of extending the keyboard and complete support for an extended keyboard makes it ideal for writing code. Coding with this shall not be a problem as it supports many different languages. It supports Python 2.7, 2.8, 3.8 and 3.9 out of the box!

It is small in size, light in weight for low spec phones to handle easily, UI is friendly, the code editing the lag-free performance boasted and provides support to 210+ lines of code, all errors can be solved easily all thanks to the great debugger which shows suggestions in both numbers and segments, for web-development there is built-in chrome-browser support with developer tools, inspector, console as well as page source viewer.

Creative IDE looks to have been removed from the PlayStore and no longer in development by its author.

Programming Hub – All-in-one app to code Python

Top 9 Free Python IDEs for Android

This is another on the list which can be used to write Python programs and also learn to code Python at the same time. If you are a beginner then this is a great choice.

It has been on the list as it is developed in collaboration with Google experts.

It comes in free but most of the courses require paid upgrades.

It can be used to learn SQL, with this big data analysis is possible, you can learn conceptual illustrations in a friendly way, it provides support to python version 2.7 and 3.7, it also supports other programming languages like C, C++, HTML, R and Javascript, supports Linux Shell scripting and much more.

Programming Hub for Android Download

Experimental: Ninja IDE for Android

You can use Ninja IDE on Android however not directly install it as an APK as that is not available. You will have to use Ninja IDE in Termux by downloading the Linux package and installing it on top of it.

We currently do not recommend using Ninja IDE on Android as your primary IDE as it’s meant for Linux at the time of writing. However, feel free to give it a try and give feedback.

Ninja IDE Download


If you see any online posts or websites saying that you can download PyCharm for Android then that is a lie! PyCharm is only a desktop IDE and its developer has no release available for Android as of yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Python IDE for Android really exist and work?

Python IDE apps have been available on the Google PlayStore for quite some time now. They are easily downloadable directly or as an Apk and work just like a desktop class IDE to write, edit and compile your Python code.

Which is the Python IDE for Android?

Pydroid 3 and Dcoder are the best Python IDE apps you can download currently for Android due to their excellent Python library and code support. They are also both free to use and do not require a flagship device to work.

Can you run Python code in an IDE?

Absolutely, It is the basic function of an IDE to allow you to run the code you have just written or are editing so you can see the result.

Is PyCharm available on Android?

PyCharm is a desktop IDE for Python and only available for Windows, Linux and macOS. PyCharm does NOT work on Android and is not available for this platform.

Recommended Python resources to learn it faster:

Related Android Apps you need to try:

Conclusion: Python IDEs for Android

Python is growing in popularity every day and Android doesn’t come with a built-in IDE or editor for it. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t code or compile from your Android smartphone at all. It is still possible so you shouldn’t lose hope as Android is very versatile in adapting to community needs.

We have found out that the most popular Python IDE for Android which we have covered is PyDroid 3 followed by Dcoder and Code Editor. This is why it was important to look into other options and choices. hence why only the best 9 Python IDEs that work great with Android were added for you. Enjoy coding!

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