8 Best Torrenting Sites for Mac 2024 - Download Torrents on your Mac

It is quite tricky to find an adequate torrent for Mac. For this, you need sites which are a good reputation and are known to be trustworthy. You need to avoid malware and viruses with the highest possibility. 8 best torrenting sites for Mac allow you to enjoy top-notch content for your macOS devices including Macbook Pro and Mac Mini. Remember that you will need the latest reliable Mac Torrent Client to use torrents.

What are Mac Torrents

Mac Torrents are basically the same as Windows 10/11 torrents. You can visit them in your browser using Safari or Chrome-based browsers. These work with seeders and peers over a p2p network where everyone contributes a small portion of their bandwidth so you can get your files or media. You can use pre-built clients or make your own p2p Torrent Client with Python.

List of 8 Best Mac Torrent Sites To Download Movies, TV Shows and Games

  1. 1337X – Overall best Mac Torrent
  2. RARBG – Best Mac Torrent Site for Movies
  3. TorLock – Reliable and Fast Torrent for Mac
  4. The Pirate Bay (TPB) – Oldest Mac Torrent Online
  5. iDope – Free Mac Torrent Site
  6. uTorrent Web – Browser-based Mac Torrent
  7. BitTorrent Web – Best Mac Torrenting Platform
  8. YTS – Best Mac Torrent for TV Shows

1337X – Overall best Mac Torrent

Best Mac Torrent Sites for Movies

If you are looking for the best torrent for macOS this is it! The reason behind this is it is most visited torrent choice, for now it has more than 60+ million visits per month. By this, we can find many files here with new additions each day.

Keep in mind that it does not offer you with dedicated sections for macOS software and games. Rather, you shall have to check the apps and games categories.

Your best bet is to use the search tool of the website. We suggest you use an ad-blocker as it aggressively shows both in-page ads and pop-ups which can be annoying.

Visit 1337x Site

RARBG – Best Mac Torrent Site for Movies

Best Mac Torrent Sites List

This one again has a lot of popularity among users in the world of Mac Torrents. The main reason is it is most visited which means we can again find many files on this. Moreover, it gives you access to macOS apps and games and latest movies that are on the release horizon.

It comes with one downside; it does not offer any dedicated categories for MacOS like for windows. In this, you are dependent on the search function. This is exactly you can filter search results in different ways thus giving you different methods of accessing healthy files. Remember to pay attention to different seeders and leechers as not all the torrents of Mac are fast to download.

Visit RARBG Site

TorLock – Reliable and Fast Torrent for Mac

This has a lot of similarities with the ones mentioned above on this list. Each stands alone but when you have options, you can find the best torrent.

This one is dedicated to verified torrent sites only. For now, it has around 10 million P2P files that are user verified. It carries a huge library for some of the great torrents. We suggest that you give this one a try and see your luck by depending on its search function.

Visit TorLock Site

The Pirate Bay (TPB) – Oldest Mac Torrent Online

This is yet another option on the list which remains an undisputed king of the torrent world. As Kickass torrent has been banned in popular countries like USA, Australia and UK, this is the option that stands as the first and foremost choice of many users around the globe.

Though it is blocked in 28 countries, with different categories and millions of torrents available within the category, you can find any torrent you have been searching for.

  1. You can get torrent files and magnet links.
  2. Results are sorted based on seeders and leechers.
  3. You can search based on categories.

Visit The Pirate Bay (Proxy Site)

iDope – Free Mac Torrent Site

though this one looks similar to torrent search site this is a standalone P2P library. As you open the homepage you shall see that you do not have much options. You can search for the file, check to see what is recent or popular. Yet again it does not have any dedicated content section or the ability to dive into its library manually.

But fact remains fact, it is seemed to be one of the best websites for quite a long time now. It shall offer you with many endless files along with a friendly community thanks to which it offers handy list of files which revolve around a custom theme that can be handy when downloaded Mac-related stuff. We suggest that you create an account and then take part in the community.

Visit iDope Site

uTorrent Web – Browser-based Mac Torrent

Best Torrents for Mac

This is the option that comes to everyone’s mind first. The main reason behind this is the list of unique features it offers. If you have an older version then you are good to go. Users of Ventura can give try to apps web version. If you compare this with others then this is fast.

  1. great scheduling and management of torrents.
  2. It is able to play media files without the need to download them directly.
  3. Comes with remote management of transmission using the android application.
  4. Carries an informative user interface that provides you with more information regarding files being transferred.
  5. You shall find ads in the free version of the application.
  6. It does not support client on the latest macOS Ventura.

Visit uTorrent Web

BitTorrent Web – Best Mac Torrenting Platform

Best Free Torrents for Mac

Since the client version of the application is not available in Ventura, its web version is still being used. You shall see many features in this version. If we talk about it being the U Torrent client, it is also one of the most used clients as it is available for different platforms and in different languages.

  1. You can schedule your downloads even on the web without have the need to install the client app.
  2. Comes with a clean yet straightforward user interface.
  3. It has ads which can be annoying, which if you upgrade to pro version can be ad free.

Visit BitTorrent Web

YTS – Best Mac Torrent for TV Shows

Mac Torrents for Games and Apps

This is a great site for the torrent files of the latest movies and TV shows in high quality. It comes with a great user interface; you can easily navigate through your favorite movie or TV shows.

It comes with a downside; you shall not find the latest movies as they only provide with 4K and above video quality. Whenever it is possible they only upload torrent of HD movies and TV shows.

  1. User navigation is straightforward and not hard to figure out.
  2. It has different sizes such as 1080p or 4K UHD.
  3. The website does not show any intrusive ads.

Visit YTS Site

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How to Download Torrents on your Mac from Torrent Sites Using Clients

When it comes to torrenting the most important thing is torrenting. If we talk about Mac then BitTorrent Technology and the torrent software both are safe and legal but many files which are shared might be subject to copyright laws. When you download such files then this can bear legal consequences in most of the countries. Different music and film companies are known to track torrent activity and then initiate court cases against individuals who are suspected of copyright infringement.

Remember, your internet browsing and torrent downloads on Mac are visible to your ISP fully, this means that in most of the cases, it has the power to collect data and hand it over to third parties. Because of this, some sites are blocked you may have to use a proxy service to visit them. An example is using EZTV proxies to visit EZTV as the original one is blocked.

You need to have a good VPN app for torrenting on Mac such as Hotspot Shield, ExpressVPN or TunnelBear, because designed to protect you by hiding your real IP address and also encrypts your traffic. If you don’t want to use available VPN services, you can also make your own encrypted VPN using Python.

This means that your ISP or other parties can no longer peer into your traffic.

Mac Torrent FAQs

What are Mac Torrents?

Mac Torrents are like any other torrent files that you may have on Windows or Linux. These allow you to download your favorite means of media such as Movies, Games or Apps using p2p networks.

Can you download Torrents on macOS?

Torrents are a multiplatform file extension and technology. This means that you can easily download them using a torrent client.

How to open Torrent Files on a Mac?

The .torrent file extension can be opened by using any free torrent client such as uTorrent, BitTorrent or qBittorrent.

Is it illegal to use Mac Torrents?

Using torrents on your Mac is not illegal. The use of torrents to do piracy or download copyright material is illegal and you can be prosecuted for such acts.


Torrenting is a very popular alternate way of downloading any files from the internet. Mac users sometimes feel left behind because of software support from apps. Mac Torrents are still available and work great for anyone running macOS be it an M1 or M2 chip. It does not make a big difference. Best Mac Torrent sites allow you to have all your favorite movies and TV shows at your fingertips without the need for subscriptions.

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